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( Y y V Y V 

this page 
top: Mike Pacella, Katy Weiss, and Mark 

middle: The cross country team starts their race. 
bottom left: Bobby Brown. 
bottom right: The 1996 Daisy Weeds Cheerlead- 

opposite page 
top: Allie Riccio, Katie Derosier, Sam Ryall, Car- 
rie Hargreaves, Laura Magnani, Alie Stechenberg, 
Jenna Szyluk, Missy Williams, and Melissa deLima. 
middle left: Amanda Loundsbury, Lynette Grypp, 
Marion Illouz, Robin Colton, and Laura Glazer. 
middle right: Shannon Rafferty, Matt McGarry, 
and Mike LaBroad. 
bottom left: The LHS Cheerleaders. 
bottom right: Tiffany Shapiro and Moyah Wilson. 



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# xii. 


this page 

top left: Liz Walat, Eileen MacDonnell, Andrea 
Bullock, Debbie Chang, and Debby Levenson. 
top right: Daisy players. 

middle left: Seniors watch the Thanksgiving Day 

middle right: Cross country runners Helen 
Yearwood, Lynette Grypp, Bobby Brown, and 
Sherry Spitz. 

bottom: Ryan McMahon, Alison Hyde, Rachel 
Shelasky, Heather Warwick, Oni Matulewicz, and 
Laura Stewart. 

opposite page 
far top: The LHS football team. 
top: Missy Williams, Alie Stechenberg, Allie Riccio, 
and Carrie Hargreaves. 

middle:Matt McGarry, Ben Friedenson, Dan 
Friedman, Brian Olney, Ben Baxter, Eli Zimmer, 
and Benjy Russell. 

bottom left:Sue Scully, Laura Glazer, and Mike 

bottom right:LHS footblall players at the pep 
: rally. 






» immm 



■ m 


Robert Potvin 

. I 

An early morning field trip to the cafeteria for 
breakfast, "on the house", a cheerful, "Dieu Merci, C'est 
Vendredi! (T(3IF)", a daily "Bonjour les feilles (hello 
leaves!)", or a convincing "Ma classe favorite!", Mr. 
Potvin always knows what to do and say to cheer up 
his students on those not so cheerful mornings. He 
knows how to stimulate quality French conversation by 
asking his students if they have lives on the weekends 
or if they merely lock themselves in their dark closets 
for 4S> hours. Mais, C'est Amerique, non? He under- 
stands what students are going through and permits 
an occasional nap when necessary. He never ceases to 
amaze his students with his witty commentary on 
their artistic (kindergarten level) displays on the backs 
of their quizzes. 

Along with being everybody's friend, Mr. Potvin is a 
dedicated faculty member. He has taught French III, 
IV, and V AP at LHS for 2<3 years, and was the year- 
book advisor for & years. Without all the updated 
technology, Mr. Potvin put countless hours into the 
perfection of each year's Masacksic. He was always 
willing to stay the extra hour at school to help the 
editors meet their deadlines. He has also been a major 
source of advice for this year's Masacksic. 

Mr. Potvin's dedication extends beyond the class- 
room as well. He has chaperoned numerous tripe, both 
Internationally and within the country. For years, Mr. 
Potvin has sacrificed his peaceful April and February 
vacations to look after 40 ruthless students roaming 
France and beyond. His knowledge of the French 
culture is vast and he continuously shares his knowl- 
edge with others. Whether through the supervision of 
Foreign Language Week or the organization of a Friday 
afternoon picnic with French bread and E3oursin cheese, 
Mr. Potvin always has a creative method for enlighten- 
ment. For these reasons and many more, it is our 
pleasure to dedicate the 1996 Masacksic to Monsieur 

-s*f- v ~ • ijt- 




A Time To... 
Move On 


From Your Advisors: 

As a new teacher to Long meadow High School, 
I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I signed on 
to be one of the advisors for the Class of 1996. I knew 
your class had already run successful fundraising 
drives and a terrific Sophomore Lock-In, so I hoped 
that your class would be active and exciting In your 
junior and senior years. Now, halfway through your 
senior year, I can say that I have definitely not been 
disappointed. The class of 1996 has been fortunate 
enough to have dedicated class officers and great 
turnout at class council meetings. We've had two very 
special semi-formals and lots of school dances. 
Remember dancing to "YMCA"? Nick Martinelli and 
Matt McGarry Inspired us to attend events with their 
thrilling afternoon announcements. Mr. Slate has kept 
us all entertained with his nicknames for everyone. The 
senior breakfasts have been a great way to bring the 
class together. Right now, rehearsals for "F3ye F3ye 
Birdie" are beginning, and I think the play will be a 
tremendous success. I look forward to the Class of 
'96 prom, banquet, and graduation, and I thank all of 
you for being such an active and enthusiastic class. 
I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you, and I wish 
you all the best of luck in the future! 

Susan Burns 

I have been very fortunate to be a class advisor 
for the Class of '96. Congradulations to the very fine 
class officers that I worked with during the past four 
years. I would like to thank Nick, Kim, Andrea, Ellie, 
Sherry, Matt, Jeff, and Brian for making my job as 
class advisor much easier. I would also like to thank 
my three co-advisors, Ms. Blake, Mrs. Boyer and Ms. 
Burns. v hummmm I guess they should be called the 
three B's. The past four years have really flown by. 
Four years ago you were In eigth grade eagerly awaiting 
your arrival at L.H.S. 

-The first class activity. . . November 1992 selling hot 
dogs, burgers etc. at the Daisy/Weeds game. I believe 
we made a huge profit of §100. But it was fun. 
-The great dues drive. Almost half the class paid dues 
freshman year. Candy sales freshman and sophomore 
year Involved a great number of class members. 
-Fall of '93 sophomore Lock-In. Great Attendance. . . 
Great Fun. . . Great Fund Raiser. 
Spring of '94. . . Sophomore Dinner Dance at Bay Path 
Colleae-almost 100 L attendance. The Sophomore Hike 
at Skinner Mountain. I know Mrs. Boyer will never 
forget blazing her own trail. 
-Junior year Halloween Dance. . . we did all the work, 
seniors reaped all the benefit. Junior/Senior Semi was 
a huge success. 

-all the meetings to determine a date for the Class 
Play. . . March was out. . . how about November. . . on 
second thought how about April. . . Bye Bye Birdie. . . 
Thanks Moms 

-The non Halloween Dance of 1995. . . Somehow spring 
will be better. 

I eagerly await the remainder of this year. 
Graduation day will be very special for the Slate family. 
I know the Class of '96 will have an outstanding Senior 
Flay, From and High Meadow visit and all other senior 
activities. Best of luck to every member of the Class of 
'96. Thanks. 

David Slate 

Yetunde Afolabi 

66 Woolworth St.- Yea, Hey, Ya, 
Armadillo, Bowl, Yeldaky. Student 
Council- 11 (Jr. Social Commissioner); 
Key Club- 9,10,11,12; Varsity Soccer- 
11; Daisy Weeds; NHS- 10,11,12; 
Drama Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Latin Club- 
9,10,1 l(Pres.); Speech & Debate- 11,12; 
Youth in Gov't- 10,1 1; Quote- "What 
lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us." 

Sarah Allan 

991 Maple Rd.- AFS- 9,10,11,12; PF- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Commision Leader); Drama 
Studio- 9,10,11,12; Spain Trip- 10; BU 
Summer Theatre- 11; Shakespeare & 
Young Co.- 12; Chorus- 9,10,11; Senior 
Class Play- 12; Quote- "What keeps you 
going isn't some fine destination, but just 
the road you're on and the fact that you 
know how to drive"-Kingsolver 

Timothy Allen 

141 Newton Rd., Springfield- Timmy, 
Tim Rock, Tim Dog, Tee, Breezer, 
Starman. Basketball- 9,10,1 1,12; Tennis- 
10; Intramural Football- 9,10,11,12; In- 
tramural Frisbee- 11,12; Keystonr Club- 
9,10,1 l,12(Treasurer); Quote- "I believe 
if you look at yourself and see what is right 
instead of what is wrong, that is the true 
mark of a healthy individual." Reebok 

Gregory Angelides 

27 Wendover Rd.-Greg, The Evil Theild. 
Pioneer Valley- 9,10,11, 12; AquaticsClub; 
Swim Team- 9,10,11,12; Rough Draft- 
12; Quote- "Oh Lisa, you and your stories. 
Bart is a vampire, beer kills brain cells. 
Now lets go to that place where our beds 
and t.v. .. is."-Homer Simpson 

Kristin Arnold 

232 Captain Rd.- Amy, KA. Soccer- 
9,10,1 l,12(Captain); Lacrosse- 9, 
10,1 l,12;Intramurals- 10,1 1,12; Ski Club- 
10,11; Key Club- 9,10,11,12; SADD- 
9,10,11,12; Student Council- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Senior Class Play- Producer; Daisy/ 
Weeds; Quote- "You won't lag behind 
because you'll have the speed. You'll pass 
the whole gang and you'll soon take the 
lead. Wherever you fly, you'll be the best 
of the best. Wherever you go, you will top 
all the rest. "-Dr. Suess 







Melissa Baj 

34 Chestnut Rd.- Lissa, Liss. Modeling- 
10,11,12; Riverside- 10,11; Drama- 12; 
Singing lessons- 11,12; Chorus- 
9,10,11,12; Quote- "You are never 
given a wish without also being given 
the power to make it true. You may 
have to work for it, however."- Richard 


Ryan Bausch 

455 Laurel St.- Mock Trial- 10,11; 
Wrestling- 9,10; Boxing- 10; National 
Guard- 12; Quote- "Let's head on down 
the road to somewhere."- Tom Petty 

Paul Barron 

43 Franklin Terr.- Pauly B. SADD- 
9,10,1 l,12(Tres.); GA- ll(Co-Pres.); 
HLB; BMC- 1 1,12; The Bear Club- 
10,11,12; LDD- 11,12; BBB- 10,11,12; 
TRIX- ll,12(Pres.); Basketball- 9; 
Football- 9,10,11; Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; 
Daisy Weeds; Intramurals- 10,11,12; 
TFL- 12; Dairy Mart- 12; Quote- "The 
clouds above us join and separate, The 
breeze in the courtyard leaves and 
returns, Life is like that, so why not 
relax? Who can stop us from celebrat- 


?"- Drew Mante 

Benjamin Baxter 

76 Ellington St.- Ben, Bax, Sellout, Big 
Ben. Lacrosse- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Football- 9,10,11; Ski Team- 12; 
Intramural Basketball- 1 1; TFL- 12; 
Concert Band- 9,10; Wind Ensemble- 
11,12; Big Band- 11; Pep Band- 9,12; 
SADD- 12; Senior Class Play; NHS- 12; 
Quote- "It's a shame whole families can 
be torn apart by things like wild dogs."- 
Jack Handy 

Jeffrey Barry 

198 Emerson Rd.- Jeff. Diving- 
10,1 l,12(Captain- 1 1,12); Track- 9,10; 
Art Club- 11,12; Comic Book Club- 
1 1,12; The Late Show- 9,10(Host); 
Channel 8- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Show Engineer 
& Co-ord.); Art All State- 11; Quote- 
"It's better to regret something you did, 
then something you didn't do"- Butthole 

Christopher Belmont 

506 Williams St.- Chris, Bel, Belmo, 
Belmonte, Monte. Football- 9,10,11,12; 
Track- 9,10,1 1,12; NHS- ll,12;OCB- 
10; Brightwood- 11; DDIC- 11,12 
(Driver); Little' sPlace- lO(Co-Founder); 
AIM- 12; LT's- 11; Follow the Leader- 
10,1 1,1 2(Shotgun/ Navigator); The 
Tracks- ll,12(Honorary Member); Back 
Corner- 10,1 1,12; More than a Mouth- 
ful- 12; Quote- "Two roads diverge in a 
wood and I, I took the one less traveled 
by, and that has made all the differ- 
ence."- Robert Frost 

S> ,Z-Senkrs„ 

Gary Berte 

23 Berwick Rd.- Drago, Fabio, Daulf 
Lundren, Vanilla, Lenny, Raid Boy, 
Italian Bad Boy, Solo-Flex. Football- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Basketball- 
9,10,11,12; Baseball- 9; Key Club- 
11,12; Intramural Frisbee- 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; NHS- 11,12; Quote- "Berte, 
don't forget next time you see a girl you 
like, you do the flexing and we'll do the 
talking."- Tim, Josh, Nick, & Murph 

John Betzold 

536 Frank Smith Rd.- Johnny B., Betzy. 
Football- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Baseball- 
9,10,11,12; Intramural Basketball- 
9,10,11,12; Intramural Volleyball- 11; 
Quote- Tony to fat, hairy, disgusting 
man at OCB- "Hey, why don't you 
button up? I'm trying to eat here." "I got 
a broken arm!" "So what! That gives 
you the right to walk around in public 
with no shirt on? No!" 

Colin Blair 

128 Blueberry Hill Rd.- Col, Colin 
Powel, Pete Sampras, CB, Rolm, 
Coolin. Tennis- 9,10,11, 12(Capt.ll, 12); 
Soccer- 9,10,1 l(Capt.); Basketball- 9; 
,Men's Chorus- 9,10; Lyrics- 1 1,12; I 
Cantori-12; Key Club 10,ll,12(Tres. 
11,12); French Trip- 10; Class Council- 
9,10,1 1,12; Senior Class Play; All- 
District Chorus; All-State Chorus- 1 1; 
Law Internship- 1 1; Quote- "Dieu merci, 
c'est vendredi!"- Mr. Potvin 


Sarah Blansett 

101 Converse St.- Bugz, Freak, Chipper, 
Pinky, Blansett, Caladonia, Sarahbell, 
Finny, Bashful, Dopey. PF- 9, 
10(Comm. Leader), ll(Sec), 12(Pres.); 
Concert Chorus- 9,10,1 1; Lyrics- 12; 
Chancel Choir- 9,10,11,12; Music 
Committee- 11; Daisy Weeds; Environ- 
mental Club- 10,1 l(Sec); Track- 11,12; 
Longmeadow Community Market- 
11,12; Quote- "We cannot change 
unless we survive, we can not survive 
unless we change."- Tom Roam 

Robyn Braverman 

135 Academy Dr.- Rob, Robby, Robby 
B., Roe-byn. Track- 9; BBG- 9,10; 
USY- 11,12; Spain Trip-12; Quote- 
"Doubt yourself and doubt everything 
you see. Judge yourself and see judges 
everywhere. But if you listen to the 
sound of your own voice, you can rise 
above doubt and judgement and you can 
see forever." 

Kristen Brewer 

398 Maple Rd.- Brewski, Brew, Kris. 
Cheerleading- 9,10; Track- 9, 1 1 (stats); 
PF- 9,10; Bowling- 9,10,12; Armata's- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "I bet you 
counted all the tears. I bet you've cried. 
I bet you swore you'd never let love 
back inside, 'cause it hurt you way too 
bad to say good-bye."- Jon Bon Jovi 

Alison Brittman 

65 Quinnehtuk Rd.- Ali. AFS- 9,10; Art 
Club- 11,12; Jet Jotter- 12; Country 
Crafters Store- 12(Art Editor); Quote- 
"Doing our best is success. I look back 
and see that my failures are showing me 
the way to success. I will accept the best 
I am able to do right now as success for 
today."- anonymous 

Jared Brooslin 

77 Blueberry Hill Rd.- Braze, Big 
Braze, G-Ride, The Big Guy, Jarrardo. 
Track- 9; Strople Concessions- 9,10, 
CEO- 1 1,12; Spingler Sumner Insur- 
ance- 11,12; Business Club- 12(Tres.); 
1994 MA Rep. St. Convention- 
1 1 (Security); Jewish Nursing Home- 
9,10,1 1,12; Little's Place- 10 (Co- 
Founder); LT's- 11; Follow the Leader- 
10,1 1,12; Back Corner- 10,ll,12;Quote- 
"You can marry more money in five 
minutes than you can earn in a life- 
time."- Relative 

Robert Browne 

214 Captain Rd.- Bobby, Chicken, 
Roadranner, Beavis, Kramer. Cross- 
country- 9,10,1 l(Capt.),12; Track- 
9,10,11,12; Key Club- 10,11,12; Late 
Show Host- 9,10; Concert Band- 
9,10,1 l,12(Section leader); The 
Breakfast Club- 9,10(advisor); SAS- 
9,10,1 l,12(Pres.); Quote- "There's 
nothing wrong with being a weirdo, it 
just depends on how you do it." 

ing shadow, a poor 
playerthat struts 
and frets his hour 
upon the stage 
and then is heard 
no more. It is a 
tale told by an 
idiot, full of sound 
and fury, signtfy- 
'"Q nothing. '- 
' i I I i a m 

John Buchanan 

141 Field Rd.- Cannon, Heavily Sedated 
One, Buke, Bukey. Chorus- 9,10,11,12; 
Science League- 9,10,11; SADD- 12; 
French Club- 12; Soccer- 9; Lacrosse- 
9,10,1 1,12; Ski Team- 10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Student Council- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Loomis 
Chafee Summer Program- 9; Quote- 
"When you were born you cried and the 
world rejoiced. Live your life in such a 
manner that when you die the world 
cries and you rejoice."- Indian Proverb 

Andrea Bullock 

88 Cherry Lane- Annie. Class Vice 
Pres.- 9,10,12; Class Council- 
9,10,1 1,12; Cross Country- 10,11,12 
(Capt.); Track- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Wind 
Ensemble- 10,11,12; Concert Band- 9; 
Jazz Ensemble- 12; School Council- 
10,ll,12(StudentRep.);NHS- 11,12; 
Yearbook- 9, 1 0, 1 1 (Fine Arts 
Ed.),12(Senior Ed.); Senior District- 
10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "Life 
will sometimes hand you a magical 
moment. Saver it." 

P / Sen iors 

Brandon Burke 

45 Luder St., Springfield- Dad. Guitar 
lessons- 9,10,1 1,12; Big Y-9,10,1 1,12 
(Grocery); Father- 11,12; Quote- "You 
can't be something you're not. Be 
yourself. By yourself. Stay away from 
me." Pantera 

Peter Calandra 

9 Metacomet Rd.- Pete. Football- 
10,11,12; Track- 10,11,12; Wrestling- 
11,12; Baseball- 9; Basketball- 9; More 
than a Mouthful Club- 12; Run to the 
Border- 9; Over So Club- 12; Quote- 
"Y'know I thought of something 
once..."- Dave Buscemi 

Egan Campion 

129 Normandy Rd.- Eggi, Ted, Big E, 
Lettiman. Jet Jotter- 9,10,1 1; Yearbook- 
10, 1 1 ; International Club- 9, 10, 1 1 ; 
Chorus- 9,11,12; TFL- 12; Track- 
10,1 1,12; Quote- "Take a look in the 
mirror and see the clown in yourself."- 
Mr. Bungle 

Deborah Canter 

31 Normandy Rd.- Debbie, Bloom, Deb, 
YFC. Blueberry Hill Internship- 11,12; 
Concert Band- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Cheerleading- 11,12; USY- 9,10,11,12 
(Communications VP); BBYO- 9; 
Hebrew High School- 9,10,1 1,12; Job at 
Raman in New England- 11,12; Quote- 
"To be what we are, and to become 
what we are capable of becoming, is the 
only end of life."- Spinoza 

Lisa Cantin 

106 Dunsay Dr.- Lease, Disa, Lease-a- 
Lisa, D2, LiLi, Fem4. Orchestra- 
9,10,11,12; NHS- 11,12; Science 
League- 11,12; Pep Band- 11,12; Pit 
Orchestra- 11; AFS- 10,11,12; YPS- 
9,10,1 1,12; Senior Class Play; Daisy 
Weeds; Quote- "Good leaders are 
scarce, so I'm following myself. "- 
Think Again 

Jason Carle 

26 Hamburg St., Springfield- JC, Jota. 
Concert Band- 9,10,1 l,12(Section 
leader 11,12); Baseball- 9; Percussion 
Ensemble- 10,11,12; Big Band- 11; 
Summer League Baseball- 9,10,11,12; 
Art Club- 10; "Stomp"- 11; Quote- "I 
found it hard, it's hard to find, oh well, 
whatever, nevermind."- Kurt Cobain 

Se ni ors J 


Jennifer Carroll 

197 Hazardville Rd.- Jenny, Jen, Baby, 
Skipper, Muscles, JAC, Speedy, 
Wheels. Gymnastics- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Softball- 9,10,1 1,12; Wrestling- 11,12; 
Intramural Volleyball- 10; PE Leader- 
10,1 1; Daisy Weeds; Internship; 
Chorus- 9,10; Senior Class Play; Quote- 
"When you first meet people you notice 
the differences between you and them, 
but as time passes you start to notice the 
similarities. I guess that's how all 
friendships begin."- Kalifornia 

Colin Cathrew 

141 Pleasantview Ave.- Nuts, Cashew's, 
Zeus, Kramer. Football- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
Tennis- 9,10; Track- 1 1,12; Daisy 
Weeds- 9,10,12(Commentator); SADD- 
12; Business Club- 12; Intramural 
Basketball- 9; Intramural Volleyball- 
10,12; PF- 9,10,11,12; Radio Reading 
Service- 10,1 1,12; Cathrew's Cutters- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Loaves & Fishes- 9, 1 0, 1 2; 
McDonalds- 12; Basketball- 
9, 10,12( Announcer); Quote- "Where's 

Edward Cerrone DI 

40 Franklin Terr.- Eddie, Bones, Boner, 
Spaghetti, Juvey, Eduardo, Duraklinzar. 
Late Night Crew- 10,1 l,12(Tres.); HLB 
Club- 9,10,11,12; Soccer- 9,10,11,12; 
Intramural Basketball- 11,12; 
ACCQRSCCP- 9,10,1 1,12; Intramural 
Frisbee- 11,12; Quote- "Dude, stop 
being so damn stingy and pack this 
thing up for me a few mo' times."- Late 
Night Crew member 

Deborah Chang 

60 Roseland Terr.- Debbie, Changhis 
Kahn, Debbiechang, Chebbie Dang. 
YPS- 9,10(Asst. Princ.),ll,12 (Princi- 
pal); All-State- 1 1,12; NHS-1 1,12; Jet 
Jotter- 10,1 1,1 2(Production Manager); 
Yearbook H,12(OrganizationsEd.); 
Intern'l Club- 9,10,1 1,12(VP); Science 
League- 10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Track- 
9,10; Quote- "Be joyful always; pray 
continually; give thanks in all circum- 
stances, for this is God's will for you in 
Christ Jesus."- 1 Thess. 5:16-18 

Jason Chertoff 

34 Woolworth St.- Bootch, Bootchy, 
Hooky, Hook, Grammy, Tripple Lindy. 
NHS- 1 1,12; Golf- 11; Baseball- 9; 
English Sports- 10,1 1,1 2(Founder); 
Quote- "What's the score?" "Nothin 
Nothin" "Who's winning?" "Da 
Bears!"- Ed Rooney and Bartender 

1 I 

Tomasz Chrzan 

89 Pendleton Lane- Soccer- 9,10; 
Wrestling- 9; Lacrosse- 9,10; Mountain 
Bike Club- 11,12; Crosscountry- 12; 
Quote- "Yes, a Jedi's strength flows 
from the force, but beware the dark 
side.... If once you start down the dark 
path forever will it dominate your 
destiny. Consume you it will!"- Yoda 


v° ^-Semoxs___„. 

Marissa Ciccia 

26 Brooks Cir.- Maritza, Maris, Cheech, 
Chi-Chia, Ci-see-ya!, Cis-C, M & M. 
Basketball- 9,10,11,12; Soccer- 10; 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; AFS- 11,12; 
Yearbook- 12; Daisy Weeds; Egg Roll 
Club- 10,11,12; Mischievous M & M's- 
12(Passenger); TFL- 12; Chorus- 9,10; 
Key Club- 9; Internship 12; Quote- 
"Conform and be dull."- J. Frank Dopie 

Elana Cohen 

120 Magnolia Cir.- E, Lani, Coke, 
Roach, Fatty, Fat, Youngin', Matilda, 
Soulmate, Chunky Monker. Key Club- 
9,10; Yearbook- 9,10; Piggy Club- 
9,10,1 1,12; Environmental Club- 10,11; 
Daisy Weeds; Tennis- 9; Slide Show- 
12; NHS- 12; Intramural Frisbee- 11; 
Late Night Crew; Quote- "Everyone is 
weird in their own way. Mine is just a 
little more profound."- Mike Mayock 

Samuel Cohen 

246 Brookwood Dr.- Satan, Spawn the 
Caco Demon. Amnesty International- 
11,12; PULL- 9; New Directions- 9; 
May 16th Posse- 9,10,1 1,12; 7Mustapha 
7- 10; Quote- "It's not denial. I'm just 
very selective about the reality I 
accept."- Calvin 

T* 1 

Robin Colton 

202 Williamsburg Dr.- Bobbi, Rob, 
Bob, Robin Hood, Colt 45, Robin Bee. 
Dance- 9,10,11,12; Asst. Dance 
Instructor- 9; Key Club- 10,1 l(Turner 
Chair), 12(Meadows Chair); NHS- 
1 l,12(Center School Chair); Variety 
Show- 11,12; Senior Class Play; Daisy 
Weeds; Internship- 11,12; Quote- "When 
one door of happiness closes, another 
opens; but often we look so long at the 
closed door that we do not see the one 
which has been opened for us."- H. 

Melissa Corbert 

395 Frank Smith Rd.- Missy, Big D, 
Melbert, Miss, Missy-Mouse, Corbs, 
Corbin. BBG- 9(Corresponding Sec); 
Key Club- 9,12; NHS- 11,12; Gymnas- 
tics Manager- 10,1 1,12; Unlisted- 
10,1 1,12; Internship- 11; Intramural 
Volleyball- 10; Spain Trip- 12; Senior 
Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "You 
never get a second chance to make a 
first impression."- Will Rogers 

Jennifer Cox 

69 Hazardville Rd.- Jen. French Club- 
12; Daisy Weeds; Friendly's- 12; 
Quote- "It's funny, don't ever tell 
anyone anything. If you do, you end up 
missing everybody."- Catcher in the Rye 


Tamera Crenshaw 

36 Willowbrook Dr., Spfld.- Tam-Tam, 
T, Big Tam, Tami. Basketball- 
9,10(Capt.); Track- 9; Black College 
Tour- 11; Piano- 9,10,1 1,12; Intramural 
Frisbee- 1 1 ; Daisy Weeds; Quote- 
"Someone once told me that time is a 
predator that stalked us all our lives. I'd 
rather believe that time is a companion 
that goes with us on the journey that 
reminds us to cherish every moment 
cause it will never come again. What we 
leave behind is not as important as how 
we live them. After all #1 we're only 

Shaun Cullinan 

450 Laurel St.- Key Club- 11; Swim 
Team- 9,11,12; Diving- 10; Concert 
Band- 9,10,1 l,12(Section Leader- 
1 1,12); Quote- "To thine own self be 
true."- Shakespeare 

Melissa de Lima 

22 Wheelmeadow Lane- Deleem, Melis, 
Mul, Deleems, Eat, Scrub, Problem. 
Piano lessons- 9,10,1 1; Dance lessons- 
9,10,11; Tues.Morn. Music Club- 11,12 
(Tres.); NHS- 12; Key Club- 9; AFS- 
10,1 1,12; Daisy Weeds; Intramural 
Frisbee- 11,12; Senior Class Play; Class 
Council- 10,11,12; Chorus- 9,10; 
Lyrics- 12; CVS- 12; Variety Show- 12; 
Quote- "Nothing of value is gained 
without risk." 

§SI \mMi RS 

pends upon i 
red wheel bai 
row glazed wit 
rain water be 
sides the whit 
chickens."- Wil 
Ham Carlos Wil- 

Picture not available for 

Emmanula Deguglielmo 

74 Adams Street, Springfield 

Elizabeth Derby 

185 Edewood Ave.- Derbs, Derbsie, 
Elizabee, Derby, Derby-Doo, Lizzie, 
Liz. Key Club- 9,10,1 1,12; NHS- 
1 l,12(Tutoring Chairperson); Year- 
book- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Organizations Ed.); 
Track- 9,10; Track Manager- 11,12; 
Spain Trip- 12; Mt.Tom- 10,11,12; 
LCC- 11,12; Internship 12; Quote- 
"You're never fully dressed without a 
smile."- Annie 

Kathleen Derosier 

1 13 Silver Birch Rd.- Katie, Dee, 
Raiser, Kates, DF, Derosier. Ski Team- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Soccer- 9,10,11; Field Hockey- 12(The 
Wall); Class Council- 9,10,11,12; AFS- 
9,10; Key Club- 9; Tri-oid- 9(Co-Capt.); 
SADD- 10,1 1; Feb. Vaca- 10,11,12 
(Pres.); Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; 
Chilly Willy; Variety Show; Thursday 
Night Crew- Founder; Quote- "Life is a 
waste of time, time is a waste of life, so 
let's all get wasted and have the time of 
■ lives." 

12 / Seniors 

Lindsay De Santis 

25 Warwick St.- Lin, Lins, Linnie, The 
Linsernator, Pho, Fem4, Celeste, De 
Santa Claus, Rita, Buffy. Key Club- 9; 
Track- 9; Environmental Club- 10; Jet 
Jotter- 11,12; AFS- 12; Yearbook- 12; 
Science League- 11,12; Concert Band- 
9,10,1 l,12(2nd sect.leader); NHS- 
1 l,12(Mentor Officer); Daisy Weeds; 
Freakish Moths- 11,12; Quotes- 
"Imagination is more important than 
knowledge."- Albert Einstein; "We are 
the people our parents warned us 
about."- Think Again 

Michael Desrosier 

84 Homestead Blvd.- Deeeerosier, 
Dizzy, Mike D, Des, Meeky D, 
Ponyboy, Lil'D, Kermit, D-Ro. 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; Football- 
9,10,1 1,12; Wrestling- 9,10; Ski Club- 
11,1 2(Trailblazer) ; Intramurals- 11,12; 
Key Club- 9,10; Young Life- 9; Daisy 
Weeds; LDD- 12; BMC- 11,12; BBB- 
11,12; TRIX- 1 1,12(VP); Outsiders- 12; 
Quote- "I drive around the globe, it's 
keeping girlys dizzy. My name is Mike 
D., so watch me get busy."- Beastie 

Matthew Diaz-Markowitz 

50 Terrace Lane- Marco, Moskowitz, 
Mattawitz. Football- 10; JCC Basket- 
ball- 10,1 1,12; BBYO AZA- 9,10; 
Springfield Label & Tape- 11,12; 
Intramural Volleyball- 9; TFL- 12; 
Quote- "You're a mope and you know 
it!"- Dmitry Pereplyotchik 

• •% 

Megan DiPasquale 

61 Ridgeway Circle- Squale, Johnny, 
Meg, Megster, Floater, Midge, JJ, D, 
Crash. Track- 9,10; French Club- 
11,12; Volleyball- 10; AFS- 10; Camp 
Toto Counselor- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Armata' s- 
12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "This has all 
been wonderful, but now I'm on my 
way."- Phish 

David Dobosh 

134 Normandy Rd.- Dave, Doboy, 
Doboush. Key Club- 9, 1 0, 1 1 ; Science 
League- 9,1 1,12; Math League- 12; 
NHS- 12; PF- 9,10,11,12; Lyrics- 11,12; 
Men's Chorus- 9,10; Quote- "Super- 
man- Dead."- The Daily Planet 

Kelsey Dreher 

1 17 Longmeadow St.- Kels, Kelky, 
Kelsley, Stu, Frazier, Melow Yellow, 
Pup. Jet Jotter- 9,10; Impressions- 
11,12; Amnesty International- 11,12; 
SNAC- 10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; TFL- 
12; Intramural Volleyball- 10,1 1,12; 
Softball- 10,11; Community Market- 
11,12; Quote- "See you in heaven if you 
make the list."- Michael Stipe 

Seniors <13 



Rachel Dress 

522 Pinewood Dr.- Ray, Dress, Ed, 
Rach, Chellie. Jet Jotter- 9,10; Amnesty 
International- 11,12; SNAC- 10,11,12; 
Environmental Club- 10; Chorus- 9,10; 
N.E. Dance Theater- 9,10,11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Interlochen Arts Camp- 1 1 ; 
American Dance Festival- 12; France 
Trip- 10; Impressions- 10,1 1,1 2(Literary 
Ed.): Quote- "...I want you to know, 
despite my appearance at this function, I 
remain now, and will always be, a 
Duckman."- Duckie Dale 

Chanel Dubofsky 

14 Parkwood St. Spfld.- Nell, Nelliesky, 
Nellie Jane, Gladys, Cone 2, Vaklav, 
Sally, 24. AFS- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Pub. Chair); 
Jet Jotter- 1 l,12(Sports Ed.); Yearbook- 
10,1 l,12(Copy Ed.); Senior Class Play; 
Piano- 9,10,11,12; Impressions- 9,11,12; 
Unlisted- 11,12; Sign Language- 9,10; 
Freakish Moths- 11,12; Quote- "...After 
a while you learn that even sunshine 
burns if you get too much, so plant your 
own garden and decorate your own soul, 
instead of waiting for someone to bring 
you flowers."- Veronica A. Snofstall 



Kristin Duke 

74 Rockland St., Springfield- Duke, 
Dukee, Krissy, Krissy D. Cheerleading- 
9,10; Dance- 9,10,11,12; Spain trip- 12; 
Quote- "If I leave here tomorrow, would 
you still remember me? I must be 
traveling on now because there's so 
many places I've got to see."- Lynard 

Michael Dunn 

1223 Longmeadow St.- Mike, Blueboy, 
Duny, Dunsany, Dunnboy, Sam, 
Multiple Personality Disorder, Baloo, 
Betty. Football- 9,10,11,12; Wrestling- 
11,12; AFS- 11,12; Class Council- 
9,10,11,12; Intramurals- 9,10,12; The 
Bear Club- 10,1 1,12; GA- ll(Co-Pres.); 
Dairy Mart- 11,12; BMC- 10,11,12; 
Quote- "I have suffered from being 
misunderstood, but I would have 
suffered a hell of a lot more if I had been 
understood."- Clarence Darrow 

Tamica Eastling 

42 Phillips Ave., Springfield- Mica, Ta- 
Ta, Tica, Pebbles, Minnie Mouse. Key 
Club- 9; Umoja Club- 10,1 1; Business 
Club- 12; McDonald's- 11,12; Quote- 
"Today is the tomorrow you worried 
about yesterday." 

Melissa Farrand 

159 Maple Rd.- Mel, Melie, Mellen, 
Melbert, Meleesa. Basketball- 9; 
Cheerleading- 10,11,12; Longmeadow 
Cleaners- 1 1 ; Quote- "Laziness is 
nothing more than the habit resting 
before you get tired."- Jules Renard 

/ \ 

v 14 / Senior s 

Andrew Ferris 

67 Elmwood Ave.- Andy, Ferris, 
Bueler, Fer hair, Fairy Ferris. Key 
Club- 10,11,12; Cross Country- 
10,11,12; Track- 9,10,11,12; Orchestra- 
9, 10, 1 1 , 12(principal); Senior District- 
11,12; NHS- 12; Quote- "What you 
know is nothing, little man; what you 
have to learn, immense."- Charles 
Dickens on the meaning of life 


Ellen Fitzpatrick 

44 Meadowbrook Rd.- Elle. 
Cheerleading- 10; Daisy Weeds; 
Longmeadow Cleaners- 11,12; Quote- 
"Be tough minded, but tender hearted.' 

Dagmar Fisher 

275 Hampden Rd., East Longmeadow- 
Dag, Fish, Flop. SADD- 9,10,1 l(Tres.), 
12(Pres.); AFS- 9,10,11,12; Class 
Council- 9,10,11,12; Key Club- 9; Ski 
Team- 9,10; Diving Team- 11,12 
(Capt.); Cross Country- 9; Daisy Weeds; 
NHS- 12; Intramurals- 10; Cafe Max- 
11,12; Senior Class Play; Quote- "And 
forget not that the earth delights to feel 
your bare feet and the winds long to 
play with your hair."- Kahlil Gibran 

after that I rec- 

^smasthe pro- 
test of people 
who are weak.' 8 
John Knowlee'A 

Piture not available for 

Mark Fowler 

174 Converse Street 

Benjamin Friedenson 

342 Farmington Rd.- Ben, Benjy, Big 
Ben, MC. Basketball- 9,10,11,12; 
Rough Draft- 9,10,11,12; Ultimate 
Frisbee- 10,11,12; NHS- 1 1,12; Jazz 
Band- 11,12; May 16 Posse- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Amnesty International- 1 1,12; Math 
Team- 12; Quote- "In a world gone to 
hell, where nobody's safe, do not go 
quietly unto your grave."- Morphine 

S enio rs 

Christopher Gaudreau 

21 Crescent Rd.- Concert Band- 11,12; 
Diving- 10,11; Big Y- 10; Band- 
10,11,12; Super Foodmart- 11,12; 
Comic Book Art Club- 10; Quote- "Tell 
them I was here."- Rick Boston 

Sarah Geoffrion 

66 Maple Rd.- Geon, G, Frog, Stuff, 
Freak. Orchestra- 9,10,1 1,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Track- 11,12; PF- 9,10, 
1 KCommission leader), 12(VP); LCM- 
12; Senior Class Play; Usher Commit- 
tee- 1 1 ; Youth Ministries Committee- 
12; Quote- "Deep down inside, do you 
really feel normal?"- Adam G. 

Jeremy Gershen 

43 Meadowbrook Rd.- Jer, Jeremito, 
Bob, Gersh, Gersh-Kabob. El club de 
Infinidad- 11,12(VP); Primal Scream 
Club; AFS- 9,10,1 l(Argentina),12(VP); 
Yearbook- 1 1,12; Art Club- 9,10; 
Internat'l Club- 9,12; Impressions- 9; 
Key Club- 9; SADD- 9,10,12; Cross 
Country- 10,11,12 (Capt.); Track- 9; 
Wrestling- 9; Diving- 10; Quote- "Esta 
es mi estrella. La que un dia una amigo 
me regalo. La que me gane simplemente 
por ser como soy y lo que soy yo." 

<J 6 > Sen ior s 

Meir Gestein 

119 Lawrence Dr.- Baseball- 9; Track- 
11,12; Jet Jotter- 10,11,12; Jewish 
Nursing Home- 11,12; Quote- "Zed's 
dead baby. Zed's dead."- Butch in Pulp 

Krista Gladwin 

113 Elizabeth Ave., Westfield- Kris, 
Krissy, God, Dork, Jellybean. Acts 
tutoring- 9,10; LEAF- 10; Science 
League- 1 1; Jet Jotter- 12; Lyrics- 
10,1 1,12; Chorus- 9; I Cantori- 11, 12; 
Key Club- 9; Church Youth Group- 
10,1 1,12; Senior Districts/All State- 
11,12; Piano; Quote- "A little nonsense 
now and then is relished by the wisest 
men. "-anonymous nursery rhyme 

Summer Giguere 

124 Hopkins PL- Sum, Turn. Concert 
Band- 9; Chorus- 10; French Club- 
11,12; Youth Group- 9,10,11,12; Mime 
Team- 9,10,11,12; Nursing Home 
Visitation- 9,10,11,12; VBS teacher- 
11,12; Missions in El Salvador- 11; 
Missions in Paris- 12; CVS- 12; See 
You at the Pole- 9,10,1 1,12; Quote- 
"Those who walk with God, always 
reach their final destination." 

Daniel Ginsburg 

498 Pinewood Dr.- Dan, Gino. 
Baseball- 9; Jet Jotter- 9,10; NHS- 
11,12; Impressions- 10,11, 12(Copy 
Editor); Rough Draft- 10,11 (Jr. 
Editor),12 (Co-Editor-in-Chief); 
Amnesty International- 11,12; Quote- 
"Autobots... transform and roll out."- 
Optimus Prime 

Laura Glazer 

68 Knollwood Or.- Glaze, Yeldaky, 
Leglaze. Key Club- 10,ll,12(Sec); 
9,10,1 l,12(Pres.); MockTrial- 
9,10,11,12; Ski Club- 9,10,11,12; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 10,11,12; Variety 
Show- ll,12(Publicity Chair); AFS- 
9,10; Environmental Club- 10,11; Daisy 
Weeds; Spain Trip- 12; Senior Class 
Play; Quote- "It's not easy being 
green."- Kermit the Frog 

Michael Goldberg 

320 Green Hill Rd.- Goldy. Intramural 
Basketball- 9,12; Intramural Football- 
12; Soccer- 9; Basketball- 10; Baseball- 
9,10,11,12; LDD- 11,12; BBB- 
10,11,12; GA- 1 l(Founder); BMC- 
11,12; Bear Club- 12. 

S en iors 

Jeffrey Goldman 

140 Quinnehtuk R<±- Jeff, Goldstein, 
Goldblum, Silverberg, Gold, Goldie, 
Goldfinger. Business Club- 12; Key 
Club- 11,12; Internship- 11; Intramural 
Football- 10; Intramural Frisbee- 11,12; 
Work- 10,11,12; Soccer- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Daisy Weeds; BBYO- 9,10,12(Tres.- 
9,10); Quote- "If you're going to be able 
to look back on something and laugh 
about it, you might as well laugh about 
it now."- Marie Osmond 

Peter Goldsmith 

62 Dunsany Dr.- Pete, Plug, Putter, 
Petee. Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; BSA- 
9,10,11,12; USY- 11,12; BBYO- 11,12; 
MTB Racing- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Ski 
Team- 9,10,1 l(Co-Capt.); Suburban DJ- 
10,1 1,12; Soccer- 9; Quote- "Live life to 
its fullest." 




Duane Gowe 

41 Marion Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY- 
Umoja Club- 10 (Sophomore 
Council), ll(VP), 12(Pres.); TFL- 
10,1 l,12(Capt.); JCC Basketball- 1 1,12; 
Quote- "If you can't find something to 
live for you better find something to die 
for."-Topac Shakur 

K'Marie Grant 

130 Sierra Vista Rd., Springfield- 
Katherine-Marie, Legs, Rosa, K-Love. 
Business Club- 12; Umoja- 9,10,11,12; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 1 1 ; Blimpie's- 1 1 ; 
Hampden House- 11,12; Kwanza 
Celebration- 10,1 1; Key Club- 9; Quote- 
"Do all the good you can, in all the 
places you can, to all the people you 
can, for as long as you can." 

10 ^Seniors. 

Anna Grochowska 

63 Dunsany Dr.- Ski Team- 9; Ski Club- 
11,12; Key Club- 9; AFS- 11,12; PF- 
9,10,1 1,12; First Church Pre-School 
Teacher- 11,12; Longmeadow Movie 
Shops- 11,12; Robin Kimball Wesish- 
11,12; Student Embassador Baystate 
Med. Center; Quote- "The only reason 
for making a buzzing noise is because 
you're a bee."- Winnie-the-Pooh 

Jodi Grosnick 

80 Ridge Rd.- Jode, Jodes, Jo, Grosnick, 
Grossi. Ski Team- 9,10,11; BBG; 
BBYO- 9,10(Corresponding Sec); 
Ultimate Frisbee- 10,11,12; Key Club- 
9,10; Business Club- 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Variety 
Show; Quote- "I don't care what people 
think, 'cause I'm a Grosnick! What you 
think of yourself is much more 
important than what others think of 

Anna Gruman 

126 Deepwoods Dr.- Grumy. Year- 
book- 10; Drama Ensemble- 11,12; 
Senior Class Play (Acting Coach); 
Quote- "The youth are permanently in a 
state resembling intoxication; for the 
youth is sweet and they are growing. "- 

J i 


Lynette Grypp 

97 Ashford Rd.- Lynettie, Lynettesker, 
Gryppy Jippy. Basketball- 9; Field 
Hockey- 9,10; Cross Country- 11, 
12(Capt.); Track- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Ski 
Club- 10,11,12; Intramural Volleyball- 
11,12; Key Club- 9,10,11,12; NHS- 
11,12; France Trip- 10; Internship- 12; 
Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; Quote- 
"The thing that goes the farthest toward 
making life worthwhile, that costs the 
least and does the most, is just a pleasant 
smile."- WD Nesbit 

Janice Guistina 

14 Brook St., Easthampton- Ginsu, 
Cane, Sag, Ackley Kid. Track- 
9,10,11,12; Soccer- 9; Cross Country- 
10,11,12; Key Club- 10,11,12; Impres- 
sions- 10,11,12; Chorus- 9,11,12; 
Internship- 12; Dance- 9,10,11,12; 
Quote- "Honey, you got to be that 
woman that you is."- Jazzcat, 
Jaberwacky & Teabags 

Caroline Hargreaves 

40 Englewood Rd.- Carrie, Grooves, 
Hargroovy, Care-Bear, Big Red, 
Dookie, Blondy, Lucy, Fufe. Field 
Hockey- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 
9,10,11,12; Intramurals- 11,12; AFS- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Ski Club-9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Regge- 
MA- 11,12; Daisy Weeds; NHS- 11,12; 
Splinters- 10; Senior Class Play; Variety 
Show; Class Council- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Quote- "There are many things in life 
that catch your eye, but only a few will 
catch your heart. ..pursue those." 

Hans Harmsen 

139 W. Allen Ridge Rd., Springfield. 
AFS Exchange in Finland- 1 1 ; Quote - 
"We are the rebels like the rebels before 
us pre-destined to scream in an out-of- 
tune chorus of voices repeating the 
words of the past that diffuse in the 
process of aging too fast."- Subhumans 

John Harrelson 

105 Benedict Terr.- Hawk, Juante, 
Jipper, Juanito, Woody, Tito, Johnny, B, 
Johnny Jam. Soccer- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Lacrosse- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Intramurals- 9,10,1 1,12; SADD- 
9,10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Variety 
Show; Senior Class Play; Quote- "What 
you have done in the past counts for 
very little, in fact, it doesn't count at all. 
If you are on form, you play- otherwise 
you are out of it."- Roberto 

Varian Hebert 

757 Shaker Rd.- Big V. Channel 
8(Camera Man, Graphics, Audio, 
Director, Editor, Special Effects)- 
9,10,11,12; MPACT(Camera Man)- 
10,1 1; Quote- "Only amiga makes it 

Kevin Hennessy 

25 Chatham Rd.- Tennessy, Henny. 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; Soccer- 
9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10; 
Intramurals- 11,12; SADD- 
9,10,1 l,12(Sec); Jet Jotter- 11,12; 
Mock Trail- 11,12; Class Council- 
9,10,11,12; Quote- "All of the world's 
great men are either dead or dying. In 
fact, I feel sick myself."-unknown 

Cynthia Herbert 

359 Converse St.- Cindy, Cythis, 
Cynthiny, Cin. Concert Chorus- 
9,10,1 1; Environmental Club- 
10,1 l(Tres.); Longmeadow Community 
Market- 11,12; Internship- 12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; NHS- 12; 
Quote- "Rivers know this: There is no 
hurry. We shall get there someday. "- 

Amanda Herd 

23 Lawnwood Ave. 

Ariso Herrera 

520 W. 139st Apt.3, NY.NY- $John$, 
Herringbone, 139 Dominican. Intramu- 
ral Football- 10,1 1,12; Umoja Club- 
10,ll,12(Tres. Founding Member); 
Quote- "If we only had brains behind 
the triggers instead of a finger. Lots of 
good stuff would start happening and 
lots of bad stuff would stop. Two and 
pass that blunt."- Sugar Hill 

Shaun Holguin 

25 Lincoln Park 

Marion Ulouz 

491 Laurel St.- Mar, My-own, Queenie 
L, Bagoonda girl, Frenchy, Fufe, Ayer, 
Yukie. Student Council- 9,10,11,12; 
NHS- 11,12; BBYO- 9,10(Mem.Vice. 
Pres.); Key Club- 9; Basketball- 9; 
SADD- 11,12; Intramural Volleyball- 
10,11,12; TFL- 12; Ultimate Frisbee- 
10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Variety Show; 
Senior Class Play; Quote- "Remember 
that no time is ever wasted that makes 
two people better friends." 

Olivia Jenne 

127 Wenonah Rd.- Liv, Livvi, Liver, 
Juice, OJ, Punky. Key Club- 9,10,12; 
Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; TFL- 
12; Intramurals- 10,11,12; Environmen- 
tal Club- 10,1 1; Longmeadow Commu- 
nity Market- 10,11,12; Internship- 11; 
US Naval Academy Summer Camp; US 
Coast Guard MITE; Quote- "I'll just say 
I loved you, which I never said before; 
and let it go at that old friend, the rest 
you may ignore."- Robert Hunter of 
Jerry Garcia 

Catherine Julian 

74 Nevins Ave.- Katie, Jules. Softball- 
9,10,11,12; Gymnastics- 9,10,11,12 
(Capt.); Intramural Volleyball- 
10,11,12; Concert Band- 9,10; Wind 
Ensemble- 11,12; Key Club- 9; AFS- 
12; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; 
NH Crew- 11,12; Quote- "There is a 
road, no simple highway, between the 
dawn and the dark of night, and if you 
go, no one may follow, that path is for 
your steps alone."- The Greatful Dead 

Brian Keane 

122 Cooley Dr.- Tona, Keaner, Bri, T- 
Bone, Mcfly, T-Dog. Class Council- 
9(Tres.),l 0,11 (Class Rep.), 12; Key 
Club- 9,10,1 1,12; SADD- 11,12; 
Chorus- 9,10; Internships; Leadership 
Conf.- 10,11; Beach Security- 
9,10,11,12; Donut Maker- 10,12; 
Hockey- 9,10,ll,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 
9,10,11,12; Quote- "I'm not afraid of 
anybody! I can get my butt kicked by 
many of people, but I'm still not afraid! 
Cause I can run!"- Mike Goldberg 

Se nio rs 

you going isn 
some fini 
but just th( 
and the fac 
thatyou knov 
how to drive. 
- 3a rb a ra 


Katie Kelleher 

38 Emerson Rd.- PVAC Swimming- 9; 
Swim team- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Cross 
Country- 10,11,12; Track- 10,12; Dental 
Assistant- 11; Lifeguard- 11,12; Quote- 
"False friends are like our shadows, 
keeping close to us while we walk in the 
sunshine, but leaving us the instant we 
cross into the shade. True friends stick 
by you no matter what."- Christian 
Nestell Bovee 

Jennifer Kiely 

46 Mohawk Dr.- Jenn, Kiels, Kieler. 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; Baskeball- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Intramurals- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
Chorus- 9,10; French Club- 11,12; 
Camp Toto- 9,10,11,12; Armata's- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "Only 
Gods and Saints run around unafraid. 
And liars. This is a game. Somebody 
has to win. Somebody has to lose. And 
there is so much real in that. And what 
is it you're afraid of? That you might 
lose? What's to Lose? Just do it."- Nike 

Christopher Kirkwood 

82 Normandy Rd.- Wood, Chris, 
Woody, Woodro, Waldo, K-Wood, 
Woodchuck, Chuckles. Soccer- 9,10; 
Basketball- 10; Baseball- 9,10,11; 
Tennis- 12; GA- 10; TFL- 11,12; 
Intramural Basketball- 9,1 l,12(Capt.); 
NE Sports Action- 1 1 ,12; LN Crew- 
11,12; Abdow's- 1 1 ; Quote- "Pu Pu on 
me." -Sheamus Murphy 

Jeffrey Kirstein 

180 Pinewood Dr.- Jeff, Jeffs, Jeb, Clad. 
Class VP- 11; NHS- 11,12; AFS- 10; 
Tennis- 10,ll,12(Capt.); Newspaper- 
11,12; Basketball- 9,10; Baseball- 9; 
USY- 9,10; Quote- "After a year of 
therapy, my psychiatrist said to me, 
'Maybe life is not for everyone.'"- 
Woody Allen 

Elinor Kline 

1 19 Knollwood Dr.- Ellie, Ells, 
Yeldaky. Student Council- 
9,10(Tres.),ll(Tres.),12; Swim Team- 
9,10,11,12; Tennis- 9,10,11,12; Cross 
Country- 10,11 (Manager); AFS- 
10,11,12; SADD- 9,10,11,12; Intern- 
ship- 1 1; BBYO- 9,10(Tres.); Jet Jotter- 
11,12; TFL- 12; NHS- 12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Student Rep. 
to School Board; Quote- "Whatever 
floats your boat." 

22 > Seniors 

Jennifer Kloster 

41 Massachusetts Ave.- Jen, Peeps, 
Klos, Stubs. Basketball- 9; Track- 9; 
LCM- 1 1,12; PF- 9,10; Young Life- 9; 
Key Club- 9,10,1 l(Newsletter Editor), 
12; Berkshire East- 10,12; Senior Class 
Play; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "Life is 
what happens while you're making 
other plans."- John Lennon 

Lois Jeanette Kuhn 

285 Farmington Rd.- Jan, Janniekuhn, 
Cankuhn, Deonne, Janice, Kuhnie, Joad, 
Jannie, Nan. All-State- 11,12; Senior 
Class Play; Softball- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Intramural Volleyball- 10,ll,12(Capt.); 
TFL- 12; Ski Club- 10,11,12; Lyrics- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Yearbook- 
ll,12(Ed.);NHS- 11,12; ICantori- 12; 
Quote- "And I may be obliged to defend 
every love, every ending. Or maybe 
there are no obligations now. Maybe 
I've reason to believe we all will be 
received in Graceland."- Paul Simon 

Carolyn Knight 

386 Longhill St.- Knight, Knighty, Care, 
Muffin, Tuffy. Tennis- 9, 10, 1 1 , 1 2 
(Capt.); Key Club- 10,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Quote- "When you look in the mirror, I 
hope you see you, and not another being 
you have decided to become." 

Jennifer Kubala 

98 Duxbury Lane- Jen, Kabuda, 
Chooch. Key Club- 9,10,1 l,12(Sec. of 
Data Rec- 1 1,12); Big Y- 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Track- 9; Basketball- 9; SADD- 9; 
Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; 
Variety Show- 11,12; Quote- "Life is a 
game, play it.. .Life is a challenge, meet 
it... Life is love, share it... Life is a 
dream, realize it!"- Universal Comedy 

Michelle Kuhr 

304 Green Hill Rd.- Shell, Sheller, 
Kuhrsy-Kins, BOO, BNM, Pocahontas, 
M+M. AFS- 9,10,1 l,12(Pres.); Tennis- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Soccer- 9,10; Lyrics- 
12; Eggroll Club- 10,11, 12(Co-Pres.- 
11,12); SPF Fan Club- 11,12; Mischie- 
vous M+M's- 12(Driver); TFL- 12; 
Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; Quote- 
"We are all spiritual beings having a 
human experience."- Scott O'Grady 

Michael LaBroad 

72 Hillcreat Ave.- Goober, Long and 
Broad, Broady. Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; 
Wrestling- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Key Club- 
10,11,12; TFL-12; Soccer- 9; Daisy 
Weeds; Quote- "It is not the critic who 
counts, not the man who points out how 
the strong man stumbled.. .The credit 
belongs to the man who is actually in 
the arena."- Theodore Roosevelt 

Bryan LaFountain 

37 Birnie Rd.- Founder, Laffy. 
Wrestling- 9; Baseball- 9,10; TFL- 
9, 10, 11, 12; Volleyball- 10, 11, 12; 
Intramural Basketball- 1 1,12; Environ- 
mental Club- 10,1 1; Meadows Discov- 
ery- 12(Founder); SADD- 12; Granville 
Exploration Club- 11,12; Quote- 
"Trapped in time, and I don't know 
what to do, these friends of mine, I can 
see right through, you don't gotta tell 
me, I don't gotta know, I'm sitting back 
here sharing in the groove."- Mike's 

Jennifer Lambert 

946 Plumtree Rd.- Jenny, Jen, Jenny 
Kate, J. P., Lambchops, J.K., Scrub. 
Soccer- 9,10,11,12; Swimming- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); SADD-9,10,1 1,12; 
Chorus- 9,10; Lyrics- 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Class 
Council- 10,1 1,12; Quote- "If you want 
to play your best, you just can't lie on 
the couch and say- I'll workout 

James Lawrence 

92 Blockland Dr. 

Julie Lee 

94 Mill Rd.- Jules, Chewy, Roony, 
Plumba, Sweetie, Family Jules, Lee. 
Intership at Mercy Hosp.- 11,12; 
Soccer- 9; Track- 9; Daisy Weeds; Key 
Club- 12; Big Y- 12(Cashier); 
Longmeadow Community Market- 10, 
1 l(Cashier); Senior Class Play; Quote- 
"You've got to discover you, what you 
do, and trust it."- Barbara Streisand 

Carl Leichthammer 

73 Farmington Ave.- Mark. Soccer- 9; 
Lacrosse- 9,10; Orchestra- 9,10,1 1, 
12(Section Leader); Lyrics- 12; Senior 
Class Play(Conductor); YPS- 11; Sr. 
District Orchestra- 9, 10, 1 1 ; France Trip; 
Quote- "I had a dream late last night. 
The water was running low. And my 
fields were on fire burning my sky. My 
body was moving slow. And when I 
awoke I tasted the sweet of desire on my 
mouth, and realized my heart had 
abducted my mind."- Melissa Efhridge 

24y Seniors 

Mark Leichthammer 

97 Parker St., E. Longmeadow- Carl, 
Earth Boy, Dark. Outdoor Wilderness 
Leaders- 9,10(Mem. clerk),ll(VP),12; 
Science League- 9,10. 1 1 ; NHS- 
ll,12(Tres.); Men's Chorus- 9,10,11; 
Lyrics- 12; Lacrosse- 9; Wilderness 
Experiences- 9,10,11,12; Big E Lost 
People- 10,11; Friendly' s- 12; Quote-"A 
pessimist is someone who, if he is in the 
bath, will not get out to answer the 
phone." Quentin Crisp 

Deborah Levenson 

96 Woodside Dr.- Debby, Devola, 
Debblevenson, Levenperdaughter, 
Yeldaky. Track- 9,10,1 1,12; Gymnas- 
tics- 9,10,11; Yearbook- 9,10, 
1 1 (Underclass Ed.),12(Editor-in-Chief); 
Wind Ensemble- 12; Concert Band- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 ; Intramural Volleyball- 
10,11,12; NHS- 12; Science League- 
10,12; Daisy Weeds; Spain Trip- 12; 
Senior Class Play; Quote- "Every 
person that you meet knows something 
you don't; learn from them." 

Sarah Licastro 

8 1 Bellclaire Ave.- Sadie. Drama- 
9,10,11; Softball- 9,10,11; 
Cheerleading- 9,10; SADD 9,10; Class 
Tres.- 9; Peer Tutoring- 9,10; Chorus- 
9,10,12; Environmental Club- 9,10,1 1; 
Quote- "When I'm good, I'm great, but 
when I'm bad, I'm even better!" 

Candace Levy 

189 Ardsley Rd.- Candles, Dulce. 
Swim Team- 9,10,1 1,12; J.C.C. Swim 
Team- 9,10,12; NHS- 11,12; BBYO- 
9,10; Cross Country- 9; Ultimate 
Frisbee- 10,1 1,12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- 
"There is no bigger blessing than a 
friend who's there when good times 

Edward Libfeld 

239 Academy Dr.- El Chico, Wizard, 
Libby. Crosscountry- 10,1 1,12; Track- 
10,ll,12(Capt.); NHS- 11,12; Ski Club- 
10; Quote- "...And remember folks, help 
control the pet population, have your pet 
spayed or neutered."- Bob Barker 

Justin Loonie 

332 Pinewood Dr.- Loons, Toons, 
Looney Toons, J.J., J. Loons. Lacrosse- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Basketball- 9,10,11, 
12; Intramural Football- 10,11,12; 
SADD- 10,11,12; AFS- 10,11; 
Internship- 12; Shell Station- 10,11,12; 
BMC- 9,10,11,12; BBB- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Student Council- 12; Quote- "The only 
time success comes before work is in 
the dictionary." 

Amanda Lounsbury 

45 Leetewood Dr.- A. Louns, Bubsie, 
Lounsbury. Key Club- 9; Ski Club- 10; 
SADD- 11,12; Field Hockey- 9,10; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 10,1 1,12; Chorus- 
9,10; CVS- 11,12; Daisy Weeds; Senior 
Class Play; Thursday Night Crew- 12; 
Quote- "If you want anything said, ask a 
man. If you want anything done, ask a 

.S eni or s <25 

Amy Lowery 

141 Avondale Rd.-A-Q,Ames. 
Yearbook- 11,12; AFS- 10,1 1,12; Key 
Club- 11,12; Environmental Club- 
9,10,1 1; PULL- 9; Wrestling Mgr.- 
10,11, 12; Track Mgr.- 10,11,12; 
Internship- 12; Chorus- 9,10; Bethany 
Youth Group- 9,10; Riverside- 11,12; 
Jewish Nursing Home- 9,10,1 1,12 
(Chairperson); Quote- "I'd rather laugh 
with the sinners than cry with the saints, 
the sinners are much more fun."- Billy 

Eileen MacDonnell 

39 Pleasantview Ave. Concert Band- 
9,10,11,12; Environmental Club- 10; 
AFS- 12. 

Laura Magnani 

69 Kenmore Dr.- Idiot, Peggy Sue, J+D 
Mariana, Magnani, Mags. Key Club- 9; 
Ski Club- 10,11,12; SADD- 12; Chorus- 
9,10; TFL- 12; Ultimate Frisbee- 12; 
Daisy Weeds, Variety Show- 12; Senior 
Class Play, Thursday Night Crew- 12; 
Quote- "Shotgun.. . Yes!! !" "Long you 
live and high you fly, smiles you'll give, 
and tears you'll cry. All you touch and 
all you see is all your life will ever be."- 
Pink Floyd 

Katerina Makris 

587 Maple Rd.- Kat, Kathy, Pallerina, 
Pocahontas, Katrina. Greek Orthodox 
Youth Assoc- 9,10,11,12; St. George's 
basketball- 10; Church Youth Group- 
9,10,11,12; Volunteer- 9,10,11, 12; 
Soccer- 9; Softball- 9; Cheerleading- 
9(Capt.); Daisy Weeds; Amnesty 
International- 11,12; Sophia's Pizza- 
9,10,11,12; Quote- "I'd rather be an 
optimist who's a fool than a pessimist 
who's right." 

Mario Manna 

76 Academy Dr.- Football- 9,10,1 1; 
Swimming- 9,10,1 1,12; Lacrosse- 
9,10,11,12; NHS- 11,12; Quote- "The 
man who sat meditating on life and its 
meaning, accepting the kinship of all 
creatures and acknowledging unity with 
the universe was infusing into his being 
the true essence of civilization."- Chief 
Luther Standing Bear 

Andrew Mante 

27 Summit Ave.- Drew, Mante, 
Mantles, Woody. Baseball- 9,10,11,12; 
Intramural Basketball- 9,10,11,12; TFL- 
9,10,11,12; SADD- 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; LDD- 11,12;BBB- 
ll,12(Pres.); Bear Club- 10,11,12; 
BMC- 10,11,12; Quote- "They say 
there's a heaven for those who wait, 
some say its better but I say it ain't. I'd 
rather laugh with the sinners than cry 
with the saints, the sinners are much 
more fun."- Billy Joel 

<2 6 z_Senjfir&_ 

Nicholas Martinelli 

5 Laurel St.- Nick, Marty, Barney, 
Yogurt Lady, Pickles. Soccer- 
9,10,11,12; Basketball- 10,11,12; 
Lacrosse- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Student 
Council- 9,10,1 l,12(Pres- 9, 
10,1 1,12); Quote- "your biggest 
challenge isn't someone else. It's the 
ache in your lungs, and the burning in 
your legs, and the voice inside that yells 
can't. But you didn't listen. You just 
push harder, and then you hear the voice 
whisper can, and you discover the 
person you thought you were is no 
match for the one you really are." 

Eleanor Matroni 

122 Dunn Rd.- Ellie, El. Troni, 
Matrimony. Key Club- 9,10; 
Cheerleading- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Capt. 11,12); 
Abdow's- 11,12; Chorus- 9,10; Daisy 
Weeds; Quote- "You can't always get 
what you want, but if you try some- 
times, you just might find... you get 
what you need." 

Eiliza Matthews 

45 Edmund St., East Longmeadow- 
Liza, Elmo, Chica!!, PFC Matthews. Art 
Club- 9(Illustrator); Track- 9,10,12; 
Shell Station- 9,10,11 (cashier); William 
Burrows Florist- 12(cashier); 
Army (National Guard)- 11, 12 
PFC(Military Police- Army Achieve- 
ment Metal); Quote- "History was 
written by assasins who conceal the 
truth." Dedicated to my Battle Buddy. 

Amy Maxmen 

86 Brookwood Dr.- NHS- 1 1,12; Jet 
Jotter- 9,10,11,12; Rough Draft- 
10,11,12; Track- 9,10; International 
Club- 9,10; Amnesty International- 
ll,12(Pres.); Quote- "The ocean will 
have us all."- John Carle 

April McCarthy 

176 Dunn Rd.- Apee, Uglee, May, June, 
etc. JV Cheerleading- 9, 10(Capt.); 
SADD- 12; Daisy Weeds; Chorus- 
9,10,12; Who's Who Among Americans 
Students- 12; Belmont Laundry Inc- 
9,10,1 l,12(Clerk); Quote- "I'd rather be 
cheated out of a position than to cheat 
myself into one." 

Matthew McGarry 

87 Hillcrest Ave.- Mac, Matty, Abe 
Froman, G, Gizzy. Class Council- 9,10, 
ll,12(Tres.); Jazz Band- 10,11,12; 
Wind Ensemble- 10,11,12; AFS- 10,11, 
12(Tres.); Key Club- 10,11,12; 
Lacrosse- 9; Football- 10; Wrestling- 
9,10; Variety Show- 10,11,12; Senior 
Class Play- 10, 11 (pit orchestra), 12; 
Daisy Weeds; NHS- 12; Intramurals- 
11,12; Spain Trip- 12; BMG Music 
Club- 9,10,11,12; Quote- "Doble 
Boble."- Mr. Conway 



Kerry McMahon 

18 Maple Rd.- Mac, Mic, Pig Pen. 
Softball- 9,10(Capt.),ll,12; Ice Hockey- 
10; Taco Bell- 10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Quote- "If we forget our mistakes from 
yesterday, we're bound to repeat them 
tomorrow."- Unknown 

Jonathan Metz 

171 Coventry Lane- Jon, JonnieMetz, 
Metz, Metz Man, Metzeer. Comic Book 
Club- 9,10,11 (Leader); Role Playing 
Game Club- lO(Leader); Brighwood 
Hardware- 12; PF- 9,10,1 l,12(Sec,); 
UMOJA- Art All-State- 11; Channel 8; 
Quote- "Two roads diverged in a wood and 
I- 1 took the one less traveled by, And that 
has made all the difference ."-Robert Frost 

Brendan Miller 

361 Inverness Lane- Soccer- 9; Art 
Club- 9,10; Quote- "I won't even know 
when it comes... I'll be too busy looking 
good."- Williams (About Defeat) 

Jennifer Miller 

54 White Oak Dr.- Jen, Jenny, Miller, 
Meeller, Mill. Soccer- 9; Cheerleading- 
9,10,1 1,12; UCA Ail-Star Cheerleading- 
11, 12; Guitar- 11, 12; Chorus- 9,10,11; 
Cheerleading Camp- 10,1 1,12; Quote- 
"Once I had a little game, I liked to 
crawl back into my brain, I think you 
know the game I mean, I mean the game 
called 'go insane.'"- Jim Morrison 

Andrew Mish 

45 Harwich Rd.- Andy, Mish, Misher, 
Meeshra. Concert Band- 9; Wind 
Ensemble- 10,1 1,1 2(Section Leader); 
Symphony Orchestra- 10,11,12; NHS- 
11,12; AFS- 11,12; Soccer Referee- 
10, 11, 12; Jazz Ensemble- 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Soccer- 9,10,1 1,12; Sr. District- 
10,11,12; Jazz in July; Long. Jazz 
Combo; Quote- "If you smile at me, I 
will understand, 'cause that is something 
everybody everywhere does in the same 
language."- Crosby, Stills, and Nash 

David Mish 

45 Harwich Rd.- Dave, Pinky, Nih, 
Mavid Dish, Squirm. AFS- 9,10,11, 
12(VP); NHS- 11,12; Cross Country- 
10,11,12; Track- 10; Orchestra- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Concertmaster); Pep Band- 
12; All-State- 10,12; YPS- 9,10, 
ll,12(Concertmaster 11,12); Impres- 
sions- 12; Sr. Class Play- 10,11,12 
(Conductor); Summer in France; Quote- 
"And all that the Lorax left here in this 
mess was a small pile of rocks, with the 
one word... 'UNLESS.'"- Dr. Seuss 



Andrea Moral 

401 Inverness Lane- Titina, Moral 
Sisters, Las titinas, totita, Gogi. 
Yearbook- 12; Art Club- 12; Bus. Club- 
12; Key Club 10,11,12; Track 10; Daisy 
Weeds; JNH- 10,1 1,12; Spain Trip; 
Ecuador- 9,10,1 1,12; Impressions- 
lO(Cover); Quote- "La vida es 
simplemente un modo de concentracion: 
uno es lo que se propone ser. Eres un 
retrato de las cosas que dices, de los 
libros que lees, los pensamientos que 
piensas, los amigos que mantienes, y de 
las cosas que deseas convertirte." 

Titina Moral 

401 Inverness Lane- Andrea, The Moral 
Sisters, El Titinismo, Pulguita, Hormiga. 
Track- 10,12(Manager); Key Club- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Spain Trip- 12; 
French Trip- 12; Ecuador Trip- 
9,10,11,12; Internship- 12; Business 
Club- 12; Quote- "La mejor parte de la 
vida consiste de los amigos."- Los 
chicos de la peatonal 

Christopher Moran 

48 Avondale Rd.- Chris, Rigoberto, 
Moranski, Moran. Cross Country- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Track- 10,1 1,12; Key 
Club- 11,12; NHS- 11,12; Business 
Club- 9; Basketball Coach- 11,12; 
Internship 1 1 ; Quote- "I don't think it 
matters what you love, Sammy, it could 
be a person, it could be a thing, as long 
as you love it totally, completely, and 
without judgement."- Norm Peterson 

Teresa Moran 

180 Kenmore Dr.- Teresita. AFS- 
10,12; Art Club- 12; SADD- 12; Youth 
Group- 9,10,11,12; Colombia- 11; 
Edwards- 11; PVCS- 11; Unlisted- 11; 
See You at the Pole- 10,11,12; Volun- 
teer- 10,11,12; Quote- 'The future 
belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams."- Eleanor 

Ashley Morse 

118 Lee St., E. Longmeadow- A. Morse, 
Shley, Filoshley, Ash-Al-ea, Morse. 
Key Club- 9; Field Hockey- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 10,1 1,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Basketball- 
9, 10,11; Volleyball- 11,12. 

\de> ie, if they 

^ you have 

'" then \ 

;ff, but 
_» bad if you 
■ay anything "to 
-ham,' ■ -J.D. 
5 & I i n g e r 9 e> 
Catcher in the 


Patrick Murphy 

100 Harmon Ave., Springfield- Murph, 
Murph dog, Murph diggie, Sam Malone. 
Football- 9; Basketball- 9,10,1 1, 
12(Capt.); Baseball- 9,10,11, 12(Capt.); 
TFL- 1 1,12; Bay State Games- 11. 
Quote- "Murph, I have a question to ask 
you. What's your last name?" Jen 

Sarabeth Mushok 

17 Emerson Rd.- Munchkin, Moosh, 
Moo, Little bit, Shorty, Mooshy, 
Smitdget, 1/2 Pint. Soccer- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Basketball- 9,10; Daisy Weeds; 
Internship- 11 (Athletic Trainer); 
Basketball Manager- 11,12; Quote- "No 
bird soars to high if he uses his own 

Angela Napoli 

32 Brookwood Dr.- Angie, Naps, 
Nappy. Soccer- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Basketball- 9,10,11,12; Softball- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.);AFS- 11,12; NHS- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; 
Quote- "If you aim for the moon and 
miss you'll still be with the stars."- 

Dawn Newton 

40 Squirrel Rd., Springfield. 

Debra Nison 

379 Inverness Lane- Deb, J.J., Doobie. 
Soccer- 9,10; Basketball- 9; Western 
MA AAU Basketball- 9; Girls Lacrosse 
Stats- 10,11,12; Intramural Frisbee- 11, 
12; Key Club- 9,10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Senior Class Play; Movie Shop- 11,12; 
Quote- "Some folks trust in reason, 
others in might. I don't trust in nothing, 
but I know I'll turn out right."- Grateful 

Brian Olney 

136 Lawrence Dr.- W, Big B, Brian the 
Benevolent, Regulator. NHS- 11,12; 
Rough Draft- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Co Ed.-in- 
Chief- 11,12); Concert Band- 9; Wind 
Ensemble- 10,11,12; Jazz Band- 11; 
Baseball- 9; Soccer- 9,10; Wrestling- 
9,10,1 1,12; Ultimate Frisbee- 10,11,12; 
Mountain Biking Club- 11,12; Quote- 
"It's a 106 miles to Chicago, we've got 
a full tank of gas, half a packet of 
cigarrettes, it's dark and we're wearing 
sunglasses. Hit it."- The Blues Brothers 


Heather Orenstein 

166 Primrose Dr.- Stein, Steiner, Little 
O. Gymnastics- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
NHS- 11,12; Yearbook- 9,10,1 l(Ads 
Editor- 10,1 1), 12(Senior Index Editor); 
Art Club- 10; Daisy Weeds; Quote- 
"Never underestimate the power of a 
kind word or deed."- Life's Little 
Instruction Book 

Michael Orr 

106 Bliss Rd.- Orr. Key Club- 9,10; 
Longmeadow Country Club- 9,10; TFL- 
9,10,1 1,12; Ultimate Frisbee- 10,11,12; 
Armata's- 1 1,12; Meadows Discovery 
Team- 12( Outsider, Overseer); 
Granville Exploration- 12( Partaker); 
Quote- "One man gathers what another 
man spills."- Unknown 

The Horror! 

The Horror!... 
Metah Kurtz, 

He dead. -Jo- 
seph Conrade 

The Heart Of 


Picture not available for 

Jason Ottani 

138 Dunn Road 



Michael Pacella 

300 Mansion Dr.- Mike, Pakala, Patch. 
Key Club- 9,10(Sec.),l l,12(Pres.); 
Soccer- 9,10,1 l(Capt.),12; AFS- 10,11; 
NHS- 11,12(VP); Lyrics- 9,10,11,12; I 
Cantori- 10,11,12; Senior District- 
9,10,11,12; All-State- 10, 11,12; All- 
Eastern- 1 1 ; Senior Class Play; Quote- 
"Don't go where the path leads, rather 
venture where there is no path and leave 
a trail."- Anonymous 

Catherine Paone 

44 Falmouth Rd.- Cat. Key Club- 9; 
Softball- 9,10; Daisy Weeds; Senior 
Class Play; Chorus- 9,10; Ultimate 
Frisbee- 11; Latenight Crew; Quote- "If 
you fall from a building go limp. If you 
look like a dummy, someone may try to 
catch you cause hey... free dummy." 

Dmitry Pereplyotchik 

275 Allen Park Rd., Sprinfield- Big 
Dee. Football- 9,10; Wrestling- 




Gregory Peter 

59 Academy Dr.- Laradona, Gregadona, 
Gregoreo. Frenchy. Peto. Soccer- 9,10, 
11,12; Lacrosse-9,10: Ultimate Frisbee- 
11,12; Intramural Basketball- 12; 
Intramural Volleyball- 12; Key Club- 
11.12: Ski Club- 12; Class Council- 12; 
NHS- 11.12; Variety Show- 11,12; 
Quote- "You will learn more about a 
road by traveling it then by consulting 
all the maps in the world." 

Kathleen Phelps 

184 Bliss Rd.- Kate, Phelper, Phlaps, 
Katsterific. Leena, Chica!!, Yeldaky. 
Science League- 10; Track- 9,10; 
Intramural Volleyball- 11,12; TFL- 12; 
Teacher Aid Program- 12; Ski Club- 
10,11,12; Shell- 10,11,12; Yearbook- 
ll,12(Underclass Editor); NHS- 
1 l,12(Tutoring Chair); Daisy Weeds; 
Quote- "Remember that great love and 
great achievements involve great risk."- 
Life's Little Instruction Book 

Carrie Porter 

152 Momingside Dr.- Care-Bear, Car, 
Porter, Potter, Tripper, Kugel, Twiggy. 
Student Council- 9,10,11,12; NHS- 
1 1,12; AFS- 9; Key Club- 9,10; SADD- 
12; Wind Ensemble- 11,12; Band- 9,10; 
Daisy Weeds; Intramural Volleyball- 
11,12; Kiddly Winks- 1 1 ; CVS- 12; 
Israel Masada Trip- 1 1 ; Flute Lessons- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Flute Teacher- 11,12; Guitar 
Lessons- 11,12; JCC Day Camp- 12; 
Quote- "Eep, Opp, Ork, Aah, Aah, that 
means I love you."- Jetsons 

Courtney Prestia 

94 Churchill Dr.- Court. Oatmeal 
Stout. Ski Team- 10,11,12; 
Angler( always was always will be); 
Meadows Discovery Team(Founder); 
Quote- "...The woods are lovely, dark 
and deep. But I have promises to keep, 
and miles to go before I sleep, and miles 
to go before I sleep."- Robert Frost 

Shannon Rafferty 

131 Crescent Rd.- Raff, Raffy, Shan, 
Roony, Raffersnout, Shashy. Lyrics- 
10.1 1,12; District- 9,10,11,12; All State- 
ll,12;ICantori- 11,12; AFS- 10,11,12; 
Key Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Senior Class Play; Variety Show- 10,12; 
Quote- "Just Remember when you leave 
here, it's not who you've hurt, it's who 
you've helped.'s not where you've 
been, it's where you're going."- Rev. 
Gary DeLone 

David Resnick 


.52 / Seniors 

Allison Riccio 

577 Frank Smith Rd.- Allie, Al, Ric, 
Stickio, Devil, Dookie, Allie El, Baba, 
Beans, Alley Cat, Lucy. Field Hockey- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; 
Intramural Basketball- 11,12; Intramural 
Volleyball- 11,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Chorus- 9,10; Senior Class Play; Variety 
Show; Regge Club- 1 1,12; Quote- 
"Don't be content with average, average 
is just as far from the bottom as it is 
from the top."- Coach Simons 

Philip Rice 

30 Pleasantview Ave.- Philly, Cream 
Cheese, Stud. Basketball- 9,10; Key 
Club- 10,11,12; KoKondo Karate- 
11,12; Drama Studio- 9,10,11; Quote- 
"Hello... You'll have to speak up. ..I'm 
wearing a towel."- Homer Simpson 

Andrew Rinaldi 

30 Mayfair Dr.- Andy, Drew, Rin, 
Reno, 'naldi, Ginaldi, Rinaldi, AE. 
Business Club- 9; Key Club- 9; Ski 
Club- 9,10,11,12; TFL- 9,10,11, 
12(Capt. ); Intramural Basketball- 
9,10,11, 12(Capt. ); Intramural 
Volleyball- 10,1 1,1 2(Capt.);Ultimate 
Frisbee- 10,11, 12(Capt.); French Trip- 
10; Bull Moose Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Red 
Dogger- 12(Capt.); Quote- "You may 
have the universe, if I may have Italy. "- 
Giuseppe Verdi 

Jason Roberts 

145 Orchard St., Belchertown- Cross 
Country- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt); Hockey- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,10,11, 
12; NHS- 11,12; Key Club- 11,12; New 
Directions- 10; Peer Leader- 10,11,12; 
Quote- "Do not hit at all if it can be 
avoided, but never hit softly. "-Theodore 

Todd Rosenberg 

212 Brookwood Dr.- To, T, Rosie, 
Rose, Rosenthal, Schfield. Tennis- 10, 
11,12; Football- 9; Intramural Basket- 
ball- 9,10,1 1,12; TFL- 11,12; Intramural 
Volleyball- 11,12; Business Club- 
10,11; SADD- 11,12; England Sports 
Action 50 Club- 1 1,12(VP); Dynamite 
Video Manager- 12; NHS- 12; Quote- 
"Well you're my dad and I love you 
man- You're not getting my Bud Light 

Leslie Rubin 

535 Pinewood Dr.- Les, Rubes. 
Cheerleading- 9,10,11,12; NHS- 11,12; 
BBYO- 9,10,1 l,12(Corresponding 
Sec); Freshman Orientation- 10,11; 
Internship- 11,12; SADD- 10,11,12; 
Key Club- 9,10; Business Club- 9; 
Daisy Weeds; SPFTY- 9,10; "Who's 
Who Among American High School 
Students"; Quote- "The door of success 
is marked 'push' and 'pull'. Achieving 
success is knowing when to do what." 


Samantha Ryall 

281 Deepwoods Dr.- Sam, Sammy, 
Ryall. Soccer- 9,10,11,12; Basketball- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,10,11, 
12; Daisy Weeds; Key Club- 9,10; 
Tri-oid- 9(Co-Capt.); Intramural 
Volleyball- 11,12; Quote- "Once a 
cheater, ALWAYS a cheater."- K.D. 

Joleen Sanderson 

48 Wimbleton Dr.- Jo, Jay. Chorus- 10; 
Bethany Assembly of God- 9,10,11,12 
(Mime, Choir, and Drama); Summer job 
on a farm in Northampton- 1 1 ; Quote- 
"I will stand for the truth I've seen, so 
the truth is seen in me." 

Zachary Ryan 

162 Blueberry Hill Rd.- Zach, Skippy, 
Six-Pack. KeyClub-9,10(NDConv. 
Co-Chair), 1 1(N.E. District Tres.),12; 
Boy Scouts- 9(Eagle Scout), 1 0, 1 l(SPL), 
12; Spain Trip- 10; Drama Club- 10; 
Yearbook- 9; Men's Chorus- 9,10; Big 
Y- 9; Coughlins- 10; Airport Security- 
12; Quote- "Two roads diverged in a 
wood, and I took the one less traveled 
by. And that has made all the differ- 
ence."- Robert Frost "URF!"- A.H.R. 

Justin Salon 

94 Magnolia Circle- Malibu, Salonkels, 
Ross-Sakami. Soccer- 9,10; Intramural 
Basketball- 11,12; Late Night Crew- 10, 
11, 12(Founder); HLB Club- K-12; 
Granville Exploration Club-11, 12; 
Quote- "Those are winter camping 
pants, not high school pants!"- said 
during a session of Late Night Crew 

Tara Santanicllo 

143 Fountain St., Springfield- Tar, T, 
Santi, Santa. Softball- 9,10,11,12; Key 
Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Intramural Volleyball- 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Quote- "Obstacles 
are what you see when you take your 
eyes off your goal."- Kelsey Dreher 

Lior Sapojnikov 

150 Riverview Ave. 



Anthony Sarage 

118 Arlington Rd.- Sarge, Myerte. Key 
Club- 9,10,1 1(VP- 10,11), 12(Senior 
Class Rep); Football- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Lacrosee- 10; Peer Leadership- 
10,11,12; NHS- 12; Chuch Youth 
Group- 9,10,1 1,12; Quote- "There is 
more to life than increasing its speed."- 

Kimberly Schneider 

21 Field Rd.- Kim. Kimmy, Kimmie, 
Kimi, K.J., Kimberly Jane, Kimberly 
Jayne. Jet Jotter- 9,10,1 1 (Campus News 
Ed.), 12(EditorialsEd.);NHS- 11,12 
(Bookstore Mngr.); Mock Trial- 9,10, 
1 1,12; Long. Comm.Mrkt.- 10,11, 12; 
Wind Ensemble- 10; Math Team- 10; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 11,12; Union News- 
10,1 l,12(Our Towns Reporter); Piano 
Lessons- 9,10, 11,12; Quote- "The spear 
in the other's heart is the spear in your 
own; you are he."- Surak, Vulcan 

... * '\ 

Wk. ^B 

Daniel Schwerin 

260 Blueberry Hill Rd.- Dan. Football- 
9; Track and Field- 10; O.C.B.- 10; 
Mobil- 12; LT's- 11; Follow the Leader- 
10,1 1,12; The Tracks- ll,12(Founder); 
Back Corner- 10,11,12; NHS- 12. 



Susan Scully 

266 Academy Dr.- Sue, Susie, Suzie-Q, 
S A 2, Mom. Basketball- 9; Track- 9; Key 
Club- 10,ll(Exec. VP),12(Pres.); Class 
Council- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; LEAF- 1 0, 1 1 ; 
SADD- 9,10,12; AFS- 10,12; Amnesty 
International- 12; Pull/New Directions- 
10; Peer Support- 9,10; Daisy Weeds; 
Senior Class Play (Co- Producer); Variety 
Show- 1 1 (Stage Crew),12(Coord. of 
Acts); Quote- "To dream of the person 
you would like to be is to waste the 
person you are."- Anonymous 

Molly Shaffer 

37 Cambridge Circle- Mols, Blondini, 
Mollyanna, Molster, Esmeralda, Mol, 
Mopsy. Jet Jotter- 11,12; Rough Draft- 
9,10,1 l,12(Distrib. Ed.); NHS- 12; 
Ultimate Frisbee- 10,1 1,12; Mercy Hosp.- 
10; Yearbook- 11; AFS- 11,12 (Comm. 
Chair); Art Club- 10,11,12; A. Int'l- 
ll(VP),12(Sec.);SNAC- 10,11,12; 
Environmental Club- 9,10; Drama Club- 
9; Channel 8- 10,1 1,12; Rachel's Table- 
12(Organizer); Unlisted- 11,12; BBYO- 
9,10(VP),1 1; Quote- "Life is what 
happens to you while you're busy making 
other plans."- John Lennon 

Keith Sherman 

363 Pinewood Dr.- Key Club- 9,1 1,12; 
SADD- 10,1 1,12; Lyrics- 12; Lacrosse- 
9,10; Swimming- 1 1 ; Tennis- 1 1 ; TFL- 
10,1 1,12; The Bear Club- 11,12; Quote- 
"If I am not for myself, who will be for 
me? If I am only for myself, what am 
I?"- Hillel 

Seniors \ 35 > 

Nicholas Shih 

149 Homestead Blvd.- Nick, Crosstown 
Jones. Football- 9; Cross Country- 
11,12; Wrestling- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
AFS- 11,12; NHS- 11,12; Rough Draft- 
9,10,11,12; Vbchi Ryu Karate- 
10,11,12; Sever Mustafa Sever- 
9,10,11,12; Quote- "So you see, 
Lonestar, evil will always triumph 
because good is dumb."- Cord Helmet 

Sarah Shine 

25 Robin Rd.- Shiney, Sun, S A 2. Field 
Hockey- 9,10; Cheerleading- 9; 
Semester Abroad- 1 1 ; Summer Abroad- 
12; AFS- 10,11; Key Club- 10, 
1 1 (Coord, of Data and Records), 12; 
NHS- 12; ACTS Tutoring- 10,11; 
Quote- "Beauty is truth- truth beauty. 
That is all ye know on earth and all ye 
need to know."- John Keats 

Leslie Shoemaker 

64 Ely Rd.- Les, Less, Lester, Al, Shoe, 
Morlie, Meister. New England Dance 
Theatre Repertory Company- 
9,10,1 1,12; Concert Band- 9; Wind 
Ensemble- 10,11,12; Symphony 
Orchestra- 11,12. Piano- 9,10,11,12; 
Tuesday Morining Music Club- 11,12; 
(SNAC)- 10,11,12; Quote- "You can't 
shake the devil's hand and say you're 
only kidding."- They Might Be Giants 

\ot to light OLT, 
or the territory 
^haad of th^ 
^ee>t 9 bgcaui 
\urrt Sally e>he'e> 
]o\r\0 to adopt- 
ing &nd e>\v\\\z.^ 
r\e &r\d I G3iY\ 
>t&r\d \t. I bee 
Mere before?' 
vlark Twain. 9 
-\ u ck\ eb e rr y 

Bryan Slate 

28 Markham Rd.,E. Longmeadow.- 
Slater, AC. Baseball- 9,10,1 1; Quote- 
"Strike me down and I will become 
more powerful than you could ever 
imagine."- Obi Wan Canobi 

Jeffrey Smith 

140 Ellington St.- Jeff, Smitty. Football- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Track- 10,11,12 
(Capt. -1 1,12); Golf- 9; Intramural 
Basketball- 11,12; Leaders Club- 11,12; 
NHS- 12; Quote- "I thaw a moothine up 
in Canada."- Dick Blanchard 

Courtney Snelham 

3 1 Fairfield Ten- Court, Snort, Wendy, 
Pippi, Conc.#3, Azriella. Cross 
Country- 9,10,1 l,12(Mgr.); Track- 9,10; 
AFS- 9,10,1 l,12(Sec); NHS- 11,12; Jet 
Jotter- 11 12; Orchestra- 9,10,1 1,12; Pep 
Band- 10,1 1,12; CCCYouth Group- 
9,10,11,12; MWW- 9,10,11,12; Bement 
staff- 1 1,12; Daisy Weeds; Sr. Class 
Play(Stage Mgr.); Yearbook- 10, 11 
(Ed.),12 (Ed.); Taize- 11; L'OS- 11, 12; 
District Orch. 9,12; Quote- "You'd have 
to laugh at yourself because you'd cry if 
you didn't."- Emily Saliers 


Sherry Spitz 

52 Barbara Ln.- Spitzy, Sherbear, 
Spitzer. Student Council- 9,10,11,12 
(Exec. VP); NHS- 11,12; New Direc- 
tions- 1 1 ; Daisy Weeds; Intramural 
Volleyball- 10,1 1,12; Field Hockey- 
9,10; Track- 9,10,11,12 (Capt.); Cross 
Country- 11,12 (Capt.); Environmental 
Club- 10,11; Hebrew School- 9,10,11, 
12; Internship at Willie Ross School for 
the Deaf- 11,12; USY; 9,10,11,12; 
Quote- 'There is no life I know which 
compares to pure imagination."- Willie 
Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

Steven Sokolov 

386 Green Hill Rd.- Sok,Smoke,Red 
Dog,Big Red,Mokie,Molie. France Trip- 
10,12; TFL- 9,10,1 1,12; Late Night 
Crew- ll,12(Pres.); Business Club- 11; 
Wrestling- 9; Ski Club- 9,10,11,12; 
Intramurals- 10,1 1,1 2(Capt.); Armadas- 
12; Meadows Discovery Team- 12 
(Founder); Fishing- 11,12 (VP); 
Intramural Basketball- 1 1, 12; Quote- 
"Always look a person in the eye, never 
be afraid to ask a question, and never 
respect someone who doesn't respect 
you back."- Lawrence Fishburne 

Johanna Sorrell 

5 Chatham Rd.-Jo. Soccer- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; SADD- 9,10; 
Lyrics- 1 1,12; Orchestra- 9,10,11,12; 
Daisy Weeds; Quote- "Everything is 
funny, as long as it is happening to 
somebody else."- Will Rogers 

Alison Stechenberg 

195 Merriweather Dr.- Alie,A,AJ,Stech, 
Stechy, Gloria, Lucy, Red Cherry, 
Dragon. Field Hockey-9, 10,1 1,12 (Capt.); 
Lacrosse- 9,10,1 1,12; Intramural 
Volleball and Basketball- 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Sr. Class Play; Variety Show; 
Piggy Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Ski Club- 
9,10,1 1,12; Class Council- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Regge-ma club- 1 1,12; AP Honor 
Society- ll,12(Co-Pres.); KST Club- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Safety Officer); Quote- "You 
can pick your friends, you can pick your 
lip, but you can't pick your friends' Up." 

William Steger 

203 Ellington Rd. NHS- 11,12; Wind 
Ensemble- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Section leader); 
Jazz Ensemble- 9,10,1 1; As Schools 
Match Wits- 1 1 ; Quote- "It seems that 
Trix are for kids, and for Der Fiihrer."- 



Rebecca Stevens 

34 Eastland Rd.- Becca. Stecca Bevens, 
Steves. Renee. Fem4. Yearbook- 
1 1.12(Editor): Art Club- 9.1 1.12: 
Gymnastics- 9: Football Stats- 1 1,12; 
Handbells- 9.10.1 1.12: PF- 9.1 1.12 
(Commission leader): Spain trip-12; 
Daisy Weeds: NHS- 12: Quote- "Life is 
not a destination, it is a journey ."& 
"Everybody wants respect, just a link 
bit. And everybody needs a change, 
once in awhile. And even body wants to 
be. closer to free."- The Bodeans 

Benjamin Strabo 

55 Momingside Dr.- Ben. AFS- 12; 
International Club- 12; Tennis team- 
NHS- 12; Quote- "There must be 
something rotten in the state of 
Denmark."- William Shakespeare, 


Adrian Stratton 

174 Buckingham St., Springfield. 

Wrestling- 10,1 1,12; Business Club- 

10,1 1; Springfield School Choice- 

9,10,11,12; Intramural Frisbee- 

10,1 l(Capt.); Quote- "The most violent 

element in society is ignorance."- Emma 


Jeannie Strogoff 

248 Loconia St.. Springfield. Quote - 
"True humor springs not more from the 
head than from the heart. It issues not in 
laughter, but in still smiles, which he far 

Jennifer Suher 

222 Brookwood Dr.- Jen. Suherzie. Fur, 
Oceanface. Jenner. YFC, Johnnies. 
Sewerat. NHS- 1 1 . 1 2: Jet Jotter- 12(Art 
Ed.); AFS- 9.10.1 1.1 2(Committee 
Chair); Art Club- 9,10,11, 12(Pres.); 
Who's Who- 12; SADD- 9; LEAF- 10: 
Interships- 10,1 1; The Gap- 1 1,12; NH 
Crew- 11,12; Quote- "Our lives begin to 
end the day we become silent about 
things that matter."- Martin Luther King 

Yuhling Sung 

421 Wolfswamp Rd. AFS- 11,12; Art 
Club- 10,11,12; French Club- 
ll,12(Public Relations); Piano lessons- 
9; Tennis lessons- 10,1 1,12; Track- 
11,12; Trip to Taiwan- 1 1 ; France Trip- 
12; Quote- "..Life goes on." 

S eniors 

pi jm' - , 

I Clark Sutton 

| 80 Wenonah Rd.- Clarkels, Spanky, 

1 Spaz Boy, Clarky, Trey. Baseball- 

| 9,10,12; Football- 9; Key Club- 

g 9(Freshman Class Advisor); AFS- 

I 10,11,12; SADD- 11,12; Lyrics- 

l 10,1 1,12; Intramurals- 9,10,1 1,12; Sr. 

N Class Play; Variety Show- 9,10; Ski 

| Club- 10,1 l,12(Trailblazer); Late Night 

I Crew- 10,11, 12(Distribution Mgr.); 

fl HLB Club- 9,10,1 1,12; Quote- "I don't 

y want to spend my life explaining 

I myself. Either you get it or you don't."- 

I Frank Zappa, '95 P.O. Summer Tour. 

Jenna Szyluk 

21 E. Greenwich Rd.- Szyluk-O. Louko, 
Dr.V. Dookie, Schilles, Schilly. Soccer- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12 
(Capt.); Swimming- 9; SADD- 1 1,12; 
Key Club- 9,10; Student Council- 
9,10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Intramural 
Volleyball- 11,12; impressions- 10 
(Ed.); Feb. Va. Ca- 10,ll,12(Co-Capt.); 
Tri-oid- 9; ChillyWilly; Splinters- 10; 
Variety Show- 12; Sr. Class Play; 
Quote- 'The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their 
dreams."- Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Karen Tang 

96 Shady Side Dr.- Dragon Lady, Kare- 
Bear, Cone. #1, Kung-Fu woman. 
Orchestra- 9,10,1 l,12(Principal 2nd); 
Jet Jotter- 10,1 l,12(Editor); YPS- 
9,10,11,12; Science League- 11,12; 
International Club- 11,12; NHS- 
ll,12(Tutoring Chair); L.O'S.- 
ll,12(Co-Founder); I.L.J. Club- 11; 
Quote- "And Milo. full of thought and 
questions, curled up on the pages of 
tomorrow's music and eagerly awaited 
the dawn."- Phantom Tollbooth. 

Elissa Temple 

44 Cooley Dr.- Sunshine, Calyspo, 
Blondie, Pixie. Quote- "Sometimes to 
realize you were well, someone must 
come along and hurt you. I have grown 
to become proud of myself. I have 
aligned with all those who have been 
stung by suppression. As heirs to this 
planet, we must maintain, honor, and 
enjoy the gift of freedom. The world 
looks at America because we are the 
beautiful!"- Perry Ferrell 

Dmitry Ternorutsky 

56 Schuyler Dr., E. Longmeadow. 

Andrea Themistos 

24 Knollwood Circle- Themis, Thermy. 
Socrates, Thermistat. Themistoclaleosis. 
Key Club- 9: Yearbook- 9,10; Softball- 
10; Daisy Weeds, Senior Slide Show, 
Senior Class Play; Friendly's- 11,12; 
Quote- "I knew who I was when I woke 
up this morning, but I must have 
changed several times since then." 

S enio rs, 

Shaun Thomas 

13 Northampton Ave., Springfield- 
Shizz, Shades, Wesley Snipes. Football- 
9,10,11,12; Track- 10,11,12; Intramural 
Basketball- 9,10; Umoja- 10,11,12; 
Quote- "Although you may think you 
know me, you do not know me, because 
although I am quiet, my knowledge is 
deep as well as my thoughts are deep, 
also my mind is deep as well as my soul 
is deep. And like my many features, my 
"heart" it too very deep."- Shaun 

Lauren Tourtelotte 

47 Wild Grove Ln.- Laur, LT, Lorraine, 
Problem, Torty, Turtletool, L. Field 
Hockey- 9,10(Capt.),ll,12; Lacrosse- 
9,10,1 1,12; Ski Club- 10,11; Key Club- 
9,10; Intramural Basketball- 1 1,12; 
Intramural Volleyball- 11,12; Daisy 

Charles A. Toye ffl 

587 Laurel St.- Chuck, Toi, Shouk Toi. 
Football- 9,10,1 1,12; Baseball- 
9,10,11,12; Intramural Basketball- 
9,1 1,12; SADD- 9; NHS- 1 1,12; 
Science League- 11,12; French Trip- 10; 
More Than a Mouthful Club- 1 1,12; 
Quote- "If you don't know where you 
are going, any road will get you there."- 
Yogi Berra. 

Michael Troiano 

1 19 Maple Rd.- Mike, Trizz, Rocky. 
Football- 9,10,1 1,12; SADD- 11,12; 
NHS- 11,12; Intramural Basketball- 
10,12; Intramural Frisbee- 1 1,12; 
Wrestling- 1 1 ; Chorus- 9; More Than a 
Mouthful Club- 11,12; Quote- "Say, 
goodbye, to the oldies but goodies, 
cause the good ole days weren't always 
good; and tomorrow ain't as bad as it 
seems."- Billy Joel 

4°/ Se SUQ ES 

Yakov Tsizis 

93 Allen Park Road, Springfield.- Jacob, 
Jake, Jake the Snake, Yakob. Blue Bird 
Acres- 10; Business Club- 10,11, 12 
(VP); Longmeadow Big Y-l 1,12; JCC 
Summer Day Camp- 1 1 (Volunteer); 
Yearbook- 12; AFS- 12; NHS- 12; 
Quote- "The holy passion of friendship 
is so sweet and steady and loyal and 
enduring a nature that it will last through 
a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend 
money."- Mark Twain 

Micaela Tuohey 

70 Dover Rd.- Kala, Mickey, Kales, 
Snooey, Bails. Chorus- 9,10,11; Key 
Club- 9,10; SADD- 9,10; Intramural 
Sports- 10,11; Environmental Club- 10; 
LNC-11,12; Friendly's- 11,12; Quote- 
"Life is preparation for the future and 
the best preparation for the future is to 
live as if there were none."- Elbert 

r m*- 


Rebecca Underwood 

48 York Dr.- Becky, Beaker, Becks, 
Underwear. Softball- 9,10; Key Club- 
9; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; 
Senior Slide Show; Friendly's- 1 1,12; 
Quote- "When I was younger, I never 
thought my tears would turn into 
laughter. But I've come to realize when 
I look back on my laughter, it will turn 
into tears." 

Mark Vezzola 

96 Riverview Ave.- Vizzy, Vizz, Pops, 
Mr.Vizz, Gespacho, MARKIE-MARK. 
Key Club- 10; NHS- 11,12; Business 
Club- 12; Intramural Football- 12; 
Landscaping- 10,11,12; Baystate 
Medical Center(Student Ambassador); 
Jewish Nursing Home- 12; Intramural 
Volleyball- 12; Quote- "Look at the 
Swiss! They have been at peace for 
centuries, and what have they produced? 
The cucko clock!"- Winston Churchill. 

Eric Van Tassel 

44 Cherry Lane. Football- 9,10,1 1; 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; Hockey- 
10,1 1,12; Belmont Laundry- 9; Town of 
Longmeadow- 10; Burke Beverage- 11. 

Elizabeth Walat 

84 Englewood Rd.- Liz. Jet Jotter- 
Impressions- 10,11 (Literary 
Ed.),12(Managing Ed.); NHS- 11,12; 
Math Team- 10,1 1,12; Science League- 
10,1 1,12; International Club- 10,11,12; 
Concert Band- 9,10; Wind Ensemble- 
1 1,12; As School Match Wits- 11,12; 
Basketball- 9. 

Brendan Walsh 

161 Bel- Air Dr.- Zeus, Dr. Death, Dirty 
Hessian, Snuffles, The Beastmaster, 
Stormshadow. Rough Draft- 9,12; 
PULL/New Directions -9; 7-Mustafa7- 
10; Quote- "I live to suck each day dry 
of everything it has to offer. I live in 
constant contradiction to my beliefs. I 
live everyday." - Ethan Fowler 




Peter Walsh 

160 Ellington Rd. School-9,10,11,12; 
Quote- "It's our turn now I hope we're 
forgiven. Chalk it up to knowledge and 
change of life itself."- Blues Traveler. 

Christopher Ward 

84 Twin Hills Drive- Chris. NHS- 
11,12; Jack Squat- 9,10,11,12; Mike 
Adam' s Fan Club- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; In case of 
emergency- 9,11; Quote- "Would you 
join me for a little refreshment?"- Lando 

Joshua Warren 

124 Chalmers St., Springfield- Josh, 
Wheels, Woronoco, Lorenzo, Doogie, J- 
Dogg. Basketball- 9,10,1 1,1 2(JV Capt.); 
Football- 9; TFL-10,11,12; Young 
Democrats- 1 1 ; Springfield Leader- 
10,11,12; Ultimate Frisbee- 10,11, 12; 
Senior Lounge Painting; Quote- "Look 
out for number one, but don't step in 
number two." Rodney Dangerfield 

fee\Mke erltlel 
\ng anyone, jut 
remember thi. 
aWthe people \ 
th\e> wor\ 

haven thadth 
adva nX,a<% e 
that-youve ha 
- F . 3 c o t 

Great Gateto" 

Jay Warwick 

59 Sunset Ln.- Warner, Wardick, Fatty, 
Fat, Butch, Blow-pop lady, Ween, 
Wrener, Boofa, Soulmate. SADD- 
11,12; Soccer- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Hockey- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Baseball- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Bear Club- 10,11,12; 
BML- 11,12; BBB-1 1,12; Daisy Weeds 
(Cheerleader); 10:34- 10,11,12; LDD- 
10,1 1,12; Student Council- 9,10,1 1,12; 
HLB Club- 9,10,11,12; Quote- "I don't 
feel guitly therefore I'm not guilty." 
Late Night Crew 

William Weare 

40 Circle Rd.- Bill, Billy, Willie the 
Weasel, Willie Wack, Will the Thrill, 
Punkin, Koko. TFL- 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Intramural Basketball- 9,10,11,12 
(MVP); Late Night Crew- 1 l,12(Pres.); 
Basketball-9; Armata's- ll,12(stock 
boy); Meadows Discovery Team- 12 
(outsider); Fishing- 1 1,12; Daisy Weeds 

x 42 >.S eni o r js_ 

Kimberly Weeks 

204 Shaker Rd.- Kim, Kimmy, Kimber, 
Kims, Weeks, KANT. Soccer- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Capt.); Swimming- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.), Class Council- 
9,10,1 l,12(Sec.), NHS- 12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Quote- "So 
of cheerfulness, or a good temper, the 
more it is spent, the more it remains."- 
Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Katherine Weiss 

169 Wenonah Rd.- Katy, Kate, Kates, 
Katy-with-a-y, Yeldaky. Jet Jotter- 
9,10,1 l(Prod. Mgr.),12(Managing Ed.); 
Impressions- 10,1 l(Assis. Art 
Ed.),12(Managing Ed.); Yearbook- 11,12; 
Chorus- 9,10; Lyrics- 11,12; Science 
League- 9,10,1 1,12; Student Council- 
9,10; Peer education 9; NHS- 11,12; 
Drama Club- 9; Intramural Volleyball- 
9,10,1 1,12; Intramural Frisbee- 10; Daisy 
Weeds; Pep Band- 11; France- 10; 
TMMC- 11,12; Quote- "Courage is 
resistance to fear, mastery to fear-not 
absence of fear."- Mark Twain 

Jennifer Whalon 

30 Bennington St., Springfield- Jen, 
Jenny, Z, Cat, Padshades. Key Club- 
9,10,11,12; Impressions- 9,10,11,12; 
Karate- 9,10,12; Chorus- 9,10,11; 
Track- 10; Daisy Weeds; Early Ed. 
Internship- 12; Amnesty International - 
12; Quote- "Pull in your horizon like a 
great fish net. Pull it from around the 
waist of the world and drape it over your 
shoulder. So much of life in its meshes! 
Call in your soul to come and see." 

Adam Williams 

62 Prospect Hills Dr.- Rough Draft- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(editor); Amnesty Interna- 
tional- 11,12; International Club- 10; Jet 
Jotter- 10,11,12; Baseball- 9; Cross 
Country- 12; Impressions- 9,10; 
Intramural Frisbee- 10,1 1,12; Quote- 
"Children, I've gotten word that 
someone on this bus is using their 
imagination, and I've come to put a stop 
to it."- Principal Skinner. 

Melissa Williams 

1 19 Edgewood Ave.- Missy, noopy, Ms. 
Williams, Meaus, Pebbles, Joe, Lucy, 
Little Britches,Light weight. Basket- 
ball- 9; Field Hockey- 9,10,1 1,1 2(Capt. 
11,12); Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12; Intramural 
Volleyball- 11,12; Variety Show.Senior 
Class Play; Regge-MA- 11,12, Daisy 
Weeds, AFS, Ski Club, Chorus- 9,10; 
Quote- "Love is the lump in your throat 
when you say good-bye." 

Kyle Willoughby 

49 Lawnwood Ave.- Willo, Shockman. 
Concert Band- 9,10,11,12; Pep Band- 
9,10,11,12; Wrestling- 9,10; Quote- 
"Yes ma'am!", "Yes sir!" and "You're 
just jealous." 

.JStemicffisX 43 

Mike Wilson 

217 Inverness Lane- Willy. NHS- 
11,12; Ski Club- 10,11,12; Intramural 
Basketball- 11,12; Soccer- 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Lacrosse- 9,11; 
Basketball- 9; Granville Exploration 
Club-12; Daisy Weeds (Cheerleader); 
Quote- "As he saw his life run away 
from him, thousands ran along, chanting 
words from a song."- The Curtains 

Darcy S. Winer 

64 Viscount Rd.- Darcy, Dare, 
Darcerelio, Dart. Lyrics- 10,11,12; I 
Cantori- 11,12; Basketball- 9,10(JV 
Capt.), 11 (stats); Softball- 
9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2(Capt. ), Music Club- 
1 l,12(Co-Founder), Key Club- 12; 
NHS- 12; Intramural Volleyball- 11,12; 
Daisy Weeds; Yearbook- 9; Variety 
Show- 1 1,12; Sr. Class Play; Chamber 
Music Concert- 9,10,11,12; Interlochen- 
12; Sr. District- 10,11,12; All-State- 
10,1 1,1 2;Quote- "God knows, your life 
is not a permanent record." 

Wendy Winn 

56 Bellevue Ave.- Wends, Wendilyn, 
Doodlebug, W A 2. Cheerleading- 
9,10,1 1,1 2(alt. Captain); Dance- 
9,10,11; Yearbook- 9; Key Club- 10; 
Boston Market- 10,11; Friendly' s- 12; 
Daisy Weeds; Quote- "In three words I 
can sum up everything I've learned 
about life. It goes on."- Robert Frost. 

Pamela Wissig 

22 Brainard Rd., Wilbraham- Pam, 
Pammy, Wis. Student Council- 
9,10,11,12; Key Club- 10,11,12; Piano- 
9,10,1 1,12; Chorus- 11; NHS- 12; 
Drama Club- 9; Merely Players- 9,10; 
Senior Class Play; Peer-Education- 9; 
CTK Youth group- 9,10; Daisy Weeds; 
TFL- 12; Internship- 11; Lifeguard- 
9,10,11,12; W.S.I.- 11,12; Aerobic 
Instructor- 11,12; Quote- "Hope to live; 
hope to learn; hope to love; hope to be 
forgiven." -Mission. Murmors. 

Jon-Cody Wood 

1562 Longmeadow St. 

M? Seniors 

Sing Sing Wu 

154 Lawrence Dr.- Sing, Wu, Sing a 
Song, Slam, Wu-Tang, Woohoo. Girls 
Chorus- 9; Concert Chorus- 10; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Key Club- 
9,10; SAD- 9,10,11,12; AFS- 12; Track- 
10,11,12; Cross Country- ll,12(Capt.); 
NHS- 12; Class Council- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Quote- "Try to set the night on fire."- 
The Doors. 

Helen Yearwood 

285 Hopkins PL- Yardwood, The Flying 
Watermelon. Cross Country- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 
12(Capt. 11,12); Track- 9,10,1 1,12 
(Capt.); Key Club- 10,11,12; Yearbook- 
11; AFS- 10; Mt. Tom- 9,10,11,12; 
Jewish Nursing Home- 9,10,1 1,12; 
Internship- 12; Quote- "Our doubts are 
traitors and make us lose the good we 
often might win by fearing to attempt."- 
William Shakespeare. 

Daniel Young 

266 Ardsley Rd. Quote- "Today for 
show and tell, I've brought a tiny marvel 
of nature: a single snowflake. I think we 
might all learn a lesson from how this 
utterly unique and exquisite crystal turns 
into an ordinary boring molecule of 
water just like every other one, when 
you bring it in the classroom." - Calvin 
& Hobbes. 

Seth Zimring 

32 Overbrook Ln.- Seeth, Z. Soccer- 
9,10,1 1,12; Wrestling- 9,10,1 1,12 
(Capt.); Track- 9,10,ll,12(Capt.); Key 
Club- 11,12; Quote- "Question Reality, 
Cherish Existance." 

Keith Zive 

8 Avondale Rd.- Zive, Ziver, Zivee. 
NHS- 11,12; Business Club- 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
Samson AZA- 9,10; B.S.T.T.C.- 
10,11,12; Baseball- 9; Bliss Pharmacy- 
10,1 1,12; Quote- "Heroes are never 
forgotten, but lengends never die."- 

Sibilla Zak 

16 Higgins St.,Springfield- ZAK, Sibs, 
Sib. Track-9,10; Ultimate Frisbee- 
11,12; Volunteer work(hospital)- 
9,10,1 1,12; Internship-11;AFS-1 1,12; 
Science League- 12; JCC Daycamp- 
11,12; Spain Trip- 10; Ski Club- 11,12; 
NHS- 12; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class 
Play; Quote- "I'm not confused, I'm just 
well mixed."- Robert Frost. 

Catherine Zollman 

72 Green Hill Rd.- Cathy, Cath, Cat, 
Cather. AFS- 10,1 l(Treas.),12(Co- 
Pres.); Art Club- 11,12; Key Club- 9; 
French Club- 1 l,12(Trip Organization); 
Internship(Physical Therapy)- 12; 
Inrtamural Frisbee- 11,12; Daisy Weeds, 
NHS- 12; Senior Class Play; France 
Trip- 12; Quote- "Don't walk in front of 
me; I may not follow. Don't walk 
behind me; I may not lead. Just walk 
beside me and be my friend!" 


;,.«(« MUM* 



A Time To., 
Be Alive! 



Jennifer Ackley 

Lyndsay Adams 

Sheldon Adlakha 

Scott Aigen 

Joshua Allen 

Kaitlin Anderson 

Jeffrey Anzalotti 

Melissa Ascher 

Amanda Baldwin 

Caryn Barowsky 

Meredith Baxter 

Audrey Bell 

Alissa Bennett 

Michael Berger 

Daniel Blakesley 

Richard Blanchard 

43 > Juniors 

Juniors Lyndsay 
Adams, Jill Cerasa, 
Leigh Fernald, Erini 
Williams, and 

McDonough take 
time out from 
dancing to pose for 
the camara. 

a m 

Juniors Josh Linson, 
Abe Libbos, and Eric 
Turnberg warm up 
on the heater before 
class (right). 

JuniorsEric Merrill and 
Geoff Sakellis smile 
before class (left). 

Robert Blinn 
Bryan Boucher 
Brian Brenerman 
Tiffany Brinkmann 
Michelle Brodeur 

Jeffrey Brown 
Kyler Brown 
Christine Burke 
Evan Buscemi 
Nicole Calandra 

Claudio Cardaropoli 
Amy Carlson 
Lisa Cassista 
Jill Cerasa 
Michael Chalero 

Steven Chandler 
Adam Chasen 
Hilary Chaudhuri 
Matthew Chelli 
Jeremy Cheng 

Jason Chircop 
Sara Coady 
John Conboy 
Gina Conti 
William Cocoran 

Juniors <^49 

David Costello 

Christoper Couchon 

Melissa Crandall 

Matthew Creeger 

Patricia Cullinan 

Michelle Curnrnings 

Sarah Dambrov 

Andrew Davis 

Enrico De Maio 

Danielle Diaz 

Andrew Diruzza 

Jamie Donoghue 

Marina Dubinchik 

Cort Duda 

Nicole Duquette 

Keller Eaton 

Sean Egan 

Timothy Egan 

Jodi Feldman 

David Fentin 

Leigh Fernald 

Jeanine Fijol 

50 y Juniors 

Abe Libbos plays around with the keyboard 
before class (above). 

Juniors Rebecca Lepow, Laurie Kelleher, and 
Tessa Hayes meet after school at their lockers. 

Mike Mayock, Jason Chircop, Stacy Provencher, Melissa 
Crandall, and Jodi Feldman discuss their plans for after school 
in the student parking lot. 

Friends Nadia Mujalli and 
Hilary Chaudhuri walk down 
the pool hallway on their way 
to gym. 

Robert Fijol 
Timothy Foley 
Sarah Garb 
Ryan Gaudreau 
Joshua Gebeau 

Christopher George 
Joshua Gerard 
Jus Crea Giarnrnarino 
Hagit Gilad 
Eric Gold 

Benjamin Goldberg 
Isreal Gordon 
Stephanie Gordon 
Vladislav Gotlib 
Michael Grant 

Jason Grodsky 
Lauren Gruet 

Matthew Gurzenski 
Kimberly Haberlin 

Patricia Hampf 
Todd Hargreaves 

Juniors <51 


Adam Harlow 

Benjamin Harwood 

Peter Hatch 

Alicia Hayes 

Tessa Hayes 

Erika Hess 

Christian Hinshaw 

Robert Hollister 

Andrew Holmquist 

Shira Hurt 

Lena Jackson 
Joan Jewett 

Ian Johnston 
Richard Jordan 

Christina Kalashian 

Rebecca Katsh 

Laurie Kelleher 

Scott Kellman 

Mary Kennedy 

Scott Kenedy 

Mary Kenney 

Lavanya Kilaru 

Edward Kimball 

Heather King 

52 > Juniors 

Keith Kirstein 
Kerry Koerner 
Jeffrey Kowarsky 
Kelly Kuhn 

Shelly Lavin 
Jared Leavitt 
Timothy Leduc 
Albert Lee 

Senior Makiko Fukazawa and 
juniors Alicia Hayes, Amy 
Carlson, Sarah Garb, Tessa 
Hayes, and Laurie Kelleher relax 
in the cafeteria during a free 

Adam Leiter 
Michael Leone 
Rebecca Lepow 
Laurie Lerner 
Eartha Leverett 

Zoya Leyderer 
Abraham Libbos 
Joshua Linson 
David Loonie 
Abigail Lusardi 

Joanna Malinowski 
Dante Manna 
Moises Marshall 
Michael Mayock 
Matthew McCarthy 

Juniors 053 

Junior Shira Hutt and sophomore Jessica 
Wypasck look over the new Jet Jotter issue 
outside of the cafeteria. 

Jack McCarthy 
Maureen McDonough 

Timothy McKeon 
Leandro Mercurio 

Eric Merrill 
Jared Meyers 

Jeremy Michael 

Samantha Michalik 

Kathleen Midura 

Daniel Mikesh 

Jacinda Miller 

David Moran 

David-Paul Morin 

Ryan Morin 

Nicole Moseley 

Jeffrey Moulton 

Nadia Mujalli 

Thu Nguyen 

Andrew Nowicki 

Larry Nuger 

Joseph O'Brien 

54 ^> Juniors 

A group of juniors scan 
the Jet Jotter for inter- 
esting articles (left). 

Joan Jewett rests on 
her car waiting to go 
home for the day 

Margaret O'Brien 
William O'Malley 
Rebecca Ochs 
Kristy Olko 
Jaime Panaia 

Evi Papazoglou 
Sarah Paysnick 
Constance Pelletier 
Shana Perrin 
Amy Peters 

Paul Phillips 
Marc Piccuirro 
Jeffrey Plotkin 
Amy Polverini 
Nathan Portier 

Sarah Coady, Alicia 


Hayes, Beth Sprenkle, 

■ ' ' H 

Kaithn Anderson, and 


Roxanne Stahl per- 

form for their English 

^B^SKii ' ^PBfc^B 

bHL, v ^^^M^-A 

class (left). 

B *^^Bk- 

\ 1 

Lavanya Kilaru and 

■ ^ V 

■ T V 


Michael Berger arrive 

mw<i[ s 

v - . /C 

for a class in the Open 


Space (right). 

'' 1l^— 

Juniors <^55 

Friends Amy Carslon and Adrienne 
Swiatocha enjoy their frozen Hot-Choco- 
lates an a weekend vacation during the fall. 

Erik Preston 
Stacy Provencher 

Jennifer Pula 
Joshua Randall 

Peter Rasmussen 

Dev Ray 

Karen Rencus 

Jana Roberts 

Patrick Roche 

Albert Rodriguez 

Darin Romanko 

Jason Rome 

Robert Ronen 

Lewis Roy 

Jill Rushbrook 

Timothy Ryan 

Geoffrey Sakellis 

Matthew Schill 

Susanne Schubert 

James Schultz 

56 > Juniors 

Juniors Patricia Cullinan and Alicia Hayes 
prepare for a class in the open space. 

Erin Williams and Abbie Lusardi study for an upcoming test in 
the orange hallway. 

Juniors Susanne Schubert and 
Sara Coady read through the 
cards sent to the high school 
by the Center School students. 

Brian Shapiro 
Jason Shapiro 

Rebecca Shore- 
Elana Selby 

Anthony Siciliano 
Paul Siciliano 
Benjamin Sidney 
Andrea Slachta 
Edward Smith 

Jason Smith 
Aura Spivak 
Elizabeth Sprenkle 
Roxanne Stahl 
Rachel Steiner 

Lindsay Steingart 
Cynthia Sullivan 
Adrienne Swiatocha 
David Swiderski 
Jennifer Territo 

Mario Teta 
Kimberly Threlfall 
Brian Toole 

Juniors <_57 

Erik Turnberg 

Karen Van Gaasbeck 

Jessica Weare 

Jason Weiner 

Michael Weiselberg 

Elizabeth White 

Jennet White 

Jessica White 

Michael White 

Erinn Williams 

Nichole Wilson 

Jennifer Wolmer 


Luke Youmell 

Bethany Young 

James Young 
Katharine Zettl 

Matthew Zick 
Michael Zwirko 


Brentan Debysingh 
Michael Heroux 
Ruddy Sebban 

A group of Science Club members await thier next event 

58 > Juniors 

Mr. Santos helps junior Shelly Lavin, senior 
Debbie Chang, andjunior Israel Gordan work 
on a project. 


k I 



ii i 

H 1 


L v 

». . Jj 


•- ■■» 


s A 


Juniors < 59 


Benjamin Abbate 

Richard Agnew 

Angela Agnoli 

Salina Amenta 

Chandra Anctil 

Charles Auth 

Richard Baker 

James Balise 

Amanda Baldwin 

Leah Barr 

Eric Bascom 

Laura Basdekis 

Devon Bausch 

Tristina Beale 

Raymond Beattie 

Maria Bienkowski 

The Sophomore Lock- 
In was a great way for 
Colin Moynihan,Rachel 
Shelasky, and Oni 
Matulewicz to unwind 
and have fun. 

60 y Sophomores 

Laura Stewart and Rachel 
Schelasky smile for the cam- 

Jeffery Blair 
Kristine Blinn 
Jeremy Block 
Tiffany Blonder 
Arianne Boyajian 

Natanya Braun 
Jonathan Brin 
Jacyln Brittman 
Erica Brody 
Katie Brookmeyer 

Adam Brown 
Ryan Buckert 

Michael Burton 
Rose Calucchia 

Andrew Camp 
Stephen Cantin 

Suzanne Carrazza 
Joshua Carter 

Sophomores \ Q\ 

Edward Chang 

Rebecca Chernock 

Lawrence Chiang 

Meghan Chiusano 

Moira Chiusano 

Rebecca Cohen-Shrage 

John Collins 

Scott Colton 

Ambria Cone 

Eric Cowen 

Sophomores Lauren Urbschat and Liz Dibble work together in Latin Noah Kolodziejski chills out in the band room before class, 

Ciana Cromer 

Julie Dabbs 

Signe Dahlquist 

Kathleen Danahey 

Denise Dasilva 

Niyati Desai 

Heather Devine 

Elizabeth Dibble 

Boris Dizik 

Mark Doyle 

62 y Sophomores 

Denise Dasilva, Sa- 
rah Kiely, Ban 
Snieder, Rachel Polep, 
and Lindsay Porter 
wait for a ride home 
after school (left). 

Sophomore Nick 
Mandrus watches his 
ride as it pulls into the 
horseshoe (right). 

Timothey Dubay 
Bridget Dullea 
John Duncan 
Lisa Dunn 
Anne Dupre 

Kristina Dybdahl 
Aiesha Eastling 
Isabelle Eiff 
Randi Elman 
Jessica Farmer 

Imran Faruqi 
Nicole Fishbein 
Annette Fournier 
Marie Francis 
Sarah Freedberg 

Evelyn Orenstein, Jen 
Kuhr, Dana Landis, 
Ben Abbate, Swaroop 
Samant, Rebecca 
Letendre, and Julia 
Rousse perform for 
thier friends at the 
Sophomore Lock-In 

Mike Burton visits his 
locker during passing 
period (right). 

Sophomores \ &5 

Taroy Freeman 

Daniel Friedman 

Katharine Garvey 

Daniel Gebo 

David Gerstein 

Erin Ginley 
Joseph Glushien 
Adam Godding 
Sarah Gowtham 
Amichai Greene 

Swaroop Samant and Rose Calucchia boogie down at the first dance A group of sophomores dance the night away at the Sophomore 
of the year. Lock-In. 

Eli Greiner 

Amie Guerra 

Kimberly Haflich 

Leah Halsey 

Jennifer Hamlin 

Deanna Hanson 
Richard Harbison 

Kathleen Heaps 
Kathryn Hennessy 
David Herzenberg 

QA)> Sophomores 

Brendan Hogan 
Eli Holguin 
Michael Hubbard 
Alison Hyde 
Jocelyn Isenburg 

Ryan Jennings 
Christopher Johnson 
Lauren Joyce 
Matthew Judd 
Michael Kabell 

Sassie Freedberg and Jocelyn Isenberg show their 
team spirit by wearing their unifoms and writing on 
their faces (right). 

Sophomores Jon Soja, Mike Burton, and Chandra 
Anctil pose for the camera during a dance (below). 

Michael Karpman 
Lindsay Kata 
Lauren Katz 
Sean Keane 
Christopher Keiter 

Elizabeth Kelleher 
Brian Kennedy 
Erin Kent 
Sarah Kiely 
Matthew Kleiner 

Sophomores <jS5 

Eric Kloster 

Anthony Kolb 

Noah Kolodziejski 

Angela Korchevskaya 

Adam Kramer 

Gregory Krill 

Jennifer Kuhr 

Justine Kurland 

Lia Lafreniere 

Suzanne Lak 

Dana Landis 

Meghan Lappin 

Andrea Larson 

Sydney Leavens 

Adriane Lee 

Timothy Leonard 

Rebecca Letendre 

Robert Libfeld 

Jennifer Lippert 

Jason Long 


Sophomores Jenn Kuhr, Susie Carrazza, Cassie Marantz, Kristen 
Washington, Lauren Urbschat, and Liz Dibble discuss an 
interesting topic during a study hall. 

Samantha Prestia relaxes during gym class. 

66 / Sophomores 

Jill Lowery 
Jessica Lucia 
Rebecca Lucia 
Serge Luzhanskiy 
Jason MacDonald 

Robert MacDonald 
Rachel Mandell 
Nicholas Mandrus 
Catherine Marantz 
David Martens 

Meghan Martin 
Colleen Matthews 
Oni Matulewicz 
Isaac Maxmen 
Edward McDonough 

Margaret McKenna 
Ryan McMahon 

Rebekah Mekler 
Katherine Mikesh 

Aleksandra Milshteyn 
Shatic Mitchell 

Sophomores \ 67 

Joseph Moore 

Colin Moynihan 

Julianne Niedzwiecki 

Bridget O'Connor 

Patrick O'Hara 

Michael O' Malley 

Evelyn Orenstein 

Matthew Papaluca 

Jillian Passo 

David Patterson 

David Paysnick 

Aaron Peskin 

Elizabeth Picknally 

Rachel Polep 

Dara Pollak 

Lindsay Porter 

Samantha Prestia 

Andrew Provencher 

Kathryn Rafferty 

Emily Randall 

Alison Ratner 

Andrew Reiter 

68 / Sophomores 

Friends Swaroop Samant and Kim 
Haflich walk to their car after a rough 
day of school (right). 


Sophomores like 
Meredith Winer take 
Silk Screening for an 
art class (left). 

TalisaRush eats break- 
fast in the cafeteria be- 
fore school (right). 

Rebecca Rhee 
Bryan Richton 
Jason Rickless 
Andrea Rinaldi 
Christina Rinaldi 

David Robert 
Jennifer Roberts 
Daniel Rothschild 
Julia Rousse 
Talisa Rush 

Benjamin Russell 
Swaroop Samant 
Gary Scheer 
Michael Schwerin 
James Scliopou 

Jill Lowery, Rose 
Calluchia, and Lauren 
Urbschat work in the 
auditorium during a 
study block (left). 

Sophomores Bridget 
Dullea and Adam 
Kramer get close at the 
Sophomore Lock-In 

Sophomores \ <59 

Evan Scott 

Joshua Shapiro 

Kenneth Sheffield 

Rachel Shelasky 

Shaina Shusterman 

Vadim Shvakhman 

James Smith 

Bari Snieder 

Jonathan Soja 

Alan Stambovsky 

Andrew Starr 

Jessica Steinman 

Laura Stewart 

Stephen Stierer 

Karrie Strempel 

Emily Sturgis 

Matthew Szlachetka 
Heather Tariff 
Jason Thomas 

Another LHS student 
proves that students are 
overworked and under- 
rested (right). 

Evelyn Orenstein tries to squeeze 
her gym clothes into her minute 
locker at the end of gym class. 

10 y Sophomorea 

Sophomores Katie 
Hennessy and Jessica 
Wypasek work in the 
cafeteria (above). 

Lyndsey Thomas 
Christopher Thompson 
Ryan Thompson 
Eric Tjonahen 
Magraret Townsend 

Elward Tyrell 
Lauren Urbschat 
Erica Vander Leeden 
Caitlin Wagner 
Heather Warwick 

Michael Waryasz 
Kristen Washington 

Cassie Marantz, 

Meghan Martin, and 

Susie Carrazza pack up 

after class (left). 

Aixa Weekes 
Jennifer Weeks 
Susan Wegiel 
Margaret Wenig 
Brian Wezowicz 

Jaime White 
Candace Willett 
John Williams 
Rebecca Williamson 
Ryan Willoughby 

Sophomores \ 71 

Amy Wilson 

Meredith Winer 

Sara Wolf 

Clayton Wood 

Jesse Wood 

Shakira Wray 
Jessica Wypasek 

Deanna Yeager 
Anna Yearwood 

Anne Yereniuk 

Eli Zimmer 
Mark Zimring 


Stephanie Angelides 
Jason Chernock 
Jason Ha 
Erin Hanson 
Seth Hirsch 
Darcy Sanderson 
Joseph Vivenzio 

Sophomore Rebecca 
Letendre stands on the 
table and poses for the 
camera during the Sopho- 
more Lock-In (below). 

Susie Carrazza, Laura 
Stewart, Jess Lucia, and 
Rachel Shelasky meet out- 
side the school before going 
home for the day (above). 

Friends Mike O'Mally and 
David Patterson enjoy the 
night of the Sophomore 
Lock-In (left). 

72 y Sophomores 


Sophomores \ 7Z> 


Ryan Ackley 

Douglas Adams 

Kolajo Afolabi 

Consiglia Albano 

Catherine Allen 

Dwayne Anderson 

Scott Arndt 

Jason Axler 

Julie Bailey 

Garrett Baldwin 

Dawn Bare 

Keith Bartolomei 

Paul Basile 

Gene Bederak 

Meredith Belmont 

Craigen Bement 

Freshmen Sarah 
O'Brien, Mary 
Reynolds, Becky 
Couchon, Jenilee 
Blair, and Rachel 
Shnider smile for a 
picture at a school 

74 > Freshmen 

Mike Stevens waits for Algebra to 

Ashley Bercume 
Deborah Bernstein 
Lindsay Bibeau 
Christine Blackburn 
Jenilee Blair 

Justin Blair 
Brian Blakesley 
Matthew Blansett 
Jennifer BUesener 
Ellen Bogdanowicz 

Moyah Wilson and Robyn 
Weinstein talk before their 
biology class (right). 

Becky Siclari and Christine 
Coady meet in the hall during 
passing period to chat (right). 

Freshman Jason Skypeck leaves 
his computer and returns to his 
desk(far left). 

Danielle Bousquet 
Ashley Braden 
Shannon Bradley 
Robert Brawders 
Allison Brigham 

Tyler Brinkmann 
Matthew Browne 
Brittany Burger 
Laura Bussolari 
William Butcher 

Freshmen <( 75 

Jeremy Cameron 
Sheena Carney 

Victoria Cathrew 

Samuel Chang 

Robert Chew 

Christine Coady 

Miriam Cohen 

David Colegrove 

Christopher Collins 

Patrick Collins 

Jason Cooper 
Amanda Corbert 

Evan Corn 
Rebecca Couchon 

Alice Crandall 

Nicole Crenshaw 

Carl Cromer 

Seamus Cullinan 

Matthew Cummings 

Rachel Cummings 

Colleen Danahey 

Steven Darling 

Michael Davidow 

Yolanda De Maio 

76 ^> Freshmen 

Michael De-Marco 
John Demase 
Brian Denehy 
Timothy Derosier 
Adam Diamond 

Robert Douglas 
Jamey Duncan 
Patrick Egan 
Laila Elguindi 
Charles Emma 

Marc Emond 
Brett Fagin 

Damien Fahey 
Heather Falkoff 

John Demase shows off his 
individualsim through his 
crazy hat. 

Allyson Ferrel 
Giovanna Ferrentino 
Rachel Finer 
Heather Fitts 
Kristen Fitts 

Justin Fiveson 
Ian Forgey 
Lauren Frank 
John Friberg 
Jonathan Friedman 

Freshmen \ T7 ^> 

Jonathan Galaska 

Kathryn Gallagher 

Eli Gerard 

Garret Gervais 

Nicholas Ghansah 

Carla Goldman 

Jennifer Gordon 

Michael Gorfin 

Scott Griggs 

Alexander Grodd 

Freshmen Meaghan McCormick and Amy Martin have just 
finished another day of school. 

Dayle Gruet 

Ryan Haddad 

Courtney Hall 

Philip Hallahan 

Robert Hampf 

Abigail Hansen 

Matthew Harrison 

Rikiya Hashino 

Aizza Hassan 

Mari Hess 

Andrea Marangoudakis cheerfully greets the camera. 

75 > Freshmen 


Mike Overson, 
Mike Russo, 
Cliff Purdy, 
and Joe Sarage 
goof off at the 
dance (left). 

Joe Kellogg is 
confused by his 
comment (right). I 

Jess Hill 

Sara Hirschhorn 
Alexandra Holden 
Nicole Holguin 
Courtney Hollister 

Katti Hollister 
Lindsey Hollister 
Daniel Holt 
David Howland 
Marc Irving 

Daniel Isaacson 
Hannah Jackson 
Kristy Jennings 
Megan Jewett 
Brian Johnston 

Freshmen <T 79 

Tiffany Jones 

Mayer Kahan 

Abigail Kalicka 

Joseph Kellogg 

Matthew King 

David Kucharczyk 

Jessica Lapointe 

Kevin LaRoche 

Katherine Lavo 

Jared Leaderman 

Kara Leavitt 

Adam Lee 

Jay Levine 

Stephanie Lin 

Sabrina Lo 

Jaclyn Loizzo 

Lauren Luciano 

David Luftman 

Nicholas Lyons 

Matthew MacDonald 

Bridget Yearwood greets the camera with a smile (above). 

80 y Freshmen 

Phil Halihan looks down 
the hallway for his friends 

Students always enjoy the 
fall days when it is warm 
enough to wait outside for 
their parents (below). 

Sabrina Lo and Jen Bliesner 
relax in the orange hallway 
while waiting for the bell 
to ring(above). 

Freshmen Stephanie Smith, 
Kelli Threlfall, Loraine Luciano, 
and Jeannette Portier gather out- 
side on a fall day to wait for their 
rides (below). 

\ u, 

iff'- ' 

Jennifer Mack 
Andrea Marangoudakis 
Justin Marti 
Amy Martin 
Ashley Mazur 

Candace McCarthy 
Michael McCarthy 
Meaghan McCormick 
Amanda McDermott 
Michael McGarry 

Erin Meyers 
Katherine Michael 
Jeffrey Moran 
Thomas Moran 
Peter Morse 

Lawrence Mortensen 
Russell Nadler 

Ken Nakanishi 
Bradford Niedel 

Kimberly Nison 
Ryan Noonan 

Freshmen <f#1 

Sarah O'Brien 
Daniel O'Malley 

Julie Ochs 
Michael Omartian 

Brian Orr 

Christopher Osgood 

Renee Osofsky 

Michael Overson 

Heather Pearson 

Colin Pekruhn 

Christopher Pelosi 

Derek Perry 

Alexandra Peters 

Mindy Peters 

Thomas Phelps 

Jeannette Portier 

Scott Primack 

Clifford Purdy 

Jeffrey Rappaport 

Jason Resnick 

Freshman Lindsay Bibeau re- 
turns to her locker after a long 
day of school, glad to be go- 
ing home. 

Jeanette Portier chats with a friend, 
making decisions about their plans for 
after school. 

52 y Freshmen 

Mary Reynolds 
Sarah Riga 
Cara Roberge 
Ari Robinson 
Jennifer Rome 

Stephanie Ross 
Amanda Rubin 
Michael Russo 
Camille Salon 
Adam Sandler 

Amanda McDermott works on 
her homework during a study 
block (far left). 

Many freshmen get stopped 
in the distant orange hallway 
before classes (left). 

Joseph Sarage 
Steven Schaier 
Amy Scheer 
Jeffrey Schneider 
Patrick Scully 

Omari Sellers 
Tiffany Shapiro 
Brian Sherman 
Rachel Shnider 
Rebecca Siclari 

Freshmen \ &Z> 

Rebecca Silverman 
Christian Sinclair 

Leonid Skalinsky 
Jennifer Skowera 

Jason Skypeck 
Becky Smith 

Stephanie Smith 
James Soar 

Pia Solomon 
Ursula Stahl 

Michael Stevens 

James Sullivan 

Ya Wen Sung 

Sarah Swiconek 
Adam Szafran 

Freshmen Abby Kalicka and 
Kara Leavitt pass each other 
on the stairs after school. 

34 y Freshmen 


Julie Baily and 
Kristy Jennings 
decide how they 
will get home after 
school (left). 

Kolajo Afolabi 
shows the camera 
one of his prettiest 
faces (right). 

Adam Therrien 
Kelli Threlfall 
Laura Tindall 
Leah Tivoli 

John Toner 
Justin Tourtelotte 
James Toye 
Scott Turnberg 

JiUian Varley 
Krista Vassallo 
Anna Viviano 
Emily Walsh 

squared... Friends 
Lindsay Bibeau 
and Lindsay 
Weisser smile for 
the camera. (left). 

Freshmen Rob 
Douglas and Bill 
Butcher show off 
their stylish new 
trends (right). 

Holly Weiss 

Ian Weiss 

Lindsey Weisser 

Stephanie Wezowicz 

Robert White 

Lorena Williams 

Morgan Willoughby 

Moyah Wilson 

Michael Wiseman 

Samantha Wolman 

Andrew Yao 

Bridget Yearwood 

Mary Youmell 

Stuart Young 

Elizabeth Zick 


Jaime Axenroth 
Courtney Fitzgerald 
Mikhaila Goldman 
Sarah Greendale 
Adam Gurzenski 
Charles Meeske 

Carla Goldman and Jess Hill relax during 
the last few minutes of Algerbra class 

Freshmen Nicole Holguin, 
Becky Smith, and Amy Martin 
reconvene afterschool in the 
orange hallway (right). 

8>6 y Freshmen 






v M 


' J 



Mm t 





W i 


■ :,.!&:*•!.>; 


Freshmen \&7 

1 * ^=^=a»flfc= 

Ti, ' ^~£\ — — 

4r d^jj 



A Time To... 

Run Around 










I I 


"A good cliche to describe our season would be that we were eo cloze, yet 50 far away. I think it's sad that our record 
doesn't accurately reflect our abilities," replied John F3etzold, co-captain of the Varsity football team. Setzold was an 
All-League Award winner for offensive play, along with fellow captain Gary F3erte, and seniors Mike Dunn and Chuck 
Toye. Coach Kotsko and team members were pleased with their win over Northapton, which at the time was unde- • 
feated. Rotsko believes that the team really came together this year, and seemed to enjoy it. He says, "They had a 
great work ethic." 

The J.V. team ended their season with a record at 6-1-1, and were led by captains Tim Foley, Eric Merrill, and 
Jason Kleiner. Although the Freshmen team suffered two great losses, they pulled through and had a decent season, 
finishing 5-3. 

Missy Corbert 

Senior Chuck Toye carries the ball 
while the opponent attempts to stop 

Senior Gary Berte charges down field with the ball. 

90 > Football 


Varsity- (row 1) J. Betzold, J. Smith, G. Berte; (row 2) D. Manna, S. Thomas, P. Calandra, C. Cathrew, A. 
Sarage, M. Desrosier, M. Dunn, N. Fournier, M. Troiano, C. Toye, C. Belmont, E. Merrill, J. Schultz, EJ 
Kimball, DP Morin, J. McCarthy, D. Costello, A. Nowicki, A. Mercurio, T. Hargreaves, M. Schill, T. Foley, P. 
Phillips; (row 4) R. MacDonald, D. Martens, R. Jennings, B. Debisingh, M. Doyle, T. Freeman, J. Blair, A. 
Kramer, A. Peskin, K. Sheffield, M. Leone, R. Blanchard; (row 5) E. Bascom, A. Provencher, E. Kloster, G. 
Krill, B. Wezowicz, J. Thomas, M. Hubbard, T. Dubay, E. Holguin, T. Livengood; (row 6) Coaches- Mayo, 
Drummey, Paterson, Rotsko, Donovan, Cropper, Kramer 

Freshman- (row 1) R. 
Douglas, A. Diamond, T. 
Brinkmann, J. Fridman, J. 
Toye, M. Russo, K. 
Bartolemei, P. Hallihan, O. 
Sellers; (row 2) M. Overson, 
M. McGarry, M. Cummings, 
M. Brown, R. Ackley, T. 
Moran, D. O'Malley, B. 
Denahey, R. Noonan; (row 3) 
J. Resnick, B. Butcher, R. 
Nadler, J. Sarage, M. 
MacDonald, C. Collins, I. 
Forgey, J. Leaderman, N. 
Ghansa, K. Afolabi; (row 4) 
Coaches- Garcia, Gimbel, 



passes the 
ball to a 



"So close, yet so lar."- 
John Betzold 

Us Team Than 

14 Minnechaug 12 

6 Central 24 
21 W.Springfield 28 
30 Westfield 

7 S.Hadley 8 
35 Greenfield 42 
35 Northampton 21 
54 Chicopee 35 
28 Amherst 14 
20 E.Longmeadow 36 

Varsity Record 


"Since we were 5-5, our 
Superbowl was the 
Northampton game, so 
winning that game made 
the season successful. "- 
Gary Berte 

Football <91 


"Come on now, everybody join in: Go\ Lancers! Oo\ Lancers!" This is only one of the many cheers performed by this 
year's LH5 Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders. The Varsity coach, Mrs. Diaz, along with the captains — senior Ellie 
Matroni, junior Danielle Diaz, and alternate captain, senior Wendy Winn — helped the team to raise school spirit of the 
teams, the Pep 3and, and the crowde of parents and other faithful spectators. The Varsity team also was honored 
with fourth place in this year's Shepherd Hill High School Invitational Competition, in Dudley, Massachusetts. This was 
quite an opportunity because, according to Coach Diaz, "Very few teams from Western Massachusetts attended" 
Wowever, the most significant part of the season, Coach Diaz believes, "are the football games, because we not only 
represent our team or the football team — we represent LHS in general." 

Jessie Steinman 

i^jp^l 0^>m 


Senior Leslie Rubin cheers 
for the Lancers. 

92 } Cheerleading 

Varsity- (row 1) E. 
Matroni, D. Diaz; (row 
2) J. Miller, L. Rubin, 
W. Winn, M. Farrand, 
K. Zettl; (row 3) 
Coach- Mrs. Diaz, D. 
Canter, S. Gowtham, 
H. King, B. Sprenkle, 
M. Winer, J. Wypasek, 
Coach- Mrs. Pycko 

Junior Varsity- 

(row 1)Y. DeMaio, 
Smith, A. Wilson; 
(row 2) Coach- 
Mrs. Diaz, J. 
Wawrzeniak, R. 
Weinstein, H. 
Pearson, J. Wolmer, 
N. Moseley; Miss- 
ing- Ambria Cone 

Longmeadow cheerleaders team up with 
the opponent to help the Lancers win. 



"It takes a lot of dedication and 
commitment to be an LHS 
cheerleader."- Ellie Matroni 

"A lot of people don't realize 
how much time and effort it 
takes to be a cheerleader, but 
hopefully when they see us 
cheer, they'll respect all our 
hard work."- Danielle Diaz 

Cheerleading \ 93 



Boys' varsity soccer had an excellent season this year, ending with a record of 12-3-5. A major highlight of the 
season Included beating two nationally ranked teams in one week: Cathedral and Ludlow. The team also reached the 
Western Mass. Semifinals. Led by Coach Pantuosco and senior captains Ed Cerrone, John Harrelson, Jay Warwick 
and Mike Wilson, other key players included Mike White, Nick Martinelli, Scott Kellman, F3en Harwood and Andy Mish. 
According to Harrelson, "The coaches' motivation really got the team together." Added senior Kevin Hennessy, " I 
think we had a successful season and all qrew as individuals and team players. " 

Junior varsity was coached by Mike McCarthy, and captains were Kyler Brown, David Patterson and Matt 
McCarthy. Said Coach McCarthy, " J.V. has really improved their skills and teamwork. Many players will be ready to 
help varsity next year." 

Karen Tang 

Senior John Harrelson 
maneuvers the ball down 
the field (left). 

Senior Ed Cerrone looks 
for the ball down field 

Sophmore JT Williams 
naintains control of the ball. 


Varsity- (row 1) S. Zimring, M. Pacella, E. Cerrone, J. Harrelson, 
M. Wilson, J. Warwick, G. Peter, K. Hennessy, J. Goldman, A. 
Mish, N. Martinelli; (row 2) Coach Romboletti, Coach Stellato, S. 
Kellman, C. Couchon, M. Mayock, J. Chircop, M. White, B. 
Harwood, D. Fentin, M. Zick, J. Anzolotti, B. Russell, N. Portier, 
Coach Pantuosco 

Junior Varsity- (row 1) B. Hampf, J. Williams, M. Papaluca, 
M. Zimring, M. O'Malley, M. Burton, E. Tjonahan; (row 2) M. 
Szlachetka, J. Soja, R. Jennings, R. Agnew, R. Baker, S. Keane; 
(row 3) J. MacDonald, R. Harbison, J. Weiner, D. Patterson, M. 
McCarthy, K. Brown, M. Grant, M. Reiter, D. Rothschild, 
Coach McCarthy 

Freshman-(row 1) P. Egan, M. Omartian, D. Luftman, B. 
Johnston, M. Gorfin, J. Skypeck, M. Erving, T. Derosier; (row 2) J. 
Blair, J. Sullivan, A. Grodd, J. Tourtelotte, B. Sherman, J. Marti, C. 
Purdi; (row 3) S. Ardnt, R. White, P. Morse, A. Robinson, B. 
Nidell, P. Scully, D. Howland, C.Pekruhn, C. Osgood, Coach 

"Pussalaca. Pussalaca, Pussalaca, 


Bang!"-Mike Wilson 





1 i 
























Chic. Comp. 

















W. Springfield 
Varsity Record 




"Because of the team's 
great work ethic and 
coach's great motivation, 
we finished out with a 
great season."- John 




When asked to desrlbe the 1995 Varsity girls' soccer season, Coach Bob Delano remarked without hesitation, "It 
was the best season ever!" This is not an exaggeration, considering that the team advanced to the Division 1 Semifinals 
and boasted a record of 15-4-1. The captains were seniors Angie Napoli, Jenna Szyluk, Kim Weeks and Kristen Arnold. 
Delano continued to say that every team member had been an important player. "I can't think of a single pereon who can 
say they didn't make a contribution." 

The JV team also had a great season. "It was really special," said Coac , Koger LeDlanc. The team had a record o\ 
13-2-3. Captains were juniors Lyndsay Adams and Koxanne Stan I, and sophomores Cassie Marantz and Bridget O'Connor. 
Other key players were Jessica White, Lauren Lurant, Suzie Carazza and Meghan Martin. 

The Freshman team had a record of 11-2-3, and were assisted by Coach F3ussolari and captains Meghan McCormick, 
Lexi Holden, and Laurie Williams. 

Sydney Leavens 

Sophomore Katie Heaps kicks the ball on the way towards the goal 

Senior Jenna Szyluk kicks the ball away from an oppo- 

96 > Girls' Soccer 

Sophomore Kathy Danahey 
hurls the ball back into play. 

inior Lyndsay Adams surges towards 
se goal. 

Varsity-(row 1) S. Ryall, K. Arnold, A. Napoli, J. 
Szyluk, S. Mushok; (row 2) P. Hampf, C. Wagner, J. 
Sorrell, M. Crandall, J. Lambert; (row 3) Coach 
Delano, K. Danahey, A. Lusardi, K. Van Gaasbeck, J. 
Isenburg, B.Dullea, K. Garvey, K. Heaps. 

Junior Varsity-(row 1) S. Carrazza, K. Threlfall, L. Luciano, J 
Lucia, M. Martin, B. O'Connor, C. Marantz; (row 2) J. White, 
T. Cullinan, E. Hess, R. McMahon, L. Kata, J. Lowery, E. 
Randall, K. Threlfall; (row 3) L. Stuart, J. White, S. Dambrov, 
C. Willet, M. Kennedy, R. Stahl, L. Adams, O. Matulewicz, A. 
Guerra, M. McKenna, Coach LeBlanc; missing- A. Boyajian 

Fresnman-(row 1) M. Hess, M. Wilson, S. Smith, M. 
McCormick, A. Mazer, L. Bussolari, A. Marangaudakis; 
(row 2) L. Tindall, B. Burger, R. Osofsky, E. Bogdanowitz, 
J. Ochs, H. Jackson, K. Jennings; (row 3) L. Williams, V. 
Cathrew, J. Portier, C. Coady, C. Danahey, A. Holden, L. 
Frank, K. Gallager, Coach Bussolari. 

*' The season was great because we were 
such a close team."- Angie Napoli 






o ! 










Chicopee Comp 






W. Springfield 




E. Longmeadow 

2 i 











1 | 


Loomis Chaffee 



W. Springfield 

o ! 

Varsity Record 


Junior Varsity Record 

13-2-2 | 


"We were a really close team and 
with hard dedication we made it 
to the semi-finals without loss.' 
Jenna Szyluk 

Girls' Soccer 


Although cross country is not often recognized as a spectator sport, they have broken the mold this year. At 
meets, runners complete a course that ranges from 2.7 miles to 3.1. Says Coach Wells, 'You would think you would com- 
plaints, but I never ao. They know/ that what they are doing in each of their difficult workouts will aid them in competition." 

And help them, it has. Doth the boys' and girls' team have had excellent seasons. Their records were 10- 1, and <3-3, 
respectively. At the Western Mass Championships, the boy's team finished fifth, and the girls took home a very impressive 
second place. The second place finish allowed the girls to go to the State Championships, for the second year In a row. 

The teams captains for the boys were Dob Drowne, Chris Wloran, Jason Roberts, and Jeremy Gershen, and the girs 
were led by Lynette Grypp, Sing Sing Wu, Andrea Bullock, Helen Yearwood and Sherry Spitz. Among the top runners for the 
boy's team were senior captain Dob Drowne, freshman Trip Young, sophomore Andrew Camp, senior Adam Oorfln and senlo 
captain Jeremy Gershen. Girls leading the pack were junior Sian Wu, sophomore Jen Hamlin, freshman Katie Ward, junior 
Adrienne Swiatocha, and senior captain Lynette Grypp. Says Wells, "The key to the team's success, I think, was not a 'sta 
runner, but how closely the team ran together." 

Christine B>urke 

Junior Steve Chandler shows 
the agony of a race (left). 

Senior Nick Shih successfully 
completes a race (below). 

9& } Cross Country 

Senior boys' captains Chris Moran, Jason 
Roberts, and Bob Browne. 

Senior girls' captains Sherry Spitz, Lynette Grypp, Sing Sing Wu, 
Andrea Bullock, and Helen Yearwood. 

Seniors Jeremy Gershen and 
Sing Sing Wu run together 
during a meet. 

Girls' (rowl) L. Grypp, S. Wu, S. Spitz, A. Bullock, H. 
Yearwood; (row2) S. O'Brien, B. Yearwood, S. Wu, J. Hamlin, 
I. Guistina, A. Swiatocha, S. Coady, A. Yearwood, K. Ward; 
(row 3) Coach Wells, A. Hansen, H. Fitts, C. Fitts, S. Wezowicz, 
C. Burke, J. Roberts. 

"Our endless dedication in practices 
paid off in the best season in the history 
of Longmeadow."- Sherry Spitz 

Boys' (row 1) T. Young, J. Gershen, C. Pelosi, M. McCarthy; (row 
2) Coach Brown, Coach Wells, J. O'Brien, J. Moran, D. Mish, A. 
Gorfin, M. Waryasz, N. Shih, T. Chrzan, A. Camp, Coach Fenalson; 
(row 3) A. Ferris, J. Toner, J. Roberts, M. Wiseman, C. Moran, A. 
Williams, J. Michael, C. Johnson, E. Lifbeld, B. Boucher, B. 

trior Sian Wu strides 
yards the finish line. 

dors Adam Gorfin, 
ris Moran, Jeremy 
rshen, junior Steve 
andler, and freshman 
p Young run together 
l tri meet with West 
ingfield and 











E. Longmeadow 



W. Springfield 



Record 3-8 







E. Longmeadow 

Chicopee Comp 


W. Springfield 



Record 1-10 



"We had a fun year together and 
we worked hard and were 
graciously rewarded for our 
work."- Bob Browne 

Cross Country 

Field Hockey 

Varsity field hockey enjoyed a rewarding season this year, ending with a record of 12-1-2 . The team was led by senic 
captains Missy Williams, Allie Riccio, Carrie Hargreaves, and Alie Stetchenberg. Those named as Important players were 
seniors Lauren Tourtelotte and Katie Derosier, who was noted for her exemplary first year performance, as well as juniors 
Amy Polverini, Lindsay Steingart, and Tiffany Drlnkmann. Coach Ann Simons also assisted in leading the team. According 
to Missy Williams, "At the beginning of our season, we lacked depth, but we really pulled together and made it to the West 
em Mass Finals." 

The JV team was coached by Rita Hawker and great leadership was provided by captains Emily Sturgis, Liz Kellehe 
and Liz Dibble. The team demonstrated their promise and their ability to compete with a season's record of 12-3-4. 

Chanel Dubcfsky 

Senior Carrie Hargreaves pushes an opponent 
out of the way in an attempt to score a goal. 

Freshman Shannon Bradley shoves her opponent for a 
chance to play the ball. 

10 0) Field Hockey 

:nior Alie Stechenberg tries 
gain control of the ball. 

;nior Allie Riccio keeps 
e ball away from her 
jponent on her way down 
e field. 

Varsity-(rowl) A. Riccio, C. Hargreaves, M. Williams, A. 
Stechenberg; (row 2) L. Tourtelotte, A. Morse, K. Derosier, 
T. Brinkmann, J. Ackley; (row 3) A. Baldwin, A. Polverini, 
R. Freedberg, S. Prestia, M. Baxter, L. Steingart, R. Ochs, 
Coach Simmons 

Junior Varsity-(row 1) K. Hollister, S. Ross, E. Kelleher, E. 
Dibble, S. Dahlquist, K. Hennessy; (row 2) J. Varley, S. Bradley, U. 
Stahl, R. Polep, A. Crandall, J. Bailey; (row 3) A. Martin, A. 
Braden, M. Belmont, A. Hyde, D. Polak, E. Sturgis, A. Ferell, 
Coach Hawker, S. Angelides 

snior Allie Riccio helps 
ophomore Sam Prestia 
eal the ball. 

"Our friendships off the field led 
to our strongest season ever." - 
Carrie Hargreaves 

Us Team Them 

3 South Hadley 


1 W. Springfield 

2 E. Longmeadow 

4 Agawam 

3 Westfield 
Southwick 2 
6 Minnechaug 

4 W. Springfield 
3 E. Longmeadow 

2 Agawam 1 

3 Westfield 

Southwick 3 

5 Minnechaug 

1 Frontier 1 

Varsity Record 


Junior Varsity Record 


"We made Longmeadow history 
tliis year by beating Smith and 
Frontier for the first time and by 
making it to the finals, we proved 
we were the best girls team in 
Western Mass.'"- Allie Riccio 

Field Hockey 


Longmeadow High School's gymnastics team may hold the next Mary Lou Retton or Nicole Miller, with its diverse 
combination of skill, elegance and discipline. However, despite the fact that this sport requires the most amount of energ 
and talent, the bleachers are quite often empty. 

This year, the LH5 gymanstics team is managed by Missy and Mandy Corbert, who along with captains Katie 
Julian, Heather Orenstein, and Jen Caroll and Coach Harvey Stockhammer, helped to vault the team into a season, which, 
although not neccessarily successful, was spirited nonetheless. 

Many members of the team feel that, had they more supporters, the meets would have certainly ended differently ' 
Team Managers Missy and Mandy Corbert point out how strange it is that the public must pay for football games, while 
despite the fact that gymnastics meets are free, no one comes to their competitions. 

Molly Shaffer 

Senior Heather Orenstein smiles after 
the final meet. 

ophmore Angela Agnoli exhibits 
er skill on the balance beam. 

'"Everybody worked hard to 
reach their own personal 
goals."- Katie Julian 

Sophmore Katie Mikesh finishes her 
routine on the vault by saluting the 



Varsity and Junior Varsity- (row 1) J. Carroll, K. Julian, H. Orenstein; (row 2) A. 
Brighan, J. Brittman, L. Joyce, A. Agnoli, S. Shusterman, A. Corbert; (row 3) A. 
Thomas, M. Corbert, A. Bell, S. Lak, S. Amenta, K. Mikesh, Coach Stockhammer 

"After losing many seniors we 
started off with a new team and 
improved well throughout the 
season. I was pleased with our 
rformance."- Jen Carroll 


Gy m na st ics yl 03, 


Boys' Basketball 

With a record of 13-S> and participation in the quarter-finals of the division tournament, the 1995-1996 LH5 
Varsity boys' basketball team has completed yet another phenomenal season. With the help of returning coach Brian 
Cogswell and senior captains Tim Allen and Vat Murphy, the team was led to victory repeatedly oyer many other talented 
division teams. According to Cogswell, the reason for this great performance was, "We worked well together and played as 
a group. Each player made a different contribution and every Individual Improved as the season went on." Although the 
team itself was not the recipient of awards, its Individual members recieved high honors. Tim Allen and Taylor 3llnn were 
named as Athletes of the Week, and Coach Cogswell believes that at least one member of the team will be promoted to All- 
League status. With this much hard work and effort, this year's Varsity team is one which LHS can take pride in. 

The Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams also had outstanding seasons. The J.V. team, coached by John Mayl, and 
led by captains Josh Allen and Andy Mercurio, boasted an Impressive record of 13-6, and the Freshmen, with coach Charles 
Manhelm, demonstrated its amazing potential with a record of 17-2. 

Jessie Steinman 

Senior Pat Murphy dribbles 
the ball up to the net. 

Senior Justin Loonie 
lays the ball in the net. 

Freshman- (row 1) 
J. Toye, L. 
Leaderman, M. 
Gorfin, N. Lyons, 
M. Overson; (row 
2) Coach 
Mannheim, A. 
Robinson, T. 
Moran, K. 
Bartolomei, J. 
Soar, A. Diamond, 
K. Afolabi, J. 


Li k i *i j 1 i 

Girls' Basketball 

The Varsity Girls' Basketball team had a great season, boasting a record of 7-3 in its league, the Valley Wheel, ant 
a record of 12-9 in all. The team was led by senior captains, Sam Ryall, Angie Napoli, Jen Kiley and Marlssa Ciccia. With 
the help of these talented ladies, the team qualified for the Western Maes tournament . Said Varsity Coach Mary Murray 
of the season, "I had expected this year to be a rebuilding year, but the girls gave it their all and we had a great season. 
The leadership of the captains really pulled us through. Our success was due to the fact that we were a team of balance;. 

The Junior Varsity team finished the season with a record of £-11. The team alternated capitains, allowing each 
player to take on leadership responsibilities In different games. Commented Junior Varsity Coach Renkowitz, "They were a\ 
hard working group of ladies who always gave a nice effort and I am very proud of that. All fourteen were key players be- 
cause they all worked hard and were very serious about their games and the competition as a whole." 

The ?reshmen team also had a remarkable season, with only one narrow loss to Cathedral making their record 14i 
The key to success was how hard they worked, especially on defense, according to Coach Flynn. "They all worked really well 
together. I'm looking forward to seeing them play on J.V. and varsity In a few years. They hold great promise for the 
longmeadow Varsity teams of the future" 

Sydney Leavens 

Senior Sam Ryall 
sets up to take a foul 

Senior Jen Kiely dribbles the 
ball down the court. 

Msm»^.- ' J*£KBfoI 

Senior Marissa 
Ciccia looks for a 
teammate to throw 
the ball to. 

enior Angie Napoli 
repares for a foul 

ophomore Ari 
loyajian watches the 
all as it approaches 

Varsity- (row 1) S. Ryall, A. Napoli, J. Kiely, M. 
Ciccia; (row 2) N. Moseley, P. Hampf, M. McKenna, J. 
Farmer, K. Danahey, B. Dullea, Coach Murray. 

Junior Varsity- (row 1) S. Carrazza, J. Lowery, J. Lucia; 
(row 2) S. Kiely, M. McDonough, K. Garvey, A. Boyajian, R. 
Calucchia; (row 3) A. Guerra, K. Washington, J. Malinowski, 
K. Blinn, K. Dybdahl, Coach Renkowitz. 

Freshman- (row 1) M. Hess, S. Smith, E. Bogdanowicz, 
L. Bussolari; (row 2) M. McCormick, L. Luciano, K. 
Jennings, K. Ward, J. Portier, J. Wawrzeniak, C. Coady, 
Coach Flinn 

"We all worked together and end- 
ed up with a very strong record." 
- Sam Ryall 

ft had a great season. We 
really bonded as a team." - Jen 

Girls' Basketball 






















W. Springfield 














































Varsity Record 





../ >■ 

Boys' S 

Success was in the air, or rather, water for the boys' swim team, coached by Eric Mandel and TJ Black and led by 
captains Greg Angelides and Shaun Cullinan. The team ended the season with an impressive record of 4-6. In addition to 
the success in terms of meets won, they also saw a large number of Western Mass and State qualifiers. In order to qualif 
a talented and dedicated swimmer must achieve a certain time in his or her respective event. Swimmers this year who fell 
into this elite group include senior captain Greg Angelides, juniors Larry Nuger, Scott Aigen, All Rodriguez, Sean Egan and 
Matt Schill. According to Angelides, "This is the first year I've been here, I feel that we've really pulled together as a team. 
Our sense of unity and comraderle helped us to achieve the success throughout the season that we did." 

Christine Durke 

10 o> Boys' Swimmi ng 

'*We had a good season. We 
worked hard and in the end it 
paid off." - Greg Angelides 

Varsity- (row 1) B. Fagin, M. Russo, M. Davidow, G. Angelides, B. 
Vbbate; (row 2) S. Cullinan, A. Rodriguez, M. Schill, L. Nuger, M. Manna, 
^ot pictured- S. Aigen 


Team Them 


Belchertown 56 


Westfield 42 


Central 74 


E. Longmeadow 53 


E. Hampton 85 


E. Hampton 69 


E. Longmeadow 116 


Minnechaug 108 


Chic. Comp. 96 


Minnechaug 53 

Varsity Record 


"This season was fun. I am sad 
to be leaving the team as a senior 
this year." - Sean Cullinan 


goys' Swimming \1 OS£ 

Girls' Swimming 

Girls' swimming had a successful season, earning a 7-5 record and makingit to States once again. The team was 
reached by Eric Mandell and TJ Black and captains were seniors Karen Varley, Ellie Kline, Candace Levy, Jen Lambert 
and Katie Kelleher. Strong performances were seen by junior Tessa Hayes, and sophomores Katie Hennessey and Jessica 
White. Said Hayes of the Western Mass. meet, "Our relay teams really pullled together, and everyone was getting then- 
best times. It was really exciting for everyone!" Captain Varley agreed, saying, "I'm really happy with the season. We 
lost a lot of people last year, so we learned to rely on our younger swimmers." 

Karen Tang '96 



**We had a great season, losing only to 
the top teams in WMass, but we worked 
hard and had fun."' - Jen Lambert 

Varsity- (row 1) K. Varley, J. Lambert, D. Fisher, K. Weeks, C. Levy, E. Kline; (row 2) R. Mandell, 
VI. Chiusano, R. Chernock, L. Basdekis, E. Kent, A. Dupre, K. Kelleher; (row 3) A. Hassan, N. 
hlolguin, L. Weisser, T. Hayes, L. Kelleher; (row 4) B. Yearwood, A. Mazer, R. Osofsky, J. 
3onoghue, A. Hyde, E. Sturgis, K. Hennessy, J. White; (row 5) J. Kuhr, J. Rousse, J. Varley, L. 
rlollister, L. Urbschat, L. Bibeau, L. Halsey, J. White. 


Team Them 








Holyoke Catholic 






Holyoke Catholic 



E. Longmeadow 


■; '■■ : 


E. Hampton 



E. Hampton 



E. Longmeadow 







Chic. Comp. 





Varsity Record 


"The team bonded this year 
during practice and after practice 
and that made it an extra special 
year." - Elbe Kline 

f* j% 

G\ r\pl_ Swim mirig) %1 1 1 



Most people don't realize that wrestling is a lot harder than it looks, and this year the LHS team worked hard to 
end the season on a positive note. The team was led by senior captains Nick Shih, Mike Va&road and Seth Zimring, and 
coached by Glenn Lowery. All members tried their hardest, portrayed team unity and did exceptionally well during each 

The team always gave it their best shot, but really stood out against 
Westfield, Putnam, and West Springfield. The entire team went to the Western Mass tournament, and most seniors 
placed well. Some key members were senlore Brian Olney and Dmitri Pereplyotchik, junior Erik Turnberg and sophomore F3r 
Wezowicz. Senior captain Mike LaF3road summed up the season by saying, "This year we established unity as a team. I a\ 
confident that our younger wrestlers will find a great amount of success over the next couple of years" 

-r+JtiJmA ^ 

B> jfltak 


X i 

W V"" ' 

^^^^^^^^^ <jH *"^fe» 



Senior Seth Zimring 
prepares for a battle 
on the mat. 

Freshman Sal Turnberg 
is caught in action while 
fending off an opponent. 

112 / Wrestling 


Varsity- (row 1) S. Turnberg, M. McCarthy, N. Shih, M. LaBroad, S. Zimring, J. Meyers, 
M. Hubbard, M. Zimring; (row 2) R. Douglas, J. Scliopou, J. Rappaport, T. Dubay, D. 
Martens, K. Sheffield, D. Pereplyotchik, R. Jennings, M. Markowitz, M. Papaluca, S. 
Darling; (row 3) B. Olney, B. Kennedy, M. Judd, D. Gebo, B. Butcher, B. Wezowicz, E. 
Zimmer, B. Shapiro, A. Stratton, P. Calandra, M. Harrison, Coach Schmutz. 

Sophomore Mark 
Zimring fights back 
towards victory. 

Sophomore Jim Scliopou 
watches his back while he 

Senior Nick Shih 
takes control of his 
opponent in a match 

"In agreement with Nick, our 
team became extremely close 
and we had fun competing as a 
team." -Mike LaBroad 

"The wrestling team this year 
was faced with a multitude of 
adversity and still these 
warriors of tomorrow proved 
their worth by carrying their 
burdens with pride and 
dignity. We fused and bonded 
to form a close team. A team 
who shared many unique and 
memorable times together." - 
Nick Shih 

Wres tiing <j 1 3 2_ 



The ski team fiercely confronted the cold winter season and represented LH5 well on the slopes. Both the boys' a 
girls' teams were motivated by coach Mike Belanger, and were made up of strong skiers who helped guide the team to one 
their best seasons ever. The girls' team scored remarkably well, placing first in 3 out of 7 meets, rounding out the season 
coming out number one in their division. Captains Katie Derosier and Tiffany £>rinkman placed in the top two. Sisters 
Melissa and Alice Crandall also placed In the top 20. The team also skied their way to the state meet, where they placed 
11th. "We had a good time and were looking foward to nexX>\/ear" said Turkman. 

The boys' team qualified for Western Mass, as well as States, all the while showing their enthusiasm and love for 
the sport. Led by supportive captains Court Prestia, John Buchanan and Rich F3lanchard, they placed fourth in their divi- 
sion. "As a whole," concluded Prestia, "the ski team had its best season ever in history." 

Jen K.uhr and Julia Rouse* 

Sophomores Benjy Russell and Caitlin Wagner and senior John Buchanan smile Ski team members Molly Reynolds and Alice Crand 

at the end of the finals. drink hot chocolate before their meet. 

114 ) > Skiing 

Junior Melissa Crandall 
and Coach Deary enjoy 
the barbeque before the 

oys' Ski Team: 
ront row)C. Purdy, 

Derosier, J. 
uchanan, C. Prestia, 

Roach, M. 
ivirko; (back row) 

LeDuc, D. Davis, 

Grant, M. 
ayock, B. Russell 
. Baxter, L. 
oumell, D. 
lanchard, Coach 



Girls' Ski Team: 

(front row) T. 

Blonder, T. 

Brinkmann, K. 


Derosier; (back row) 

A. Crandall, J. 

Feldman, M. 

Crandall, M. 

Reynolds, A. Agnoli, 

Coach B alandger 

"We had a more successful 
season than we expected because 
the younger skiers really pulled 
through for us." - John Buchanan 

Combined Ski Tea: (front row) T. Blonder, A. Crandall, T. Derosier, T. Brinkmann, K. 
Dersosier, J. Buchanan, C. Purdy; (back row)M. Mayock, J. Feldman, B. Russell, D. Davis, M. 
Crandall, M. Zworko, D. Blanchard, M. Reynolds, L. Youmell, C. Prestia, A. Agnoli, B. 
Baxter, Coach B alandger. 

"We were all really close as a 
team and that made the season 
really fun." - Katie Derosier 

Skiing \ I15 



The Longmeadow High School hockey team glided smoothly through their season in 1995-96, finishing with a recc 
of 9-7-4 and making it to the Western Massachusetts quarter finals. The excellent season was due to the talented sen? 
captains, F3rian Keane and Jay Warwick, as well as sophomores Sean Keane and Mark Doyle. Outstanding leadership wag 
provided by the new coaching staff of Brian Foley, Mike Asche, and Kevin Lee. Although the team lost in the Western Mas 
quarterfinals, their skill and yerserverance nave made Longmeadow High School proud as well as giving them hope of a 
successful future. 

Chanel Dubofsky 

Sophomore Ray 
Beattiewaits for the 

Siciliano waits 
for Freshman 

Tourtelotte to 
face off. 



Sophomore Sean 
Keane watches the 

116 > Hockey 

Varsity- (row 1)J. Roberts, J. Warwick, B. Keane, E. VanTassel; (row 2) R. Baker, J. 
Vivenzio, M. Burton, J. Rickless, W. Corcoran, R. Beattie, M. Doyle, S. Keane; (row 3) 
Coach Foley, R. Johnston, K. LaRoche, D. Adams, R. Ackley, P. O'Hara, J. Tourtelotte, 
J. Skypeck, C. Emma, J. Long, Coach Ashe. Not pictured- Coach Lee, A. Siciliano 

ior Bill Corcoran 
ws his skill on the 

Senior Jay 
Warwick looks 
to a teammate 
for the puck. 

Mark Doyle 
fends off an 



A A 

m . 



"I was very happy to make it to 
the quarter finals for my last year 
on the team." - Jay Warwick 

Team Them 


South Hadley 7 

South Hadley 5 

E. Longmeadow 3 

Westfield 4 

Minnechaug 7 

Greenfield 2 

W. Springfield 10 

Chicopee 2 

Holyoke 3 

Ludlow 6 

Central 2 

St. Joseph's 1 

Agawam 8 

Palmer 1 

Pittsfield 16 

Amherst 3 

Ludlow 4 

Greenfield 6 

E. Longmeadow 4 

Varsity Record 


'We had a long season but we 
worked hard and came together 
as a team in order to achieve 
our goal of making the 
tournament." - Brian Keane 

Hocke y <117 

< i 



4 Time To.. 


\t >i 











National Honor Society 


The National honor Society is composed of students which 
have met certain grade standards throughout their high school career. 
Despite its limitation to upperclassmen, it is a very large organization 
of hard-working students. Together, they volunteer for community 
service projects. In school, NHS members tutor other students under 
the direction of tutoring chairs Elizabeth Derby, Kate Phelps, and 
Karen Tang. NHS students also take the burden off of Mr. Gelinas 
who has previously run the book store during lunchtimes. bookstore 
Manager Kim Schneider takes care of organizing this. Finally, NHS 
students aid the middle schools through theGeoffrey Lynn Mentor 
Froqram which is directed by Lindsay DeSantis. 

On November 1st, NHS held its Induction where a large number 
of juniors and seniors were welcomed Into the society. After that, 
meetings are held twice a month for organizational purposes. 

Other officers are Laura Glazer, President; Michael Pacella, 
Vice-president; Darcy Weiner, Secretary; and Mark Leichthammer, 
Treasurer, all seniors who are advised by Ms. Cushman and Ms. 

Albert Lee 

Above: Vice-president Mike Pacella daydreams during| 
board meeting. 

First row: K. Schneider, K. Phelps, E. Derby, K. Tang, L. Glazer, L. DeSantis, M. Leichthammer, M. Pacella, D. Winer. Second row: R. 
Steiner, S. Garb, L. Kilaru, S. Lavin, K. Gladwin, C. Herbert, J. Suher, L. Rubin, M. Corbert, H. Orenstein, J. Kuhn, L. Walat, D. Chang. Thir 
row: P. Barron, H. Chadhuri, A. Bullock, E. Matroni, W. Winn, R. Colton, D. Mish, L. Cantin, M. Fukazawa, A. Peters, B. Lepow, A. Polveri 
T. Hayes, T. Cullinan, K. Van Gaasbeck. Fourth row: C. Belmont, A. Lee, J. Rushbrook, E. Kline, L. Grypp, S. Spitz, J. Lambert, K. Weeks. 
Fisher, J. Whalon, J. Guistina, J. Panaia, M. Schaffer. Fifth row: N. Calandra, S. Schubert, M. Troiano, J. Roberts, C. Porter, C. Toye, E. Libfi 
A. Sarage, C. Sullivan, Y. Sung, N. Martinelli, J. Buchanan, A. Lounsbury, J. Malinowski, A. Rodriguez, A. Swiatocha, D. Blakesly, D. Mike; 
A. Hayes, I. Gordon, N. Portier, G. Sakellis, M. Shaffer. Sixth row: M. Berger, T. McKeon, C. Moran, R. Fijol, T. Chrzan, B. Friedenson, B. 
Steger, J. Tsizis, K. Weiss, M. Illouz, T. Allen, J. Warwick, Y. Afolabi, J. Harrelson, C. Sutton, J. Smith, M. McGarry, G. Peters, D. Levenson 
K. Zive, J. Cheng. Seventh row: M. Vezzola, J. Kerstein, A. Ferris, C. Ward, M. Wilson, M. Mayock, J. Chircop, B. Strabo, E. Merrill, D. 
Dobosh, P. Rice, C. Blair, B. Baxter. 

12Q> NHS 

Top left: Seniors Karen Tang and Lindsay 

DeSantis tell their group important information 

about tutoring. 

Top right: Senior Kate Phelps concentrates on 

the meeting. 

Left: Advisor Ms. Cushman skillfully directs 

this huge organization. 

Bottom: Seniors Darcy Winer and Mark 

Leichthammer listen carefully to what Ms. 

Cushman has to say. 


Key Club 

Key Club is a prestigious club whose sole purpose is to serve 
and protect the community. 

Club members are involved in fund raisers like their concession 
stands at football and basketball games and volunteer for numerous 
local charities. Within the club, there are interclub dances with Key 
Clubs from all over the area, such as Springfield Central High School 
and MacDuffie. There is also an annual convention which they attend. 
The conference is the highlight of the year for many because they have 
and opportunity to meet Key Clubs from all over New England. 

This year, the Key Club also purchased and maintained a 
television bulletin board in the cafeteria. 

The club is primarily led by faculty advisor Mrs. Browne and 
F 'resident 'due Scully, a senior. The club is composed of many students 
from all grades and usually holds meetings every other 'week. 

Stephanie Lin 

Above: Senior Jen Kubala and Mrs. Browne make 
friends with the clown. Below: Senior Mike LaBroad 
makes his entrance at a Key Club meeting.Above left: 
Key Club members look intently over the evening agendj] 
Below Left: Sophomore Amy Guerra and senior Greg 
Peter wrap presents at the Enfield Mall. 

12 2> Key Club 


rst row: H. Yearwood, E. Derby, J. Whalon, L. Joyce, R. Elman, J. Brittman, L. Basdekis, 
. Chernock, H. Tarriff, L. Katz, J. Passo, J. Guistina, J. Niedzwiecki, L. Dunn. Second 
>w: M. Corbert, E. Bascom, A. Nowicki, A. Sarage, R. Colton, S. Rafferty, J. Kloster, O. 
nne, T. Santaniello, D. Winer, J. Moulton, C. Moran, B. Boucher, R. Mandell. Third 
>w: G. Sheer, K. Haflich, B. Picknally, D. Ray, K. Haberlin, P. Siciliano, J. Roberts, S. 
imring, P. Wissig, Y. Afolabi, G. Peter, M. Zimring, A. Ferris, P. Rice. Fourth row: V. 
otlib, S. Scully, C. Duda, J. Kubala, C. Blair, L. Glazer, M. LaBroad, Z. Ryan. 

Above: Seniors Sue Scully, Mike 
LaBroad, Bob Browne, and Laura Glazer 
enjoy their afternoon at a board meeting. 
Below: Sophomores Lisa Dunn and 
Rachel Mandell exhibit their culinary 
skills. Bottom right: With a sinister grin, 
senior Anthony Sarage plots against senior 
Jen Kubala. Below Left: Members of the 
Key Club take a break from walking with 
Lolly the Dragon to pose for the camera. 

Left: With the help of seniors Laura Glazer 
and Yea Afolabi, senior Sue Scully picks the 
winner of the raffle. Below: Juniors Andy 
Nowicki, Mike Leone, and senior Anthony 
Sarage listen attently to Mrs. Browne speak. 

International Club 

This year's International Club has been busy in achieving its 
goals of promoting multi-cultural awareness, helping out local chari- 
ties, and participating In Model United Nations. Led by co-presidents 
Albert Lee and Kachel Steiner and advised by Mr. Santos, the Interna- 
tional Club has participated In several activities since the beginning of 
the year. 

Some other club leaders are senior Debbie Chang, Director of 
Special Projects; junior Izzy Oordan, Coordinator of Ways and Means; 
and junior Shelley Lavin, Coordinator of Charities. 

in addition to helping out at Loaves n Fishes every other week 
and organizing fund raisers such as the popular Human-l-tees, the 
club held Racial Awareness Day in February and decorated the Open 
Space with flags of the different countries. 

fen students in the club participated in the Harvard Model 
United Nations, a simulation of the U.N. organized by Harvard stu- 

The International Club has had an enormous amount of suc- 
cess this year in its goal to bring the school and the community closer 

Lavanya Kilaru 

124> International Club 

Iiternational Club Board. First row: D. Chang. Second row: A. Lee, I. Gordan, S. Lavin, R. 
leiner, Mr. Santos. 

Top: Junior Albert Lee thinks to 
himself about how to run the meetings 
more efficiently. 

Bottom: Junior Izzy Gordan shares his 
ideas with juniors Shelley Lavin and 
Rachel Steiner. 

irst row: G. SakeUis, S. Samant, L. Kilaru, C. Barowsky, K. Tang. Second row: A. Godding, I. 
ordan, R. Steiner, S. Lavin, D. Chang, A. Lee. Third row: A. Hassan, J. Shapiro, S. Wu, H. 
laudhuri, R. Katsh, N. Mujalli, J. Linson, T. McKeon. Fourth row: M. Berger, J. Cheng, S. 
:hubert, J. Randall. 

International Club <J25 


Each year, the LH5 community is expanded by international 
students. These students are in Longmeadow via the AF5 club, who is 
also notorious for their annual presence at Longmeaddowe Days. This 
year, the fearless leaders of the club are presidents Catherine 
Zollmann and Michelle Kuhr, vice presidents Jeremy Gershen and David 
Mish, secretary Courtney Snelham, treasurer Matt Mc(5arry, publicity 
chairs Ellie Kline and Chanel Dubcfsky, committee chair Molly 
5haffer,all seniors, along with club advisor Mr. McCarthy. 

In addition to Longmeaddowe Days, which provides the major- 
ity of the funds allowing students to travel abroad, the club also 
sponsors a local exchange, in which international students from 
surrounding towns come to Longmeadow for a weekend, usually in 
Febuary. However , if you've made any new international friends this 
year, namely Ben Strabo from Denmark or Makiko Fuzawa from Japan , 
then you've experienced first hand what an asset AF5 can be to the 
school and the community. According to president Catherine Zollmann, 
"AF5 is a great way to learn about other countries' cultures." 

Chanel Dubofeky 

Top right: Junior Cindy Sullivan happily swings her hair as she walks 

out of the A.F.S. room. 

Right: Danish foreign exchange student Ben Strabo tries in vain to get 

away from senior Jeremy Gershen"s illicit affections. 

Below: Seniors Jana Gagne and Melissa de Lima share a friendly 

moment in front of the camera. 

1st row: J. Gershen. Second row: D. Mish, C. Snelham, E. Kline. C. Dubofsky, C. Zollman. M. McGarry. M. Kuhr. M. 
Icazawa, B. Strabo. Third row: A. Mish, D. Fisher. J. Gagne, M. de Lima. A. Carlson. K. Anderson. C. Sullivan. J. Tsizis. 
Lrth row: M. Pacella, Y. Sung. M. Williams, C. Hargreaves, M. Dunn. L. Cantin, L. DeSantis. Mr. McCarthy. 

Above left: 

Senior Matt 
McGarry tries 
to sneak into 
the picture 
with seniors 
Gershen. Ben 
Strabo. Cathy 
Zollman. and 

Above: Junior 
wants to offer 
a suggestion. 
Top right 
Seniors Chanel 
Dubofsky and 
Cathy Zollman 
are all smiles. 


As Schools Match Wits 

An interesting twist occurred this year for the As Schools 
Match Wits Team. At their first taping, in January versus Williston 
Academy, the team lost (or so they thought), eliminating them from 
the competition. Later, they found that or\e of the questions had two 
answers and so they were back in the running. 

This team is made up of four seniors ar\d one freshman alter- 
nate. They areLiz Walat, Chuck Toye, Chris Moran, Bill Steger, and Mike 
Stevens. Coached by Chris Nuger, students are responsible for re- 
searching and preparing for the general knowledge quiz covering an 
array of topics. 

The team made their appearances for three rounds on prime 
time television on Saturdays on Channel 22. The show was quite 
popular coming right after Jeopardy, even though host John Daran 
was no Alex Trebek. 

At their second taping against Loomis Chaffee, Longmeadow 
gave them "a sound whooping," according to F3ill Steger, and advanced 
to oppose St. Joseph's. 

Albert Lee 

Above: Senior Liz Walat takes a break from looking 

some history notes. 

Left: Seniors Bill Steger and Chuck Toye have fun 

ridiculing the other teams. 

Bottom left: Seniors Chris Moran and Liz Walat disc 

some strategies for the next taping. 





Business Club 

>ve: Business advisor Mrs. Morse goes over upcom- 

events with senior Mark Vezzola and junior Jason 


ht: Sophomore Peter Hatch, junior Michelle Brodeur, 

senior Jared Brooslin type up a list of ads for the Jet 


The Business Club holds fundraisers and other programs 
during the year. The major year-long duty of the club is to take care of 
all the business aspects of The Jet Jotter such as marketing the 
paper as well as selling advertisements to appear m the paper. 

In November, they also held a clothing drive for the Springfield 
Rescue Mission where clothing could be deposited in the Auditorium 
showcase. For Valentine's Day, just like many years in the past, the 
club sold and delivered carnations to other students and teachers in 
the school. In March, the Business Club, also presented a series of 
assemblies for the school where speakers from various local busi- 
nesses were brought in to speak on the topic of Business in the 

The club was advised by business teacher Mrs. Morse and led 
by President junior Jason Rome and Vice-President Jacob Tsizis. 
Other officers were juniors Thu Nguyen and Michelle Brodeur, co 
secretaries, and senior Jared Brooslin, Treasurer. 

Albert Lee 

Below: Junior Jason Rome and Mrs. Morse go 
over their figures one more time as Eric Merrill 
looks on. 

st row: J. Tsizis. Second row: E. Merrill, J. Rome, T. Nguyen, J. Pula, M. Brodeur, C. 
.o, B. Shapiro. Third row: R. Willoughby, J. Brooslin. 

business Club <J 29> 

Math Team 

The Long meadow High Math Team has had a powerful year. 
The team attends meets once a month at various schools in the 
area. There are about 15 schools with which they compete in the 
Western Massachusetts Math League. 

Six students go to each meet led by advisor Mr. Daniels and 
senior captain Liz Walat and the top three schools in the league go 
to the state meet in April. Longmeadow has maintained its stand- 
ing within the top three at the regionals. Each meet consists of six 
different rounds: Geometry, Arithmetic and Number Theory, Alge- 
bra I, Algebra II, Analytic Geometry, and Trigonometry and Complex 

The team had a strong start when they came in first at the 
first meet of the season in Palmer. 

Albert Lee 

Above: Sophomore Liz Dibble learns new theorems. I 
Left top: Junior Mike Berger has fun with math. 
Left bottom: Juniors Mike Berger, Shelley Lavin, am ^ 
Izzy Gordan discuss their math meet. 

(front row): S. Lavin, L. Dibble; (second row): I. Gordan, M. Berger, Mr. Daniels, J. 
Cheng; (missing from photo: L. Walat, D. Dobosh, B. Friedenson, D. Starr) 

130> Math Team 

Science League 

In what other club can you jump on a trampoline while someone else 
simultaneously takes your blood pressure? Where else is taking the heart rate of a 
fat guinea pig not only required, but encouraged? Certainly in no other organization 
other than the Science League! Admittedly, this club, with members from all 
grades, may not be quite as physically demanding as varsity football. Yet the 
Science League definitely demands lots of quick thinking on one's feet. One Science 
League meet is held every month at various schools in the state in which science 
students compete in 3 different events. The events can concern biology, chemistry, 
physics, or health issues. Members prepare for their event by reading up on their 
topic, but often the nature of the event is totally unpredictable. Science League 
takes students a step beyond the classroom by requiring the application of 
knowledge. Junior Lavanya Kilaru sums it all up by exclaiming, "Science League is so 
interesting and the meets are really a blast!" 

I)ve: Juniors Dev Ray and Jared Leavitt amuse 

Inselves during a science league meet. 

Iht top: Shelley Lavin is fascinated with science. 

Iht bottom: Science league members await their event. 

>nt row): L. Tivoli, S. Lin, S. Lavin; (row 2 ): A. Lee, D. Ray, J. Leavitt, L. Cantin, L. 
Santis, K. Tang, A. Spivak, Mr. Hisch; (row 3): K. Weiss, B. Steger, J. Cheng, S. Samant, 

Science League y 131 

Mock Trial 

This year's Mock Trial team pulled through a great season. 
Mock Trial is a statewide competition which includes many high school 
from the area. Teams take on the role of the Plaintiff and Defense and 
went up against opposing teams from other schools. Trials were held 
in actual courtrooms in Hampden County over which actual judges 

The team came out of the competition with two out of a total 
three courtroom competitions. Members of the team ranged from 
freshmen to seniors who played roles of lawyers and witnesses. 

Unfortunately, the number of enow delays and cancellations 
created problems In the practice and trial schedules, but the team still 
managed to pull off a winning season. 

The trial pertained to sexual harrassment and team members 
played students, guidance counselors, teachers, and principals. 

Lavanya Kilaru 

Below Left: Junior Tim Egan prepares his defense for tj 
upcoming trial. 

Above: Junior Tricia Cullinan reads her prosecution 
speech to Mr. Winseck. 

Front Row: L. Dunn, M. Sneider, T. Cullinan, M. McCormick, L. Glazer, Mr. Winseck; 
Back Row: K. Sneider, M. Bienkowski, E. Cowen, E. Turnberg, E. Gold, T. Egan, S. Eg; 

J32> Mock Trial 


tove: Freshman Tiffany Jones poses at the door of the 
/IOJA room. Below: Members of UMOJA gather 
>und the computer to print up some important docu- 
:nts. Left: Sophomore Adrienne Lee smiles for the 
nera. Bottom left corner: Junior Eartha Leverett is 
•d at work. 

"We all feel the same way. We're really not all that far off 
from one another," says 5andra MacDonald, the faculty advisor of 
Umoja, a club whose purpose is to promote multicultural unity at 
LHS. One of Umoja 5 recent projects was the celebration that occurs 
at the end of the year. Umoja members dreeeed in African attire and 
brought the principles, the symbols (fruits and gifts), and the mean- 
ing of Kwanzaa to students in town elementary schools. MacDonald 
hopes to extend Umoja's efforts to volunteering in both Longmeadow 
and Springfield through tutoring younger students. 

The club meets every other week and "For a three-year-old 
group, we are doing very well. We have really come a long way," said 
Armand Hill. 

Sydney Leavens 

UMOJA <133 

Amnesty International 

A candle wrapped with barbed wire is not only the symbol for 
Amnesty International, it's also a theme. The world wide organization 
is a group of people that help political prisoners of unfair treatment, 
regardless of their sex, creed, or political beliefs. They are against the 
death penalty and are Impartial to any government or political system. 

Chairperson Amy Maxmen founded the LHS branch of Am- 
nesty International about two years ago. The group was started In 
the 60s when people started to become aware of the injustices that 
people face all over the world. From writing holiday cards to prisoners 
In Libya to the Nigeria Project, Amnesty International is a place where 
suffering and inequality is recognized and hope is dispersed to the 
people who need it most. 

Leah Tivoli 

Above: Senior Yea Afolabi takes notes during a meeting. 

Left top: Seniors Adam Williams and Dan Young show their artistic ability. 

Left bottom: President Amy Maxmen runs a meeting. 

(front row): M. Shaffer, A. Maxmen, I. Gordan, D. Young; (second row): K. Makris, M. ; 
Bienkowski, K. Brookmeyer, L. Tivoli, S. Lin; (third row): L. Mortenson, A. Napoli, J. 
Whalon, Y. Afolabi, D. Ginsburg, A. Williams, S. Samant, K. Haflich; (fourth row): Mr. 
Fitzgerald, C. Meeske, A. Chasen, D. Dobosh, S. Cohen 

x 15 4/ Amnesty Inte rnational 

Debate Team 

In the inaugural year of the LHS Debate Team, enough stu- 
dents responded to form two teams, Longmeadow Gold and 
Lonqmeadow Red. The teams compete on Wednesdays in January and 
February against other schools in the Pioneer Valley Debate League. 
Mr. O'Shea started the league this year and members busily prepared 
for months prior to the debates by doing extensive research and 
holding mock debates. 

The topic is regarding whether U.S. foreign policy with the 
People's Republic of China should be changed or not. 

love: Junior Nadia Mujalli writes on the board. 

j;ht top: Mr. O'Shea is beaming with excitement over the new debate team. 

?ht bottom: Junior Scott Kellman dreams up new subjects of debate. 

Lee, S. Kellman, H. Chaudhuri, R. Cohen-Shrage, N. Mujalli, J. Kuhr, S. Samant. 

Rough Draft 

The Rough Draft, many times referred to as the "alternative 
newspaper," has had a unique year. Considered the more numerous 
publication, many feel that the Rough Draft is a non-pressure, no 
deadline organization and therefore have welcomed "poetic impulses." 

Despite this lack of urgency, senior Editor-in-Chiefs Pan 
Ginsburg and f3rian Olney managed to put out an issue every few 

The paper was advised by Mr. Kirkpatrick and aided by numer- 
ous senior editors like the Editor of letter X, Y, and Q, The writing 
staff was made up of fourteen students, mostly sophomores, juniors, 
and seniors. 

Stephanie Lin 

Above: Senior Brian Olney beats senior Nick Shih with a gavel for the viewing, 

pleasure of senior Dave Dobosh. 

Left: Sophomore Sydney Leavens laughs hysterically as seniors Brian Olney ar 

Dave Dobosh engage in a battle of words. 

Bottom left: Seniors Sam Cohen and Nick Shih casually converse. 

First row: N. Shih, S. Leavens, A. Foumier, M. Weiselberg. Second row: D.; 
Ginsburg, B. Olney, J. Cheng, B. Walsh, L. Mortenson, S. Cohen. Third row: 
A. Williams, D. Dobosh, H. Harmsen, B. Friedenson. 

J5 6> Rou^h Draft 

Ski Club 

What better way to relax after a stressful Thursday of school 
than to ski the slopes of Long meadow's favorite local ski area, Mt. 
Tom. And what better way to spend that time skiing than with your 
closest school friends. Well, this is exactly how LHS' loyal ski clubers 
spend five of their Thursdays in January. Every designated Thursday, 
students in ski club hurry to change for the departure of the 2:30 bus 
for Mt. Tom. Although this winter did not prove to be the most desir- 
able for skiiers, the not-so-groomed hills of Mt. Tom did provide a 
relaxing and refreshing way to endulge in some form of athletic activity 
for these students. Senior Jan Kuhn noted, "Even though the slopes 
are often rocky and ley and the lines are long and cold, ski club is a 
great way to touch up on your skiing technique and relax after a long 
week of school." 

Kate Phelps 

>ove: Sophomore Ryan Buckert prays for good snow. 
ight: Senior Johanna Sorrell can't wait to hit the slopes! 
Ittom right: Seniors Alie Stechenberg, Carrie Hargreaves, and Jenna Szyluk get 
ir gear together to go to Mt. Tom. 

rst row: M. Wilson, C. Sutton, J. Shapiro. Second row: B. O'Connor, J. 
>rrell, A. Stechenberg, J. Gagne, M. Martin, L. Stewart. Third row: M. Slachta, 
Kelleher, J. Passo, R. McMahon, R. Williamson, H. Warwick. Fourth row: 
I iss. Rooney, J. Szyluk, K. Heaps, D. Gerstein, A. Rubin, L. Zick, J. Bailey, S. 
ga, S. Ross, A. Braiden, S. Wolf, E. Dibble. Fifth row: G. Peters, B. 
iFountain, M. Orr, E. Cowen, U. Stahl, L. Lefrenier, J. Roberts, N. Desai. 


A Better Chance, also known as ADC, has been in 
longmeadow since 1974. It is a national organization with 160 
chapters nationwide enabling talented minority students to have 
quality high school educations. Five students live in a supervised 
residential setting and attend the high school. They live with two 
resident directors and a live in tutor. 

This year, all five students are from the New York area 
and one weekend a month, they spend time with host families. 
There are two seniors, one junior, and two sophomores in the 

For the most part, operating expenses come through 
private donations from Longmeadow residents, local churches, 
and local businesses. ADC also holds the annual road race 
through longmeadow and a phone-a-thon in the fall, followed by a 
plant sale in the spring. 

Albert Lee 

Top: K'Marie Grant of METCO poses with Elward Tyrell of ABC. 
Left: Dwane Gowe poses for the camera. 
Bottom: Moses Marshall and Shatic Mitchell 


METCO is an acronym for the Metropolitan Council for Educa- 
tion Opportunities. Begun in Boston in 1966, it came to Springfield in 
1963. METCO brings inner city kids to suburbs such as Longmeadow. 
Originally intended to improve the racial imbalance, it was continued 
because it was considered a plus for suburban students and Inner city 
kids, both of which can learn from each other. METCO is federally 
funded, and each student who participates in it is paid for through 
state funds. Each qrade level has a certain number of students. As 
of right now there are fifteen students in LH5. Once a student has 
entered the school system he or she is expected to meet its criteria 
both academically and socially. 

Stephanie Lin 

Dp: Junior Shana Perrin organizes her stack of papers. 

light: METCO chairperson, Sandi MacDonald, is always hard at work. 

jrttom: The Lady METCO-ers. 


METCO < 139 


SADD, otherwise known as Students Against Drunk Driving, is 
led by senior Dagmer Fisher. Mrs. Wiseman advises the group, and Mr. 
Crumb gives ideas at their meetings. The group meets approximately 
twice a month. "Our program helps to keep people aware of the dangers 
of drunk driving," said junior Joe O'Brien. Throughout the year, SADD 
organizes a number of different events. These include selling red 
ribbons to spectators at sports like at football games in order to raise 
funds, staging a mock accident to discourage drunk driving, and put- 
ting on a dance In December. 

The club is composed of students from all grades and open to 
anyone wishing to join. According to junior Erinn Williams, "SADD is a 
good opportunity to get involved and make a contribution to the 

Albert Lee 

Top right: Seniors Dagmar Fisher and 
Kim Weeks socialize together. 
Above: Seniors Jen Lambert and Sing 
Sing Wu discuss issues. 

140> SADD 

Front row: T. Cullinan, A. Bennett, S. Provencher, D. Diaz, L. Adams, H. King, B. Sprenkle, I 
Ochs, D. Mikesh, J. Young. Second row: J. O'Brien, K. Hennessy, P. Barron, D. Fisher. Thh 
row: M. Kennedy, A. Lusardi, E. Williams, M. Kenney, C. Wagner, T. Brinkmann, S. Wu, J. 
Gagne, J. Lambert, K. Weeks, B. Lepow, A. Peters, A. Polverini, C. Porter. Fourth row: R. 
Ackley, R. Ronen, J. Buchanan, B. Baxter. Fifth row: M. Mayock, J. Allen, J. Giammarino, K 
Kuhn, J. Weare, J. Grodsky, J. Ackley, Y. Afolabi, J. Chircop, M. Illouz, J. Warwick, A. 
Lounsbury, C. Sutton, L. Magnani, J. Harrelson, J. Smith. 

French Club 

If you've had the good fortune to find yourself hanging around 
in the Foreign Language hallway on a Thursday after school, then 
you've probably noticed a small but loyal group of French speakers 
congregated inside rm. 219. Who are these language lovers? The 
French Club! 

The club was organized last year by its' advisor, Lisa Rooney, 
and a few enthusiastic students. Although its membership is small, 
sophomore Tristina 3eale prefers it this way. "Everybody knows every- 
body and we all work together." 

Being a close knit group has its advantages, such as providing 
an opportunity to take part in many activities. For example, the club 
has been responsible for numerous bake sales at concerts, a booth at 
Longmeaddowe Days, a dinner at Madeline's Restaurant in Connecti- 
cut, and various tripe to Newport. 

The members of this sophisticated organization decided to 
show off their language aptitude by providing a quote in French, which 
was very distressing to this Spanish student. Senior Catherine 
Zollmann and junior Cindy Sullivan commented, "Le 
cercle Francais est amusant, avec beaucoup de 
personnes tres sympathises." 

Chanel Dubofsky 

rst row: Y. Sung, Miss Rooney, T. Beale, D. Roberts. Second row: I. Eiff, C. Zollman, C. 

Top left: Don't mess with senior Yuhlinc 
Sung! Above: Sophmore Tristina Beale, 
aka Vanna White, displays the Eiffel 

French Club < 141 


This year, some of Longmeadow High School's best writers and 
artists put together some of their finest works and submitted them 
to Longmeadow High School's literary magazine, Impressions. These 
students are anxiously waiting to see their work they have toiled over 
finally in print. 

Impressions, compiling many kinds of creative works of the 
student body, has student editors which decide what goes into the 
magazine. These include seniors Liz Walat, Katy Weiss, and literary 
editor Rachel Dress. They have deadlines periodically and many stu- 
dents will rush to complete an artistic work they have perhaps put off. 

Says Impressions advisor Ms. McShane, "With Impressions, 
students have a chance to showcase their talents as writers, artists 
and creators." 

Christine Burke 

Top: Senior Katy Weiss reads a poem as she walks to her car. 
Left: Junior Tessa Hayes stands for the camara. 

(front row): K. Dreher, K. Weiss, R. Dress; (second row): K. Brookmeyer, T. Hayes, L. 
Kelleher, A. Lee, L. Walat. 

J4 2/ Impressions 

Above left: Junior Laurie Kelleher hands 

Tessa Hayes a story written for Impressions. 

Above right: Senior Liz Walat and junior 

Albert Lee discuss whether or not they should 

put a story in. 

Left: Sophomore Katie Brookmeyer edits a 


Bottom left: Senior Kelsey Dreher points 

something out to seniors Rachel Dress and 

Katy Weiss. 

Bottom right: Sophomore Katie Brookmeyer 

laughs as she poses for the camara 

Impressions Q 43, 

Jet Jotter 

Longmeadow High School's more traditional 
newspaper, The Jet Jotter, provides an outlet for LHS 
students to present their writing talents before the 
school and their peers, and also is an excellent way 
to gain experience in journalism. 

The staff on the paper Includes a cast of many from all grades 
as staffwriters and the following upperclassmen editors: Senior Liz 
Walat, Editor In Chief; Senior Katy Weiss, Managing Editor; Junior 
Albert Lee, Features; Junior Lavanya Kilaru, Campus News; senior Kim 
Schneider, Editorials; Senior Karen Tang, Arts and Entertainment; and 
senior Chanel Dubofsky, Sports. 

Walat says in regard to the quality of the paper, "We have 
tried, and I think successfully, to keep up with the 
caliber the Jet Jotter has had in past years with the 
previous editors. It has overall, been a successful 
year in terms of the talented writers we have, also." 

Christine F3urke 

Top: Senior Chanel Dubofsky looks over senior Kim Schneider's work. 
Left: Seniors Katy Weiss and Liz Walat direct the members of the Jet Jotter. 

Front row: K. Tang, K. Schneider, L. Kilaru, C. Dubofsky, A. Lee, K. Weiss, D. Chang. 
Walat. Second row: D. Bernstein, L. DeSantis, J. Kuhr, K. Brookmeyer, J. Rousse, S. 
Leavens, E. Orenstein, R. Finer, A. Korchevskaya, Mrs. Warren. Third row: S. Chang, 
Meyers, S. Primack, L. Mortenson, C. Burke, R. Calucchia, S. Samant.. 

144^> Jet Jotter 

>p left: Sophomores Swaroop Samant and Jen Kuhr talk about how much they have to do before the next deadline. Top right: Freshman 
:bbie Bernstein sits trying to decide which story she wants to write. Bottom left: Presenting managing editor Katy Weiss and editor-in-chief 
z Walat. Bottom right: A Jet Jotter meeting in full swing. Bottom right corner: Who ever says Jet Jotter writers never have fun? 

■■:-",. *+ 


The Yearbook has had a busy year preparing the annual high- 
lights of LHS. Under the direction of faculty advisor Miss Osowski, 
seniors Jan Kuhn and Debby Levenson, mapped out the entire book and 
supervised all the work. 

An extensive staff of workers assist the editors-in-chiefs. 
Copy Editors senior Chanel Dubofsky and junior Albert Lee appoint 
members of the copy staff to write short Informational articles which 
appear on each page. Photography Editors sophomore Swaroop 
Samant and junior Rachel Sterner supply all the pictures for the book 
by assigning photo shoots to photography staffers. The business 
aspects of the Yearbook are dealt with by the business staff under 
business Editors Amy Carlson and Adrienne Swiatocha. 

Page editors take charge in laying out pages and designating 
what photos should appear. Senior Courtney Snelham, Student Life 
Editor; Seniors &ecca Stevens and Heather Orenstein, Senior Index 
Editors; Senior Kate Phelps, the Underclass Editor; and Seniors 
Debbie Chang and Elizabeth Derby, the Organizations. Of course there 
are many other staff members who have worked quietly behind the 
scenes and are not mentioned here but whose efforts are to be 

Albert Lee 
Stephanie Lin 

Top: Editors-in-chief Debby Levenson and Jan Kuhn look over the proofs to 

sent to the yearbook company. 

Left: Business editors Amy Carlson and Adrienne Swiatocha count up the 

money from the yearbook sale. 

Bottom: Photo editor Swaroop Samant directs his loyal photography staff. 

14fa> Yearbook 

Top left: JanKuhn 
and Debby Levenson 
assault poor, 
innocent senior 
Debbie Chang with 
tons of page assign- 

Top right: Sopho- 
more Rose Calucchia 
thinks about all the 
pictures she has to 

•st row: J. Kuhn, D. Levenson. Second row: R. Steiner, A. Swiatocha, A. Carlson, R. Ochs, D. Chang, A. Moral. 
ird row: C. Dubofsky, H. Orenstein, C. Snelham, K. Phelps, A. Bullock, K. Weiss, S. Samant, A. Lee. Fourth row: 
Lin, J. Tsizis, U. Stahl, K. Anderson, J. Skowera, J. Ochs, G. Scheer, S. Ross, K. Haflich, A. Peters, M. Cohen, A. 
aiden, R. Weinstein, A. Martin, B. Siclari, A. Scheer, J. Kurland, Miss Osowski. Fifth row: M. Youmeil, J. Kuhr, R. 
lucchia, J. Rousse. 

Yearbook <147 

A Time To... 
Be Heard 

Fine Arts 



WIND ENSEMBLE. First Row: S. Paysnick, C. Porter, D. Chang, L. Walat, L. Shoemaker, K. Julian, D. Levenson, R. Steiner, L. Dibble. 
Second Row: J. Lederman, J. Shcneider, L. Halsey, M. McKenna, J. Weiner, A. Hayes, L. Porter, C. Couchon, J. Cheng, K. Barowski. Third! 
Row: J. Shapiro, S. Colton, A. Mish, B. Friedenson, M. McGrarry, B. Olney, D. Friedman, A. Bullock, B. Russell, M. McGarry, B. Baxter, A. 
Hyde, M. Mucci. Fourth Row: D. Landis, B. Harwood, M. McCarthy, R. Harbison, K. Sheffield, M. Berger, B. Steger, D. Luftman, M. Peter 
C. Pekruhn, J. Linson, D. Holt. 

A SNOWY INTERLUDE. (From left to 
right) Leah Halsey and Dana Landis get into 
the music as Mr. Mucci conducts. 

15 0/ Wind Ensemble 

(2>o*teent &<a*t>ct 



NCERT BAND. First Row: E. MacDonnell, I. Eiff, D. Canter, R. Snider, A. Lusardi, A. Spivak. Second Row: E. Tjonahen, E. Tyrell, S. 
zowicz, A. Baraldi, E. Ginley, K. Ward, K. Leavitt, M. Willoughby, J. Gerard, A. Peskin, M. Reynolds, C. Cromer, S. Mitchell. Third Row: 
rown, C. Gaudreau,E. Gerard, K. Brookmeyer, J. Galaska, M. Wiseman, M. Gurzenski, K. Dybdahl , J. Anzalotti, S. Wolman, P. Hampf, K. 
icus, J. Carle, O. Sellers. Fourth Row: M. Mucci, E. Zimmer, S. Cullinan, A. Szafran, L. Bebeau, M. Kabell, A. Gurzenski, R. Ronen, M. 
Carthy, K. Willoughby, K. Sheffield, J. Williams, D. Gebo, A. Godding. Missing: L. Joyce, L. DeSantis, M. Goldman, B. Lucia, T. Hayes, 
Cullinan, A. Fournier, S. Freedberg. 

Concert Band <151 

ORCHESTRA. First Circle: D. Mish, S. Chang, K. Tang, S. Lin, B. Abbate, G. Sakellis, J. Sorrell, C. Leichthammer. Second Circle: S. W- 
J. Cheng, A. Lee, C. Blackburn, N. Portier, D. Holt, J. Steinman, C. Snelham, L. Cantin. Third Circle: D. Ray, L. Chang, S. Geoffrion, E. 
Chang, E. Turnberg. Fourth Row: M. McCormick, R. Callucia, L. Tivoli, J. Randall, M. Mucci, A. Libbos, A. Ferris, E. Kent. 

152 / Orchestra 


"■ \'< i'P : w&-M$%..i -'' y ' '~r '*?\t . ^|. 


K 1 R| 

^Mrl± A 



1 mMk * * — -*^ 


'■■ », ■■■■ .■ Mb 

HHT*' I 1 I 


0<2$$> ^Ortct 

\XTL BAND. First Row: M. McGarry, A. Bullock, D. Friedman, B. Olney, B. Friedenson. Second Row: B. O'Toole, J. Linson, A. Mish, R. 
larbison, B. Harwood, M. McCarthy. Third Row: S. Colton, L. Dibble, A. Libbos, D. Luftman, M. Crandall, M. Berger, B. Steger, M. Peters. 

Girls' Chorus: The chorus for freshmen girls that helps to familiarize 

the aspiring musicians with Mr. Thomson's technique. 

Men's Chorus: For the male of the species, anyone — freshmen 

through seniors — desiring to sing without any females to cramp their 


Concert Chorus: Any girls grades 10-12 who want to sing in the 

music program. 

Lyrics: A slightly higher skill level, this group is audition only. Mixed 

voices, men and women, who often sing in harmony up to six parts. 

I Cantori: This group is formed from the best of Lyrics. It is a small 

group that performs without the aid of a conductor or accompaniment. 

GIRLS' CHORUS. First Row: A. Sheer, R. Weinstein, R. 
Silverman, A. Crandall, A. Ferrel, S. Ross, A. Braden, H. Pearson. 
Second Row: A. Bercume, S. Lo, J. Gordon, D. Gruet, R. Couchon, B. 
Burger, V. Cathrew, M. Reynolds, A. Kalicka. Third Row: E. 
Meyers, C. Hall, A. Peters, J. Wawrzeniak, L. Frank, S. Riga, J. 
Axenroth. Fourth Row: L. Bibeau, A. Brigham, M. Wilson, A. 
Martin, J. Skowera, L. Tindall, J. Bailey, J. Portier. 

&Q9G&* v >■ 


LYRICS. First Row: K. Mikesh, S. Lavin, S. Gordon, S. Blansett, E 
Landis, M. deLima, A. Libbos, J. Demase, J. Sorrell, L. Gruet, J. 
Leavitt, M. Leichthammer. Second Row: A. Chasen, J. Lambert, J. 
Kuhn, B. Abbate, C. Leichthammer, S. Gowtham, D. Winer, S. 
Rafferty, M. Pacella, M. Zwirko, B. Sprenkle, K. Gladwin. Third 
Row: S. Samant, J. Rushbrook, J. Steinman, S. Egan, C. Sutton, N. 
Mosely, K. Sherman, M. Kuhr, D. Dobosh, C. Blair, R. Abramson, K. 
Weiss, I. Gordon. 

CONCERT CHORUS. First Row: E. Brody, R. Mekler, T. Brown, 
E. Randall, E. Orenstein, J. Rousse. Second Row: C. Sullivan, Y. 
Afolabi, C. Marantz, L. Adams, S. Carrazza. Third Row: M. 
Bienkowski, M. Baj, L. Katz, M. Martin, R. McMahon, C. Cromer. 

I CANTORI. S. Samant, S. Rafferty, C. Sutton, J. Kuhn, A. Libos, K. 
Weiss, C. Blair, D. Winer, M. Pacella, K. Gladwin, S. Lavin, I. 

15 4/ Choruses 

MEN'S CHORUS. First Row: S. Cullinan, J. Buchanon. Second 
Row: M. Blansett, B. Orr, C. Purdy. Third Row: P.Egan, B. 
Sherman, T. Young, J. Blair, S. Arndt. 

WAITING FOR THE CUE. While Mr. Thomson conducts 
bove), junior Amy Carlson and sophomore Ryan McMahon 
iticipate their entrance (above right). 

TEL DONE. Seniors Jan Kuhn and Katy Weiss smile at each 
her for a job well done. 

SENIOR SINGERS. The senior members of 
Lyrics smile for the camera. 


Members of Men's 
Chorus (above right) 
perform at the Fall 


Sophomore Evelyn 
Orenstein discusses the 
songs for the Fall 
Concert with sophomore 
Becky Mekler. 

Choruses <J55 






IjiV v VW u .,'. f. 


Sarah Garb listens to junior 
Lauren Gruet as she gives her 


members of the Drama Club 
put their hands together to 
receive each other's positive 

DRAMA CLUB. First Row: R. Cummings, S. Weigel, S. Garb, L. 
Gruet, A. Gruman, V. Philips. Second Row: M. Weiselburg, G. 
Gervais, M. Harrison. 

A ROOKIE. Junior Mike Weiselburg learns how to captivate the 
audience at a drama rehearsal. 

LM. Senior Anna Gruman reacts to the lines that Sara Garb 

Drama Club < 159 


\ Time To... 

ather Together 

tudent Life 



Back to School 

On the first day of school, students from all classes journeyed into a 
new frontier as they crossed the threshold. There, the different classes 
separated into their respective provinces of Lancerland. 

The new generation of freshmen, walking through the Forest of Expec- 
tation, were overwhelmed with the new teachers and homework, but were filled 
with anticipation for their new school. Sophomores were looking forward to an - 
easy year free from stress and hard work. The unfortunate juniors, however, 
descended Into the Valley of the Dead. The seniors, on top of the world, on the 
Mountain of Achievement, needing only to get by the Demon of College Applica- 
tions journeyed excitedly to Graduatlonland. 

Debbie Chang 

.■ 31 

Page 162 (left to right) 

1. Hans Harmsen tries out his new 

2. Chuck Toye, Jen Miller, Katirina 
Makris, and Ellen Fitzpatrick enjoy 
their new lounge privileges. 

3. Johanna Sorrell helps set up the 
music room while Danny Holt 
practices his violin. 

4. Katie Brookmeyer and Jessica 
Farmer smile for the camera. 
Page 163 (left to right) 

1. Frosh get used to their new 

2. Rebecca Rhee and Swaroop 
Samant enjoy their last minutes 
before returning to school. 

3. Shira Hut, Beth Young, and Karen 
Rencus reunite after the summer. 

4. Kristin Washington smiles. 

5. Kate Rafferty helps the freshmen 
find their way. 

6. Albert Lee tries to hide behind his 

Back to 5choo\ <163 


At 7:30am on Tuesday, August 31st, while most upperclassmen were 
sound asleep in their beds, all incoming freshmen arrived at Longmeadow High 
School for their first day of school. They were greeted by Dr. Murphy in the 
auditorium who welcomed everyone and encouraged the Idea of a united 
freshmen class. The freshmen then had the task of finding their way to a\ 
their new classes. They were aided In this venture by friendly upperclassmen as 
well as teachers who were acting as guides for this confusing day. 

They were all given a break during lunch where they could visit the 
activities fair. There, upperclassmen tried desperately to recruit members to 
their clubs. Eventually, it all came to an end and the freshmen knew the fate of 
their ne>ct four years. 

Stephanie Gordon 

Page 164 (left to right) 

1. Mary Youmell looks for help. 

2. Robyn Weinstein participates in a 

3. Christina Rinaldi helps freshmen 
sign up for activities. 

4. Stephanie Ross, Lindsay Hollister, 
and Lori Williams are excited about 
their first day at the High School. 

Page 165 (left to right) 

1. Freshmen listen to upperclassmen 
directing traffic. 

2. A new Masacksic recruit! 

3. Freshmen enjoy learning how to 
write music in their music technol- 
ogy class. 

4. Freshman girls find their 
homeroom numbers. 

5. New students fill their schedules 
onto handy schedule cards. 

Freshman Orientation <j65 


This year's pep rally was of a slightly different nature. Due to various 
problems with the bonfires of previous years, the entire event had to be moved 
Indoors and the infero of wood platforms was cancelled, nevertheless, Inside 
the gym, the school spirit was still blazing hotter than ever. The Pep 3and 
Indeed delivered their share of pep with the "Cheerleader Strut" while the 
teams cheered on. Those students who attended the rally not only had the 
opportunity to watch the extravagant presentations by the cheerleaders, but 
also had the privilege of seeing something new this year: a film showing clips of 
the fall teams practicing. It featured interviews of team captains and coaches 
telling about their outlook on the upcoming season. Even with the change of 
setting, the pep rally still provided ample entertainment and roused school 

Albert Lee 

16 6) Pep Rally 

Page 166 (left to right) 

1. Laura Glazer and Bob Browne in 
the cafeteria before the dance. 

2. Sherry Spitz, Sing Sing Wu, Lynette 
Grypp, and Andrea Bullock, are all 
miles tonight. 

3. Missy Williams, Carrie Hargreaves, 
and Allie Riccio at the pep rally. 

4. Nick Fournier, Gary Berte, Mike 
Dunn, and Jay Warwick. 

Page 167 (left to right) 

1. Lindsay Adams, Erin Williams, and 
Maureen McDonough boogie down 
at the dance. 

2. The Pep Band peps up the school's 

3. Swaroop Samant and Rose 
Calucchia do the YMCA. 

4. Nick Fournier is proud to be a 
football player. 

5. Jenna Szyluk- what else can we 

Pep Rally < 167 

Hittine the Books 

Every student at LH5 will confessthat he/she has slacked off on 
a few assignments. 3ut every student will also acknowledge the hard 
work and study that they have put into many of their classes. Generally, 
the freshmen are stunned by the amount of work before them after 
sailing through middle school. Eventually they realize how easy it is. 
Sophomores probably have the best time because they are used to the 
work and experience little stress. Junior year, the hardest academic year 
of the four, is spent almost entirely in the library, researching topics for 
various papers as well as studying for the numerous test that arise 
However, there is a reward for completing junior year: SENIOR YEAR! 
This final year in high school is great because after college applications 
have been completed, seniors can enjoy their year without worrying about 
grades, a drastic change from previous years. 

Freshmen Backpack: A bag that is full of everything because the student 
cannot find his/her locker. 

Junior Backpack: A bag that is the size of Texas loaded with books that 
all must be read In one night. 

Senior Backpack: Although few exist, many are empty for obvious rea- 

Molly Kenney 






JP» *« 




% I 

16 g>) Hitting) the Books 

Page 168 (left to right) 

1. Maki Fukazawa makes good use 
of her free time studying in the 

2. Jenna Szyluk studies in the senior 

3. Jeff Smith and Sherry Spitz study 
in the lounge. 

Page 167 (left to right) 

1. Bill Steger, Mark Vezzola, Chris 
Ward, and Eddie Libfeld study (?!) 
in the library. 

2. Eileen MacDonnell and Megan 
DiPasquale amuse themselves in the 

3. Adam Williams takes a break. 

4. Ambria Cone takes a break from 
Algebra to smile for our roving lens. 

5. David Paysnick studies in the 

H itting the Books <J 69y 

T?0> Jobs and Hobbies 

Page 170 (left to right) 

1. Steve Cantin caught off guard at 

2. Bill Weare stacking the shelves. 

3. Jana Gagne at CVS. 

4. Kristin Duke at Bliss Pharmacy. 

5. Becca Stevens bagging at Big Y. 

6. Jen Wolmer at Armadas. 

Page 171 (left to right) 

1. Evan Buscemi takes a break. 

2. Mark Leichthammer at Friendly's 

3. Ben Abbate is distracted from his 
work by the camera. 

4. Eli Holguin at Brightwood Hard- 

5. Ryan Willoughby at Brightwood 

6. Julia Rousse at Bliss Video. 


Imagine a better, more exciting place than Longmeadow. Times up- 
couldyou think of at least one? This summer, students at LHS expanded 
their horizons by traveling to assorted foreign countries. Junior Erik Turnberg 
spent the summer in a small farm town in Paraguay, and also went to school 
with local students. When asked about his experience, Turnberg described it 
as "the most amazing thing I've ever done." Junior Amy Carlson and senior 
Jeremy Gershen also spent the summer in South America, Carlson In Costa 
Rica and Gershen in Argentina, dividing his time between the country and 
Buenos Aires. In addition to students who spent their summers and semes- 
ters in other parts of the world, LHS also gained two exchange students; 
Makiko Fuzawa from Ja^an, and Benjamin Strabofrom Denmark. Both are In 
Longmeadow via the AF5 club. 

Chanel Pubofsky 

i *•■ 

17 2> Foreign Exchange 

Page 172 (left to right) 

1. Elizabeth Derby, and Titina and 
Andrea Moral in Ecuador, looking 
over the Andes Mountains. 

2. Katy Weiss with her French friend 
pose in Monef s garden at Giverny. 

3. Sarah Shine in Ireland. 

Page 173 (left to right) 

1. Jeremy Gershen with his friends 
from Argentina. 

2. Amy Carlson with her friend from 
Costa Rica. 

3. Makiko Fukazawa with her 
classmates in Japan. 

Foreign Exchange <J 73, 

Fads & Fashions 

Walking through the halls of LH5, one would notice eome strikingly popular 
fashions circulating throughout the student population-both new and old. Many 
girls display "kiddy barettes" in their hair while the guys exhibit their college hats 
(worn either backwards or forwards, either is acceptable). 

Of course there are the fashions that will never go out of style. For 
example, the plaid shirt originally close to the heart of a carpenter or lumberjack, 
has become a part of every LHS student's closet. Another fashion that seems a 
prerequisite at LHS is the sandal — either F3irkenstocks or Tevae (watch out for 
clumbsy people with big shoes when you sport those sandals. Ouch!). 

There is also a new hair "tool" to accompany the lone scrunchie that 
came about late last year. It has long teeth and "bites" your hair into place. You 
cannot forget the classic L.L. Dean Deluxe backpacks in which many students 
have chosen to hold their hated schoolwork. 

Skater type items like Pumas, thermal underwear worn under shorts, and 
baggy jeans, have retained their popularity with the less preppy people. 

Christine durke 

174 > Fads & Fashions 

Page 174 (left to right) 

Michelle Kuhr in a tiny sweater. 

. Jason Chircop is dressed in coat and 
tie, ready for his soccer game. 

. Swaroop Samant, Rebecca Rhee, and 
Katie Brookmeyer in the L.H.S. halls. 

L Chris Couchon, Noah Kolodziejski, 
Lindasy Porter, Karen Rencus, Jeff 
Anzalotti, and Ben Harwood demon- 
strate the current fashons. 

. Chris Gaureau in baggy clothes. 

age 175 (left to right) 

Christine Coady shows off her new 


Lia Lafreniere in the latest fashions. 

Rose Calucchia with her lunch box. 

Erica Vander Leeden and Lauren 
Jrbshat wear their altered jeans. 
. Becca Abramson and Jen Suher. 
. Shatic Mitchell in a leather jacket. 

Meghan Lappin poses her fashion. 

Marissa Ciccia always dresses in 



Page 176 (left to right) 

1. Sue Scully, Laura Glazer, Mike Pacella, 
Elizabeth Derby, Becca Abramson, and 
Jen Kubala. 

2. Mike Orr at work on a Saturday 

3. Debby Levenson's 16th birthday party. 

4. Sarah Shine, Danielle Saint Louis, Lainr 
Glazer, Jeff Kirstein, Kevin Hennessy, 
Brian Keane, Matt McGarry, Jess Miller, 
and Sue Scully. 

Page 177 (left to right) 

1. Matt Szlachetka, Dan Friedman, and 
Dave Patterson play for their friends. 

2. Anthony Sarage and Matt McGarry. 

3. Alison Stechenberg, Missy Williams, 
andAllie Riccio. 

4. Julia Rousse and Rose Calluchia 
dancing for the camara. 

5. Sue Scully and Sarah Shine. 

6. Tris Beale, Dave Robert, and Randi 
Elman enjoy themselves at a school dance 

"No para: sigue, sigue." Don't stop; keep on going. This was the theme song for this year's school trip to Madrid, Spam. Afte 
a full day of traveling on buses and planes, the group of about 45 took to the streets. In Madrid, with a temperature of 
about 50° Farenheit, not only did students visit the Royal Valace and the Yrado Museum, but they relaxed in the park, 
shopped the "rebajas" at El Corte Ingles, and had a mid-day snack at any one of the many tapas bars in the city. Under tha 
leadership of our fearless tour guide Gerardo (or "G"), the students experienced many more 
cultural things then if they were on their own. From El Puerto del Sol (Tio Pepe) to the Plaza 
Mayor (where students danced the night away during the first day of Carnival '96), students 
practiced their Spanish and found new foods such as paella, tortilla espanola, and churrrros. 
However, the trip didn't stop in Madrid. We saw outside the city El Escorial, The Valley of the 
Fallen, and we also visited Toledo, Avila, Segovia, and Salamanca, with the help of our speedy 
bus driver Carlos. We saw many gorgeous churches, synagogues, and an abundance of Important 
statues. We even saw the finger of a saint, preserved in a glass case! Students grew more 
cultured, while teachers suffered from culture shock, living with forty wild kids on one floor 
at the Hotel Italia was an "inolvidable " experience. With leaving the key at the desk, bread 
and soup at every meal, 2 charming waiters, the Pit and the bidet, students will never forget 
the time they shared in Spain. 




<J78 y> Spain Trip 

. ,> 



!••. .^■f****'* 

Page 178 (left to right) 

1. Juniors Jason Smith, Tim McKeon, and 
Nicole Duquette and sophomore Kim 
Haflich hang out in the hallway of Hotel 

2. Junior Tim Egan, tour guide "G-Man", 
and friends sqeeze into a telephone booth in 

3. Senior Phil Rice relaxes on his throne. 

4. Seniors Andrea and Titina Moral, Eliza- 
beth Derby, and Debby Levenson enjoy 
'Spanish food in a tapas bar. 

iPage 179 (left to right) 

; 1. The cold weather in Segovia doesn't 
bother Phil Rice, Luke Youmell, Matt 
'. McGarry, and Tim Egan. 

2. The group stops to take a picture in the 
I small town of Arevalo. 

3. Outside of Retiro park, some juniors and 
seniors pose for the camara. 

4. Elizbeth Derby and Titina and Andrea 
JMoral relax with tour guide Gerardo ("G"). 
|5. A frog on the skeleton's head here in 

Salamanca is supposedly a symbol of good 

1 6. The infamous Museo del Jamon. 

17. On their last night many experience 
{Spain's finest food at La Casa Botin. 

Spain Trip y !79 

Daisy Weeds 

arm ' * ! '?. ■ MM 

1 .1 

Page 180 (left to right) 

1. The Weeds cheer despite their 

2. Jan Ktihn and Debby Levenson 
enjoy themselves at the game. 

3. The Daisy offence runs a play. 

4. Allie Riccio, a daisy quarterback, 
throws the ball. 

5. Weeds waiting for the game to 

Page 181 (left to right) 

1. Jenna Szyluk dives for the ball as 
the Daisies attempt to stop her. 

2. The Weeds watch their team- 
mates from the sidelines. 

3. Another congested play. 

4. Kate Phelps on defense! 

5. The players fasten their belts as 
they get ready for the game to begin. 

6. The Daisies gather for a picture 
after their win. 

Daisy Weeds < 181 

Variety Show 

If you, like many others, were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of 
the TV set in the cafeteria, you have the Longmeadow High School Key Club to 
thank for brightening up your lunch periods and free blocks with pictures and 
announcements. The event attributed with raising money for this contribution is 
the Variety Show. 

Every year, this evening, completely student organized, is responsible for 
bringing out the best and the brightest of LHS talent. This year, the show fea- 
tured senior MC's Yetunde Afolabi, Matt McGarry, Mike Wilson, F3rian LaFountain, 
and Jeff Smith, as well as many acts. Among these were the "Chicks of '96" 
singing "Respect," junior Abe Libbos and senior Clark Sutton, a band going by the 
name of Twisty Straws, and senior Darcy Winer, who performed a memorable solo. 

The event was run by dedicated and resilient Key Club member Shannon 
Kafferty with the help of Jen Kubala, Sue Scully, Kim Haberlin, and Laura Glazer, 
In addition to junior Josh Randall, who was responsible for a superior lightning 
and technical crew. According to Kubala, "With the help of many students, we 
pulled it off at the last minute, but it turned out to be a great success!' 

In addition to earning enough money to furnish the cafeteria with a 
television, the show also provided an opportunity for the student body to portray 
their own special and unique talents. Senior Anthony Sarage summed up the 
evening by saying, "It was a great oppportunity for the talent of LHS to come 
through in a primetime event." 

Chanel Cubofsky 

Page 182 (left to right) 

1. Darcy Winer sings a 
song that she has written. 

2. Clark Sutton on guitar 

3. "I love you man!" with 
Thomas and Matt McGarry. 

Page 183 (left to right) 

1 . Clark Sutton and Abe 

2. Andy Mish on drums 

3. Curtain call. 

4. Kim Haberlin, Shannon 
Rafferty, and Sue Scully. 

5. Emcees Mike Wilson, 
Brian LaFountain, Jeff 
Smith, Yea Afolabi, Matt 

18 2> Variety Show 

Variety Show < 163 

12>4> Senioritis 

J 1 *?. 

Page 184 (left to right) 

1 . Seniors relax in the lounge. 

2. Mike Dunn and Seth Zirnring 
relax during their free block. 

3. Marion Illouz idles in the library. 

4. Ellie Kline and Kim Weeks put 
their feet up and relax instead of 
doing their homework. 

Page 185 (left to right) 

1. Hans Harmson stretches after a 
tiring morning. 

2. Sing Sing Wu and Sherry Spitz 
relax as they study. 

3. Jen Lambert and Melissa DeLima 
take a little nap. 

4. Johanna Sorrell finds it hard to 

5. Dagmar Fisher studys her notes 
quickly before class. 

9k.4hkr *^Bl 

■■ BR % J 1 

Seniorities 185 

JrlSr Semi-Formal 

■■ |fg 

'~$ : j&%*t 



*r i 

P^ jH 

.. , . PS 1 

^L V- — 



r :«B 

m M,d : jfi^S 

The junior senior semi-formal is a unlade occasion that 
brings the upperclassmen of LH5 together for one special night. 
For most the night began with an extensive photo session with 
friends and family and then an expensive dinner at restaurants 
like the Olive Garden and the Mariott. Afterwards, juniors and 
seniors as well as some lucky underclassmen poured into the 
elegantly decorated Chez Josef dressed in fancy gowns and 
snazzy suits. Although the setting was new, students seemed 
to have no problem adjusting because the dance floor was 
crowded all night long during both popular slow and fast songs. 
Although the dance itself lasted for almost 3 hours, most 
students agreed that the much anticipated night ended too 
quickly. This year's juniors and seniors would also agree that 
despite ail the pre-dance tensions of finding a date, a dress, 
shoes and of course a tie, the dance was a smashing success 
and provided for a fabulous night with friends and dates. 


last From the Past 


Blast from the Fast 

,'v; • *V 

Page 188 (left to right) 

l.Mrs. Springer's 1st grade class. 

2. Kim Weeks, Jen Herlihy, Carrie 
Hargreaves, and Missy Williams. 

3. Robin Colton, Kristin Arnold, 
fodi Grosnick,and Missy Corbert at 

4. Mike Pacella's birthday party. 
6. Debby Levenson and Jen Suner. 
p. Sarah Godding, Liz OBrian, 
fcindy Herbert, Kim Schneider, 
Elizabeth Derby, April McCarthy, 
Becky Underwood, Olivia Jenne, 
pichaelaTuohey, and Gillian Polga 
in their dance class. 

Page 189 (left to right) 

1. Sing Sing Wu, Rachel Dress, 
Melissa deLima, Leslie Shoemaker, 
Liz Walat, and Kelsey Dreher. 

2. Shaving cream fight at Williams 
In the last day of 8tn grade 

I. John Buchanan, Nick Martinelli, 

Kevin Hennessy, and Carl 


I. Simon, Alvin, and Theodore 

lt.k.a. Carrie Hargreaves, Jan 

kuhn, and Marion Illouz) 

5. Elizabeth Derby and Ben Baxter. 
1 Nick Matinelli and Jana Gagne. 

I Kristen Arnold and Mike Pacella. 
A Wolfswamp class. 

1* d 


Blast from the Past C1S-9" 

A Time To 






71 % 

*. 1 


Administration & 



Thomas McGarry 


Jacqueline Sutter 

Dean of Students 

Mary Cox 


Lawrence Berte 

Associate Principal 

\\94 y> Faculty 


Susan Burns 

English III; Verbal PSAT/ 

SAT; Contemporary Issues; 

Senior Class Advisor; 

Volleyball Referee 

Russell Cobbs 

Department Chair; English IV 


Roger LeBlanc 

English I, II; JV Girls' Soccer 
Coach; L.E.A. Representative; 

Broadway trip Advisor; 

English I Level Leader 


Lind a McShane 

English IV, IV AP; Creative 
Writing; Impressions 

Elizabeth Cushman 

English II, m H, IV; NHS 

Kimberly Harrington 

English II, III 

Jane Murphy 

English I H, III; lunior Class 
Advisor; Daisy Coach 


Connie Gallagher 

English I, II 

Bill Kirkpatrick 

English I, ED, III H; Tennis 
Coach; Rough Draft 

Janice Pontacoloni 

English II H, IV 

Faculty < 195> 

Foreign Language 

George Carellas 

Department Chair 
Spanish II, III H, IV 

Mary Beth Maloney 

Spanish I, IV, V AP 

Lisa Rooney 

French II H, IV, V; Spanish I 

Catherine Wiseman 

Spanish I, H~, II H, ffl; 
S.A.D.D. Advisor 

Mike McCarthy 

Spanish II H, III, IV H; JV 

Soccer Coach; AFS Club 


Spanish in H, V 

Pictures not 

availible for Lisa 

Alves and Lorie 


Lisa Alves 

Spamish II H, IE 

Lorie Healy 

French I; Latin I, II, HI, 

Robert Potvin 

French H~, HI H, IV H, V A 

Lori Robinson 

Spanish II 

396/ Facult y 

Social Studies 

Lolene Blake 

U.S. History I; European 
History AP 

Bob Delano 

U.S. History I, II; World 

Cultures; Varsity Girls' 

Soccer Coach 


Mike Gelinas 

U.S. History I; Mass Media; 

Book Store Manager; Sports 

Ticket Sales Manager 

John Fitzgerald 

U.S. History II; Ancient 

Civilizations; Contemporary 

Issues; Amnesty International; 

Young Democrats 

Peter Santos 

Department Chair; Asian 

History; Contemporary 

Issues; International Club 

Shelly Warren 

U.S. History I; U.S. History 

II; Psychology; Jet Jotter 

Literary Advisor 

Joe Winseck 

U.S. History II; U.S. History 
AP; Constitutional Issues 

Picture not available 
for Marty O' Shea 

Marty O'Shea 

U.S. History II; U.S. 

History II AP; Intro to 

Sociology; Debate Team; 

Weeds Coach 

Faculty < 197> 


P. Martin Conway 

Calculus AB; Math SAT 

Review; Algebra II; 

Trigonomentry; Finite 


Pauline Lemoine 

Algebra Foundations; Algebra 

I; PreCalculus H; Freshmen 

Class Advisor; Ski Club 


Susan Peters 

PreCalculus H; 
Algebra 11,11 H 

Dave Daniels 

Department Chair; Algebra I; 

Geometry; Calculus BC; 

Math Team 

Virginia Guistina 

Geometry H; Functions & 
Trigonometry; BASIC and 

Pascal Programming; 
Sophomore Class Advisor 



Meredith Laughlin 

Geometry; Algebra I 

Mary Osowski 

Algebra I; Functions and 

Trigonometry; Geometry H; 

Yearbook Advisor 

Gregg Reilly 

Algebra II; Geometry; SAT 
Review; Probability & 

Statistics; Mountain Biking 
Club; Ultimate Frisbee 

Karen Tosca 
Algebra H,II H; Geometry 

Kathy Wells 

Geometry; Algebra II; 

Functions & Trigonometry; 

Boys' and Girls' Varsity 

Cross Country Coach 

<19 S> Faculty 


Bill Blanchard 

Chemistry; Honors Chemistry 

Thomas Psyris 

Introductory Chemistry; 
Chemistry; AP Chemistry 

James Dibbern 

Physical Science 

Ron Morissette 

Honors Biology; AP Biology; 
Greenhouse Engineer 

Joanne Sleigh 

Physical Science; Biology 

Jeff Goodwin 

Biology; Honors Biology 

Paul Newlin 

Honors Physics; Conceptual 
Physics; Daisy Coach 

Ray Suzor 

Chemistry; Honors Chemis- 
try; Chemistry AP 

Ron Hirsch 

Conceptual Physics; AP 
Physics; Science League 

Dave Slate 

Biology; Biology II; Sopho- 
more Class Advisor 

Picture not available 
for Ron Merritt 

Ron Merritt 

Department Chair; Honors 

Faculty < 199> 

Creative and 
Performing Arts 

Hilary Godin 

Intro to Drawing; Drawing 

and Painting; Sculpture and 

Ceramics; A.P. Portfolio; Art 

Club Advisor 

Michael Mucci 

Music Theory; Music Comp 

& Analysis; Concert Band; 

Wind Ensemble; Orchestra; 

Jazz Ensemble 

Peter Thomsen 

Lyrics; Mens Chorus; Chorus; 
Concert Chorus; Music 
Technology; I Cantori 

Picture not available 
for Therese Moriarty 

Therese Moriarty 

3-Dimensional Art; 3-D/2-D 
Art; Computer Art 

K 20 Q? Faculty 



Vesta Brown 

Department Chair; Account- 
ing I, II; Word Processing; 
Computer Information Mgmt.; 
Keyboarding; School Council; 
Key Club Advisor 

Vivian Morse 

Multimedia; Desktop 
Publishing; Word Processing; 
Bus. Mgmt.; Computer Info. 
Mgmt.; Bus. Club; Jet Jotter 

Gary O'Sullivan 

Word Processing; Business 
Law; Accounting I; Invest- 

-, .-- 1 



SPED Aids: (front row) 
Judy Scott and Margaret 
Warwick; (back row) 
Marianne Rock, Linda 
Ackley, Faith Hyland, and 
Ann Rcmpc!. (missing: 
Aids Barbara Burke and 
Chris Secondo) 

Faculty < 2Q1> 

PupU Services 

Ann Meerpool 

Department Chair; 
Reading and Language 

Cheryl Casanova 

Resource Room 

Ann Moore 

Special Education; Junior 
Class Advisor 

Mary Ellen Dillon 

Special Education 

Garvey, J. Quatrochi, I. 
Kundurakis, C. Su J.Paul, J 

Claudia Walsh 

Pupil Adjustment 

Picture not avail- 
able for John 

John Pantuosco 

Geometry; Intro to Business; 

Business Math; Boys Varsity 

Soccor Coach 

<2Q 2> Faculty 


•4i\ % 

Peter Crumb 

Substance Abuse 

«* "\r 

Claire Carle 

Physical Education Aid 

CUSTODIANS: G. Petgrave, M. Bowler, R. Whitney, and R. Hundley 
missing: J. Francisco) 


Nancy Peck 


Adiran Phaneuf 

Maintenance Supervisor 

Mike Carle 

Head Custodian 

Sandi Macdonald 

METCO Advisor 

CAFETERIA STAFF: (first row) M. Glushien, A. Calabrese, B. Baldwin; 
(second row) M. Rome. R. Craven, D. Hopkins, C. Mezzetti, M. 
Vartersian,and T.Schmidt. 

Pictures not available 

for Bob Charron and 

Nancy Strycharz 

Bob Charron 

Computer Technician 

Faculty < 20 

Physical Education 

Favorite Quotes 

Miss Blake- "Oh dang!" 
Mr. Blanchard- "My little geranium pots." 
Mr. Cobbs- "We will now draw lots." 
Coach Cogswell- "We will now draw lots." 
-"Hecky Howdy ! 

- "Jimminy Cricket!" 

- "AP Switch" 
-"Sick Bird" 
Mr. Conway- "There are two types of people in this world 

"This is the greatest thing since sliced bread." 

"Please, do well my children." 

"Go in peace my children, but in all means, go." 

"Por ejemplo, Spanish for por ejemplo." 
Mr. Daniels- "Just for chuckles..." 
Mr. Gelinas- "A steel tractor, now that's sexy." 

"That was a joke." 
Mr. Goodwin- "The wheel is key" 

"It's cake!" 

"No goggles, no eyes." 

- "You rugrats..." 

- "There will be a pizza party on February 30th." 
Mr. Hirsch- "Everyone, you might want to sign up for astronomy." 

- "Physics is the priority." 
Mr. LeBlanc "I Care." 

Mr. McCarthy- "I recommend, the summer after your junior year, 
travel abroad!" 

Mr. Morisette- "This is an AP class!" 

Miss Osowski- "Did you girls put the mice away?" 

-"I'm glad we could get to know each other better." 

Mr. O'Sullivan- "Marry money" 

Mrs. Peters- "Lexus quality" 

- "The whole enchilada" 

Mr. Potvin- "Today's lunch is spaghetti. Oh, that 
reminds me. Did anyone tape the Miss America pagent 
last night?" 

- "Let's start with the slow kids first." 

- "I don't give a rap." 

- "Peut-etre que oui. Peut-etre que non." 
Mr. Psyris- "Say what?" 

- "Paperwork on the side." 
Mr. Reilly- "Okay, let's reconvene." 

- "Good luck, and let's be careful out there." 
Mr. Santos- "If you know what I mean..." 

- "You do the best you can with what you've got." 

- "Time to get off the wacky tabacky !" 
Mr. Winseck- "Why did I read this to you?.. Well, it 
killed five minutes!" 

I iX 

A Time To 


Bsst Wishes 
C\ae>e> of 1996! 

Telephone <203) 741-2277 

Practice Limited to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 

Office hours 
By Appointment 


Best of Luck to 
the Class of <99 

E.O. Ross Electrical 
Contractors, Inc. 

Z0&j> Advertisements 

1 ■ 

Congratulations Mike 

We knew you could! ! 


Mom, Dad, & Anth 

To Jan and Debby, 

& all Masacksic Staff 

& Editors, 

The 1996 yearbook is a fine example of 
your dedication and all your work. 

A Time to Be 

Masacksic 1996, Vol. 40, is 


Congratulations and Best Wishes, 
Miss Osowski 

Class of 1996! 

From start. . . 

. . .to finish 
You were a class act! 

The Glazer Family 

Congratulations to the Boys' Tennis Team! 

It was a great season! 

Senior Co-Captains, 
Colin Blair & Jeffrey Kirstein 

Good luck to the Class of '96! 
The Blairs & The Kirsteins 

Advertisements <209 



And Good Luck in 

Years to Come. 

With Lots of Love, 

Betsy "Cookie Lady 



Li'l Peach 

795 Williams Street 







815 Williams Street 

Longmeadow, MA 01 106 


21 0> Advertisements 



799 Williams Street 

Longmeadow, MA 


(413) 567-3575 



M ASjr I sR_ 


Williams Place • 807 Williams St. • Longmeadow, MA • 567-7977 

Integrity & Dedication to our Customers 

Open Mon.-Sat. 10-5:30 • Thurs. til 8 pm 





JE^** « 

■ A 

' %^^^H| 

Wm. Burrows Florist, Inc. 

708 Bliss Road •Longmeadow, MA 01106 
(413) 567-6181 


Advertisements < 21 1 

Mark and Carl 


Dad, Laurie, Andy, 


to the 

Class of '96 



Band Saw Blades • Hacksaw Blades 
Reciprocating Blades & Jig Saw Blades 
Hole Saws • Vari-Bits® 

301 Chestnut Street, East Long meadow, MA 01028 413-525-3961 

212 > Advertisements 



' 413-565-2108 

Congratulations to the class of 1996 

Best Wishes, Joe 


1 1 Ramah Circle 1330 Carew Street 

Agawam, MA 01001 Springfield, MA 01 104 

413-786-9663 413-732-2275 

415 Cooley Street 

Springfield, MA 01 128 


335 Russell Street 
Hadley, MA 01035 


Brian and Eric 

Love from 

The Corcorons, 

The Dayles, and 

The Fortines 

Advertisements < 213 

"The Stars of 


Ctfa "BiW • AlgAt "J-art • £jtutMnt 7>r*olil*iit • tjtfctUsktu 

Cafe Max 

714 Bliss Road 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 

(413) 565-2200 
Fax (413) 565-2202 

the Senior Class 


Class of *96! 

From the Class of '97 







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Best Wishes from the 
Class of 98 




Advertisements < 215 

Good Luck 
Seniors ! 


- Lonarrmd&w 




<\216/> Advertisements 

Best wishes to the 
Wenonah crew: 

Katy, Olivia, Becky, 
and Clark 

! 'V-- ' -^' 

Love, Your Families 

909 SHAKER ROAD, LONGMEADOW, MA 413-567-6141 



RPI, Wellesley, Smith, UMass, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst... 

What do these colleges have in common? 

They're all attended by STCC graduates. You can join the 
thousands of people in the Greater Springfield area who've 
gotten the right start, at Springfield Technical Community 
College. They've used their two years with us as the spring- 
board for an exciting career or a great education. 

For instance, there's the Engineering and Science Transfer 
graduate who won the RPI medallion, awarded every year to 
an STCC student along with a substantial scholarship, from 
Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

There's the Liberal Arts Transfer graduate who is graduating 
from Wellesley College and is one of 40 people in the country 
accepted for a White House internship last spring. 

There's the General Studies Transfer student who completed 
his degree at Amherst College and has gone on to law school 

Every year hundreds of STCC students play it smart. They 
enjoy two years of small classes, individual attention, and a 
tuition rate that doesn't break the bank. Then they transfer to 
institutions such as Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, 
UMass, and fine local four-year colleges to complete their 
bachelor's degree. Or higher. 

You, too can get the right start, at Springfield Technical 
Community College. Don't limit your options; expand them. 
For more information, call the STCC Admissions Office at 
781-7822, extension 3855. 


Springfield Technical 
Community College 


Advertisements < 217 







7 Edqewood Ave, LonqmcaJow, MA 01106 






21S> Advertisements 


Senior Co-Captains 





15 wins, 4 loses, 1 tie 

Thank you for a memorable season and yet an- 
other Semi-final finish! Best wishes 

on your future! 
Love, Your Proud Parents 

Advertisements < 219, 

Oh, what a beautiful baby. 

Oh, what a wonderful 


Love, Mom, Dad, Kate, 
Colleen, and Nelson 

Congratulations Jodi Beth! 
We are so very proud of 
you! I 

Love, Mom, Dad, Wendi, 
Scott, Grandma, Pa-Pa, Aunt 

Ellie, Uncle Larry, Daniel, 
David, Deborah and Bo-Bo 

Congratulations to the Graduates of 
Playgroup 1980 - LHS Class of 1996 

Laura Glazer, Johanna Sorrell, Andrea Bullock, Brian Olney, 
Adam Williams, and Becca Stevens 

With Love from your Proud Parents 

.220)> Advertisements 


Congratulations. . . 

Rachel, Kelsey, 

and Leslie 

We love you, 
Your proud parents 


We are very proud of 
all your hard work. 

Love, Mom, 
Dad, & 





proudly recognizes 
your accomplishments. 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1996! 

From Pre-School to High 

A long road traveled together- 
and many more miles to go! 

Love and best wishes on your 
graduation to 

Carrie and Ellie 

From Susan, David, Lindsay and 

Emily Porter 

Sue, Ed, and Judith Kline 

Advertisements < 221 


v^ompiAroervul oi 




U I »™ Jriand Gardens® 

776 Longmeadow Street 567-6151 



"You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' !" 

Our Dreams For You Go Beyond 

the Realm of Imagination. 

Reach for the Stars, Little Girl! 


Mom, Dad, and Scott 

222> Advertisements 



We're so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Alyssa, and 


To the Lyrics 

May the Lord Bless 
You and Keep You ! 

Love, Your Families 

Advertisements <f223 

Congratulations to the Kiley-Springfield crew! 
Thank you Longmeadow High School for a great 

four years. 


Best of luck in the future. Patrick Murphy, Nick 

Fournier, Jennifer Lambert, Tim Allen, and Josh 

Warren. Love and Best Wishes, Your Families 

Robyn Braverman 

We're Proud of Your 


Love, Mom and Dad, 

Josh and Marc 

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"Follow every 

rainbow until 

you find your 



We Love You. I 
Mom, Dad, & Mandy 

Congratulations Laura! 

Keep on Smiling 

Love, Mom, Dad, 

Rachel, & Michael 

&est of LucK 

to all of our 


frddfy WinKs Kids 


»- ■ -^ 

We're proud of you! 


Love, Mom, Dad, 

& Vicky 

Advertisements <225 


Seniors ! 

From the National 
Honor Society 


to the 

Class of 1996! 






Best Wishes 
Class of <96! 

Lido Restaurant 

555 Worthington Street 

Springfield, MA 


226> Advertisements 


Sam and Jay! 

We love you- 

Your Proud Parents | 

H^^Rsr*/,- •< V^'^.V lM ' ' JrFVi* 



| Tass and Marie Angelides 

Annette and Barry Goldberg 

1 Ed and Fran Schultz 

The Buchanan Family 

1 Karen and Stuart Meyers 

Mr. and Mrs. Heroux 

Joanna and Jan Chrzan 

Sheila and Allan Blair 

1 Gregory and Patricia Szyluk 

Tom and Sally Harrelson 

1 Priscilla Diaz 

Judi, Alan and Carrie Bullock 

The Martinelli Family 

Special Friend 

Carol and Steve Kuhn 

Richard and Caroline Derby 

Asha and Suresh Samant 

Ruth and Loring Carlson 

1 Sue and Rich Peters and 

Robert Potvin 


Phyllis and Levenson 

j Good 




I Class of 

v Jfek 



oj East Longmeadow Jf, 

Connie & Richard 

220 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028 

413-525-2800 reaches all locations 


Josh & Rachel Allen 

Advertisements < 227> 

Abbate, Benjamin (98) 60, 73, 

109, 152, 154, 160, 171, 239 

Abramson, Rebecca (96) 5, 148, 

154, 175, 176 

Ackley, Jennifer (97) 48, 

101, 140 

Ackley, Ryan (99) 74, 90, 1 17, 140 

Adams, Douglas (99) 74, 


Adams, Lyndsay (97) 48, 97, 

140, 167 

Adlakha, Sheldon (97) 48 

Afolabi, Kolajo (99) 74, 85, 90, 105 

Afolabi, Yetunde (96) 5, 120, 

123, 134, 140, 206 

Agnew, Richard (98) 60, 95, 


Agnoli, Angela (98) 60, 103, 1 15 

Aigen, Scott (97) 48 

Albano, Consiglia (99) 74 

Allan, Sarah (96) 5 

Allen, Catherine (99) 74 

Allen, Joshua (97) 48, 105, 140, 

148, 187 

Allen, Timothy (96) 5, 105, 120, 191 

Alves, Lisa 196 

Amatruda, Bob 200 

Amenta, Salina (98) 60, 103, 158 

Anctil, Chandra (98) 60 

Anderson, Dwayne (99) 74 

Anderson, Kaitlin (97) 48, 

127, 146, 147, 179, 210, 214 

Angelides, Gregory (96) 5, 109 

Angelides, Stephanie (98) 101 

Anzalotti, Jeffrey (97) 48, 95, 

151, 174 

Arndt, Scott (99) 74, 95, 154 

Arnold, Kristin (96) 5, 88, 97, 188, 


Ascher, Melissa (97)48 

Auth, Charles (98) 60, 105 

Axler, Jason (99) 74 


Bailey, Julie (99) 74, 85, 101, 137 

Baj, Melissa (96) 6 

Baker, Richard (98) 60, 95, 117 

Baldwin, Amanda (97) 48, 


Baldwin, James (99) 74 

Balise, James (98) 60 

Baraldi, Amanda (98) 60, 


Bare, Dawn (99) 74 

Barowsky, Caryn (97) 46, 48, 

125, 150, 156, 234, 239, 244 

Barr, Leah (98) 60 

Barron, Paul (96) 6, 120, 140 

Barry, Jeffrey (96) 6 

Bartolomei, Keith (99) 74, 90, 


Bascom, Eric (98) 60, 9 1 , 1 23 

Basdekis, Laura (98)60, 1 1 1, 123, 179 

Basile, Paul (99) 74 

Bausch, Devon (98) 60 

Bausch, Ryan (96) 6 

Baxter, Benjamin (96) 6, 115, 

120, 140, 150, 189 

Baxter, Meredith (97) 48, 


Beale, Tristina (98) 60, 141, 177 

Beattie, Raymond (98) 60, 


Bederak, Gene (99) 74 

Bell, Audrey (97) 48, 103 

Belmont, Christopher (96) 6,91, 

120, 176 

Belmont, Meredith (99) 74, 


Bement, Craigen (99) 74, 76 

Bennett, Alissa (97) 48, 115, 140 

Berard, Linda 202 

Bercume, Ashley (99) 75 

Berger, Michael (97)48, 120, 125, 

130, 150, 153, 239 

Bernstein, Deborah (99) 75, 

144, 145, 148, 158 

Berte, Gary (96) 7, 90, 105, 166 

Berte, Lawrence 194 

Betzold, John (96) 7,91 

Bibeau, Lindsay (99) 75, 


Bienkowski, Maria (98) 60, 

132, 134 

Blackburn, Christine (99) 75, 


Blair, Colin (96) 2, 7, 120, 123, 

148, 154, 156, 207 

Blair, Jeffery (98) 61 

Blair, Jenilee (99) 75 

Blair, Justin (99) 75, 91, 95, 105, 


Blake, Lolene 197, 201 

Blakesley, Daniel (97) 48, 


Blakesley, Matthew (99) 75 

Blanchard, Richard (97) 48, 9 1 , 

199, 204 

Blansett, Sarah (96) 7, 154, 216 

Bliesener, Jennifer (99) 75, 8 1 

Blinn, Kristine (98) 61, 107 

Blinn, Robert (97) 49 

Blinn, Taylor 105 

Block, Jeremy (98) 61 

Blonder, Tiffany (98) 61, 


Bogdanowicz, Ellen (99) 75, 97, 


Boucher, Bryan (97)49, 99, 123 

Bousquet, Danielle (99) 75 

Boyajian, Adrianne (98) 61, 


Braden, Ashley (99) 75, 101, 137, 147 

Bradley, Shannon (99) 75, 

100, 101 

Braun, Natanya(98)61 

Braverman, Robyn (96) 7, 179, 

186, 239 

Brawders, Robert (99) 75 

Brenerman, Brian (97) 49 

Brewer, Kristen (96) 7 

Brigham, Allison (99) 75, 


Brin, Jonathan (98) 61 

Brinkmann, Tiffany (97) 49, 90, 

101, 115, 140 

Brinkmann, Tyler (99) 75 

Brittman, Alison (96) 8, 187 

Brittman, Jaclyn (98) 61, 

103, 123 

Brodeur, Michelle (97) 49, 


Brody, Erica (98) 61 

Brookmeyer, Katie (98) 61, 

134, 142, 143, 144, 145, 151, 162, 


Brooslin, Jared (96) 8, 129 

Brown, Adam (98) 61,105 

Brown, Jeffrey (97) 49 

Brown, Kyler (97) 49, 95 

Browne, Matthew (99) 75, 90 

Browne, Robert (96)8, 98, 99, 123, 

151, 166 

Browne, Vesta 1 22, 1 92, 20 1 

Buchanan, John (96)8, 114, 115, 120, 

140, 148, 154, 160, 189 

Buckert, Ryan (98) 61, 158 

Bullock, Andrea (96) 2, 8, 

98, 99, 120, 147, 148, 150, 153, 220 

Burger, Brittany (99) 75, 97 

Burke, Brandon (96) 9 

Burke, Christine (97) 49, 99, 


Burns, Susan 195 

Burton, Michael (98) 61,95, 


Buscemi, Evan (97) 49, 171 

Bussolari, Laura (99) 75, 97, 


Butcher, William (99) 75, 85, 


Calandra, Nicole (97) 49, 


Calandra, Peter (96) 9, 91, 113, 187 

Callahan, Deborah 200 

Calucchia, Rose (98)61, 73, 107, 118, 

144, 145, 146, 147, 152, 167, 175, 


Cameron, Jeremy (99) 76 

Camp, Andrew (98) 61, 99 

Campion, Egan (96) 9 

Canter, Deborah (96) 9, 88, 

93, 151, 187 

Cantin, Lisa (96) 9, 120, 127, 131, 


Cantin, Stephen (98)61, 170 

Cardaropoli, Claudio (97) 49 

Carellas, George 179, 196 

Carle, Claire 203 

Carle, Jason (96) 9,151 

Carle, Michael 203 

Carlson, Amy (97) 49, 127, 146, 

147, 155, 173, 179, 186, 187, 210, 


Carney, Sheena (99) 76 

Carrazza, Suzzanne (98) 61, 97, 


Carroll, Jennifer (96) 10, 


Casanova, Cheryl 202 

Cassista, Lisa (97) 49 

Cathrew, Colin (96) 10,91 

Cathrew, Victoria (99) 76, 97 

Carter, Joshua (98) 61 

Cerasa, Jill (97) 48, 49 

Cerrone, Edward (96) 10, 88, 


Chalero, Michael (97) 49 

Chandler, Steven (97) 49, 98, 


Chang, Deborah (96) 10, 

120, 124, 125, 144, 145, 147, 150, 

157, 233 

Chang, Edward (98) 62, 152 

Chang, Samuel (99) 76, 131, 144, 152 

Charron, Bob 203 






Chasen, Adam (97) 49, 134, 154 

Chaudhuri, Hilary (97) 49 

120, 125, 135 

Chelli, Matthew (97)49 

Cheng, Jeremy (97) 49, 118, 120, 

125, 130, 131, 136, 150, 152 

Chernock, Rebecca (98) 62, 

111, 123 

Chertoff, Jason (96) 10 

Chew, Robert (99) 76 

Chiang, Lawrence (98) 62, 


Chirop, Jason (97) 49, 95, 120, 140 


Chiusano, Meghan (98) 62, 


Chiusano, Moira (98) 62 

Chrzan, Tomasz (96) 10, 99 

120, 190 

Ciccia, Marissa(96) 11, 107, 175 

Coady, Christine (99) 76, 97 

107, 175 

Coady, Sara (97) 49, 99, 206, 214 

Cobbs, Russell 195 

Cogswell, Brian 105, 204 

Cohen, Elana (96) 11,132 

Cohen, Miriam (99) 76, 147 

Cohen, Samuel (96) 11, 134, 136 

Cohen-Shrage, Rebecca (98) 62, 


Colegrove, David (99) 76 

Collins, Christopher (99) 76, 9C 

Collins, John (98) 62 

Collins, Patrick (99) 76 

Colton, Robin (96) 11, 120, 123, 18! 

Colton, Scott (98) 62, 150, 153 

Conboy, John (97) 49 

Cone, Ambria (98) 62,169 

Conti, Gina (97) 49 

Conway, Martin 198 

Cooper, Jason (99) 76 

Corbert, Amanda (99) 76, 


Corbert, Melissa (96) 11, 

103, 120, 123, 179, 188 

Corcoran, William (97) 49, 


Corn, Evan (99) 76 

Costello, David (97) 50, 91 

Couchon, Christopher (97) 50, 95 

150, 174 

Couchon, Rebecca (99) 76 

Cowen, Eric (98) 62 

Cox, Jennifer (96) 11 

Cox, Mary 194 

Crandall, Alice (99) 76, 101, 115 

Crandall, Melissa (97) 50, 97 


Creeger, Matthew (97) 50 

Crenshaw, Nicole (99) 76 

Crenshaw, Tamera (96) 12 

Cromer, Carl (99) 76 

Cromer, Ciana (98) 62,73 

Crumb, Peter 203 

CuUinan, Patricia (97) 50, 97 

120, 132, 140 

Cullinan, Seamus (99) 76 

Cullinan, Shaun (96)12, 109, 154 

Cummings, Matthew (99) 76, 90 

Cummings, Michelle (97) 50 

Cummings, Rachel (99) 76, 


Cushman, Elizabeth 121, 195 


abbs, Julie (98) 62 

ahlquist, Signe (98) 62, 


pambrov, Sarah (97) 50, 97 

Ibanahey, Colleen (99) 76 

tbanahey, Kathleen (98) 62, 97, 

|07, 233 

baniels, David 198 

■Darling, Steven (99) 76, 113 
i Dasilva, Denise (98) 62 
i Davidow, Michael (99) 76, 


1 Davis, Andrew (97) 50 
ijde Lima, Melissa (96) 12, 

|l26, 127, 154, 185, 189, 191,211 

Deary, Michael 204 
jDebysingh, Brentan (97) 91 

[Deguglielmo, Emmanula (96) 12 
(Delano, Robert 97, 197, 201 
^DeMaio, Enrico (97)50 
(DeMaio, Yolanda (99) 76,93 

Demarco, Michael (99) 77 

iDemase, John (99) 77, 154, 156 

Denehy, Brian (99) 77,90 

Derby, Elizabeth (96) 12, 

J120, 123, 172, 176, 179, 188, 189 

Derosier, Kathleen (96) 12, 88, 

101,115, 187,233 
(Derosier, Timothy (99) 
jDesai, Niyati (98) 62, 137 
iDeSantis, Lindsay (96) 


Desrosier, Michael (96) 
(Devine, Heather (98) 


Devine, John 202 

Diamond, Adam (99) 


Diaz, Danielle (97) 50, 93, 140, 206, 


Diaz-Markowitz, Matthew (96) 13 

Dibbern, James 199, 201 

Dibble, Elizabeth (98) 


Dillon, Mary Ellen 202 

Dipasquale, Megan (96) 

169, 234, 244 

Diruzza, Andrew (97) 

Dizik, Boris (98) 62 

Dobosh, David (96) 13, 120, 134, 

136, 154 

Donoghue, Jamie (97) 50, 


Douglas, Robert (99) 77, 85, 

90, 113 

Doyle, Mark (98) 62,91,117 

Dreher, Kelsey (96) 13, 142, 143, 


Dress, Rachel (96) 14, 142, 143, 189 

Dubay, Timothy (98) 63,91, 


Dubinchik, Marina (97) 50 

Dubofsky, Chanel (96) 14, 

127, 144, 147 

Duda, Cort (97) 50, 123 

Duke, Kristin (96) 14, 170, 179 

Dullea, Bridget (98) 63, 97, 107 

Duncan, Jamey (99) 77 

Duncan, John (98) 63 

Dunn, Lisa (98) 63,123,132 

Dunn, Michael (96) 14, 91, 127, 166, 


13, 46, 


77, 90, 





Dupre, Anne (98) 63,111,179 

Duquette, Nicole (97) 50, 


Dybdahl, Kristina (98) 63, 


Eastling, Aiesha (98) 63 

Eastling, Tamica (96) 14 

Eaton, Keller (97) 50 

Egan, Patrick (99) 77, 95, 154 

Egan, Sean (97) 50, 132, 154 

Egan, Timothy (97) 50, 132, 178, 179 

Eiff, Isabelle (98) 63,141,151 

Elguindi, Laila (99) 77 

Elman, Randi (98) 63, 123, 177 

Emma, Charles (99) 77, 117 

Emond, Marc (99) 77 

Fagin, Brett (99) 77, 109 
Fahey, Damien (99) 77 
Farmer, Jessica (98) 63, 107 
Farrand, Melissa (96) 
Faruqi, Imran (98) 63 
Feldman, Jodi (97) 50,186 
Fentin, David (97) 50, 95, 
Fernald, Leigh (97) 48,50 
Ferrel, Allyson (99) 77, 101 
Ferrentino, Giovanna (99) 
Ferris, Andrew (96) 15,99, 

Figol, Jeanine (97) 50 
Fijol, Robert (97) 51,120 
Finer, Rachel (99) 77 
Fishbien, Nicole (98) 
Fisher, Dagmar (96) 15, 1 1 1, 
127, 140, 161, 185 
Fitts, Heather (99) 77, 99 
Fitts, Kristen (99) 77, 99 
Fitzgerald, John 197 
Fitzpatrick, Ellen (96) 

Fiveson, Justin (99) 77 
Flakoff, Heather (99) 
Foley, Timothy (97) 51, 91 
Forgey, Ian (99) 77, 90 
Fournier, Annette (98) 

Foumier, Nicholas (96) 
91, 166, 167 
Francis, Marie (98) 63 
Frank, Lauren (99) 77,97 
Freedberg, Sarah (98) 

Freeman, Taroy (98)64, 91 
Friberg, John (99) 77, 90 
Friedenson, Benjamin (96) 
105, 120, 136, 148, 150, 153, 
Friedman, Daniel (98) 
148, 150, 153, 177 
Friedman, Jonathan (99) 
Fukazawa, Makiko (96) 
120, 127, 168, 173 



120, 123, 





2, 15, 





16, 99, 




Gagne, Jana (96) 16, 126, 127, 


Galaska, Jonathan (99) 78 

Gallagher, Connie 195 

Gallagher, Kathryn (99) 78, 97 

Garb, Sarah (97) 51,120,159 

Garvey, Katharine (98) 64, 97, 


Gaudreau, Christopher (96) 16, 

151, 174 

Gaudreau, Ryan (97) 51 

Gebeau, Joshua (97) 5 1 
Gebo, Daniel (98) 64,113 
Gelinas, Michael 192, 197, 201 
Geoffrion, Sarah (96) 16, 

152, 216 

George, Christopher (97) 
105, 186 

Gerard, Eli (99) 78 
Gerard, Joshua (97) 51, 151 
Gershen, Jeremy (96) 
126, 127, 173 

Gerstein, David (98) 64, 137 
Gerstein, Meir (96) 17 
Gervais, Garrett (99)78, 159 
Ghansah, Nicholas (99) 
Giammarino, Jus Crea (97) 

Giguere, Summer (96) 
Gilad, Hagit (97) 51 
Ginley, Erin (98) 64,151 
Ginsburg, Daniel (96) 
134, 136 

Gladwin, Krista (96) 17, 120, 148, 
154, 156, 157 

Glazer, Laura (96) 17, 120, 123, 
132, 160, 166, 176, 179, 220 
Glushien, Joseph (98) 
Godding, Adam (98)64, 125 
Godin, Hilary 158, 200 

Gold, Eric (97) 51,132 

Goldberg, Benjamin (97) 
Goldberg, Michael (96) 
Goldman, Carla (99)78 
Goldman, Jeffrey (96) 
95, 206 

Goldsmith, Peter (96) 
Goodwin, Jeffrey 193, 199, 201 
Gordan, Israel (97) 51, 120, 125, 
130, 134, 148, 154 
Gordan, Stephanie (97) 51, 

154, 239 

Gordon, Jennifer (99) 78 

Gorfin, Adam (96) 1 8, 99, 216 
Gorfin, Michael (99)78, 95, 105 
Gotlib, Vladislav (97) 51, 


Gowe, Duane (96) 18,138 
Gowtham, Sarah (98) 

Grant, K' Marie (96) 18, 
Grant, Michael (97) 51, 
Greene, Amichai (98) 
Greiner, Eli (98) 64 
Griggs, Jenna (96) 18,211 
Griggs, Scott (99) 78 
Grochowska, Anna (96) 
Grodd, Alexander (99) 
Grodsky, Jason (97) 51, 140 
Grosnick, Jodi (96) 19, 187, 188, 220 
Gruet, Dayle (99) 78 

Gruet, Lauren (97) 51, 148, 154, 159 

Gruman, Anna (96) 19, 159 

Grypp, Lynette (96) 19, 98, 99, 120, 

160, 166 

Guerra, Amie (98) 64, 97, 107, 122 

Guistina, Janice (96) 19, 99, 120, 123, 


Guistina, Virginia 198 

Gurzenski, Matthew (97) 




18, 88, 








Haberlin, Kimberly (97) 51,52, 

123, 179, 187 

Haddad, Ryan (99) 78 

Haflich, Kimberly (98) 64, 

123, 134, 147, 179 

Hall, Courtney (99) 78 

Hallahan, Philip (99)78, 80, 90 

Halsey, Leah (98) 46, 64, 1 1 1, 150, 

206, 215 

Hamlin, Jennifer (98) 64, 88, 


Hampf, Patricia (97) 51, 97, 107, 151, 


Hampf, Robert (99) 78,95 

Hansen, Abigail (99)78, 99 

Hanson, Deanna (98) 64 

Harbison, Richard (98) 64, 95, 

150, 153 

Hargreaves, Caroline (96) 2, 19, 

88, 100, 101, 127, 137, 166, 188, 189, 

233, 239 

Hargreaves, Todd (97) 51,91 

Harlow, Adam (97) 52 

Harmsen, Hans (96) 20, 136, 162, 185 

Harrelson, John (96) 20, 88, 94, 95, 

120, 140 

Harrington, Kimberly 195 

Harrison, Matthew (99) 78, 


Harwood, Benjamin (97) 52, 95, 

150, 153, 174 

Hashino, Rikiya (99)78 

Hassan, Aizza (99) 78, 1 1 1, 125 

Hatch, Peter (97) 52,186 

Hawker, Rita 204 

Hayes, Alicia (97) 52, 120, 150 

Hayes, Tessa (97) 52, 1 1 1 , 1 20, 

142, 143 

Healy, Lorie 196 

Heaps, Kathleen (98) 64, 96, 

97, 137 

Hebert, Varian (96) 20 

Hennessy, Kathryn (98) 64, 


Hennessy, Kevin (96) 20, 88, 

95, 140, 176, 189 

Herbert, Cynthia (96) 20, 


Herd, Amanda (96) 20 

Heroux, Michael (97) 52 

Herrera, Ariso (96) 21 

Herzenberg, David (98) 64 

Hess, Erika (97) 52, 97 

Hess, Mari (99) 78, 97, 107 

Hill, Jess (99) 79 

Hinshaw, Christian (97) 52 

Hirsch, Ronald 199 

Hirschhom, Sara (99) 79 

Hogan, Brendan (98) 65, 


Hogan-Welch, Patricia 194 

Holden, Alexandra (99) 79, 97 

Holguin, Eli (98) 91,171 

Holguin, Nicole (99)79, 111 

Holguin, Shaun (96) 21, 216 

Hollister, Courtney (99) 79 

Hollister, Katti (99) 79, 101 

Hollister, Lindsay (99) 79, 


Hollister, Robert (97) 52 

Holmquist, Andrew (97) 52 

Holquin, Eli (98) 65 

Holt, Daniel (99) 79, 150, 152, 162 

Howland, David (99) 79, 95 

Hubbard, Michael (98) 65,91, 


Hutt, Shira (97) 46,52,163 

Hyde, Alison (98) 65,101,111, 

149, 150 

Illouz, Marion (96) 3, 21, 120, 140, 

184, 189, 191 

Irving, Marc (99) 79 

Isaacson, Daniel (99) 79 

Isenburg, Jocelyn (98) 65, 97 

Jackson, Hannah (99) 79, 97 

Jackson, Lena (97) 52 

Jenne, Olivia (96) 21, 123, 188, 217 

Jennings, Kristy (99)79, 85, 97, 107 

Jennings, Ryan (98) 65, 91, 95, 1 13 

Jewett, Joan (97) 52 

Jewett, Megan (99) 79 

Johnson, Christopher (98) 65, 99 

Johnston, Brian (99) 79, 95 

Johnston, Ian (97) 52, 1 17 

Jones, Tiffany (99) 80, 133 

Jordan, Richard (97) 52 

Joyce, Lauren (98) 65, 103, 123 

Judd, Matthew (98) 65, 113 

Julian, Catherine (96) 2 1 , 

102, 103, 150, 239 


Kabell, Michael (98)65 
Kahan, Mayer (99) 80 
Kalashian, Christina (97) 52 

Kalicka, Abigail (99) 80, 84 

Kane, Daniel 194, 200 

Karpman, Michael (98) 65 

Kata, Lindsay (98) 65,97 
Katsh, Rebecca (97) 52, 125 
Katz, Lauren (98) 65, 123 
Keane, Brian (96) 21, 1 17, 176 
Keane, Sean (98) 65, 95, 1 16, 1 17 
Keiter, Christopher (98) 65 

Kelleher, Elizabeth (98) 65, 


Kelleher, Katie (96) 22, 1 1 1 
Kelleher, Laurie (97) 52, 

111, 137, 142, 143 

Kellman, Scott (97) 52, 95, 135, 187 
Kellogg, Joseph (99)80 
Kenefick, Russ 202 
Kennedy, Brian (98) 65, 113 
Kennedy, Mary (97) 52, 97, 140 
Kennedy, Scott (97) 52 
Kenney, Molly (97) 52, 140 
Kent, Erin (98) 65,111,152 

Kiely, Jennifer (96) 22, 106, 107 
Kiely, Sarah (98) 65, 107 
Kilaru, Lavanya (97)52, 120, 125, 
131, 144,239 

Kimball, Edward (97) 52,91 

King, Heather (97) 52, 93, 140 
King, Matthew (99) 80 
Kirkpatrick, William 195, 204 
Kirkwood, Christopher (96) 22 
Kirstein, Jeffrey (96)22, 120, 176 

Kirstein, Keith (97) 53, 105 

Kleiner, Matthew (98) 65, 


Kline, Elinor (96) 22, 1 1 1 , 1 20, 

127, 184,210 

Kloster, Eric (98) 66, 91 

Kloster, Jennifer (96) 2, 23, 

46, 123, 216 

Knight, Carolyn (96)23 

Koerner, Kerry (97) 53 

Kolb, Anthony (98) 66, 105, 151 

Kolodziejski, Noah (98) 66, 


Korchevskaya, Angela (98) 66, 


Kowarsky, Jeffrey (97) 53 

Kramer, Adam (98) 66, 91, 105 

Krill, Gregory (98) 66, 91, 105 

Kubala, Jennifer (96) 23, 

122, 123, 176, 179 

Kucharczyk, David (99) 80 

Kuhn, Kelly (97) 53, 140 

Kuhn, Lois (96) 23, 120, 146, 



Kuhr, Jennifer (98) 66, 73, 111, 118, 

135, 144, 145, 146, 147, 190 

Kuhr, Michelle (96) 23, 127, 148, 

154, 174 

Kurland, Justine (98) 66, 73, 


LaBroad, Michael (96) 2, 23, 

113, 118,123,206 

LaFountain, Bryan (96) 24, 


LaFreniere, Lia (98) 66, 137, 175 

Lak, Suzanne (98) 66, 103 

Lambert, Jennifer (96) 24, 88, 


Landis, Dana (98) 66, 150, 154, 

160, 239 

LaPoint, Jessica (99)80 

Lappin, Meghan (98) 66, 


LaRoche, Kevin (99) 80, 


Larson, Andrea (98) 66 

Laughlin, Meredith 198 

Lavin, Shelley (97) 53, 118, 120, 

125,130, 131, 154,239 

Lavo, Katherine (99)80 

Lawrence, James (96) 24 

Leaderman, Jared (99) 80, 90, 

105, 150 

Leavens, Sydney (98) 66, 


Leavitt, Jared (97) 53, 131, 154 

Leavitt, Kara (99) 80, 84 

LeBlanc, Roger 97, 192, 195 

Leduc, Timothy (97)53 

Lee, Adam (99) 80 

Lee, Adriane (98) 66, 133 

Lee, Albert (97) 53,118,120, 

124, 125, 131, 135, 142, 143, 144, 

145, 147, 152, 163 

Lee, Julie (96) 24 

Leichthammer, Carl (96) 24, 

152, 154, 157, 189, 212 

Leichthammer, Mark (96) 24, 


Leiter, Adam (97) 53 

Lemoine, Pauline 198 

Leonard, Timothy (98) 66, 


Leone, Michael (97) 53, 91, 123 

Lepow, Rebecca (97) 53, 

120, 140 

Lerner, Laurie (97) 53 

Letendre, Rebecca (98) 66 

Levenson, Deborah (96) 25, 

120, 146, 147, 150, 178, 179, 180, 


Leverett, Eartha (97)53, 133 

Levine, Jau (99) 80 

Levy, Candace (96) 25,111,187 

Leyderer, Zoya (97) 53 

Libbos, Abraham (97) 53, 

148, 151, 152, 153, 154, 191 

Libfeld, Edward (96) 25, 99, 

120, 169 

Libfeld, Robert (98) 66 

Licastro, Sarah (96) 25 

Lin, Stephanie (99) 80, 131, 134, 

147, 152 

Linson, Joshua (97) 53, 125, 150, 153 

Lippert, Jennifer (98) 66 

Lo, Sabrina (99) 80, 81, 148, 158 

Loizzo, Jaclyn (99) 80 

Long, Jason (98) 66,117 

Loonie, David (97) 53, 105 

Loonie, Justin (96) 25, 104, 105 

Lounsbury, Amanda (96) 25, 

120, 140 

Lowery, Amy (96) 26 

Lowery, Jill (98) 67, 97, 107 

Lucia, Jessica (98) 67, 97, 107 

Lucia, Rebecca (98) 67 

Luciano, Lauren (99) 80,81, 

97, 107 

Luftman, David (99)80, 95, 150, 153 

Lusardi, Abigail (97) 53, 97, 

140, 151 

Luzhanskiy, Serge (98) 67 

Lyons, Nicholas (99) 80, 



MacDonald, Jason (98) 67, 95, 


MacDonald, Matthew (99) 80, 90 

MacDonald, Robert (98) 67, 91 

MacDonald, Sandi 192, 203 

MacDonnell, Eileen (96) 26, 

151, 157, 169 

Mack, Jennifer (99) 81 

Magnani, Laura (96)26, 140, 187 

Makris, Katerina (96) 26, 

134, 162, 187 

Malinowski, Joanna (97) 53, 

107, 120, 140, 233 

Maloney, Mary 179, 190, 196 

Mandell, Rachel (98) 67, 


Mandrus, Nicholas (98) 67, 


Manna, Dante (97) 53,91 

Manna, Mario (96) 26, 109 

Mante, Andrew (96) 26 

Marangoudakis, Andrea (99) 81, 97 

Marantz, Catherine (98) 67, 97 

Markowitz, Mark 113 

Marshall, Moses (97) 53, 

105, 138 

Martens, David (98) 67, 91, 1 13 

Marti, Justin (99) 81,95 

Martin, Amy (99) 81, 101, 147 

Martin, Meghan (98) 67, 9' 


Martinelli, Nicholas (96) 27, 8 

95, 105, 120, 189 

Matroni, Eleanor (96) 27, 9 

120, 186 

Matthews, Colleen (98) 191 

Matthews, Eiliza (96) 27 

Matulewicz, Oni (98) 67, 9 

Maxmen, Amy (96) 27, 134 

Maxmen, Isaac (98) 67 

Mayock, Michael (97) 53, 9 

120, 140 

Mazer, Ashley (99) 8 1 , 97, 1 1 1 

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McDonough, Maureen (97) 48, 5 

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Zimmer, Eli (98) 72,113 

Zimring, Mark (98) 72, 95, 113, 123 

Zimring, Seth (96) 45, 95, 1 12, 113, 


Zive, Keith (96) 45, 120 

Zollman, Catherine (96) 45, 

127, 141 

Zwirko, Michael (97) 58, 

115, 154 

Pope John Paul II visited the United States in early 
October of 1995. The 75-year-old pontiff began his 
five-day visit by addressing the United Nations Gen- 
eral Assembly to celebrate the organization's 50th 
anniversary. During the stay, the pope led outdoor 
Mass in both New York and New Jersey. Rainy, 
windy weather did little to dampen the spirits of the 
faithful who gathered to hear him speak, catch a 
glimpse of him, or even touch him as he swept past. 
In Baltimore, he addressed an audience at the baseball 
stadium and had lunch at a soup kitchen before flying 
back to Rome. 

In "the trial of the century," O.J. Simpson, who was 
acccused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown 
Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, on June 
12, 1994, was acquitted. Americans followed the trial 
for more than a year, listening to testimony, digesting 
the evidence, and speculating on whether the former 
football superstar and film actor was guilty. The jury 
reached its verdict in less than four hours deliberation, 
after listening to 133 days of testimony and consider- 
ing more than 800 pieces of evidence. 

'0 % 

On September 9, 1995, Germany's Steffi Graf emerged as #1 as 
she beat Monica Seles in New York to win her fourth U.S. Open 
title. For Graf, it was the third consecutive Grand Slam title. For 
Seles, this loss was the first in a dozen matches that marked her 
inspired returned to the sport after a 2-year absence. 


"The sight you see before you... was 
impossible, was unthinkable, just 
three years ago," Israel's Prime 
Minister Yitzhak Rabin told those 
present at the East Room of the 
White House. The "sight" was the 
September 28, 1995, signing of an 
accord between Israel and the PLO 
that would end Israel's military 
occupation of West Bank cities and 
lay the foundation for a Palestinian 

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was 
assassinated by a Jewish extremist in 
Israel on Saturday, November 4, 

W ' if 




'i' : -.'*& 

"• *U_Ji 

G-' ^~~~ 





On the evening of October 4, 
1995, Hurricane Opal came 
ashore on Florida's Gulf Coast, 
packing sustained winds of 125 
miles per hour.The storm killed at 
least 20 people in four states and 
caused at least $1.8 billion in 
damages to insured properties, 
making it the third-costliest storm 
in U.S. History. Opal caused the 
sea to rise 15 feet and sweep 
away nearly everything on the 
lower floors of homes and 
businesses along the edge of the 
Gulf Coast. 

On August 24, 1995, human rights activist Harry 
Wu set foot on American soil after being impris- 
oned in China for 66 days. Wu, a native of China 
and a naturalized U.S. citizen, had been taken 
into custody on June 19 while trying to enter 
China at a remote border crossing. He was 
convicted on charges of stealing state secrets and 
was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Within 
hours, however, he was released and deported, in 
an apparent attempt to improve delicate relations 
between the United States and China. Wu's trip 
to China had been one of several clandestine 
treks he had made since 1991 for the purpose of 
researching and filming evidence of abuses in 
China's prison labor camps. His efforts had 
resulted in television documentaries that gained 
international attention. 

Hundreds of African- American men gath- 
ered in the nation's capital in response to 
the call from Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of 
Islam's leader, to rally for unity and brother- 
hood. It was the fourth-largest demonstra- 
tion in Washington's history and the largest 
predominately African- American gathering. 
Dozens of people spoke,including Rosa 
Parks, Dick Gregory, and Maya Angelou. 


An Amtrak train derailed while crossing a 
trestle in a remote desert region of Arizona. 
Occuring around 1 AM on October 9, 1995, 
the derailment sent four cars into the gulch 
30 feet below the trestle. One person was 
killed and more than 70 were injured. The 
derailment was caused by the removal of a 
metal bar that held two sections of the rail 

Despite continued NATO air strikes 
and U.N. peace efforts, the conflict 
in the former Yugoslovia rages on, 
with no letup in sight. 1995 began 
with a four month cease-fire medi- 
ated by former United States Presi- 
dent Jimmy Carter, but the truce 
didn't put an end to the fighting. 
In June, Serbs downed a U.S. F-16 
over northern Bosnia. The pilot, Air 
Force Captain Scott Grady, hid for 
six days until he was rescued by 
U.S. Marines. 

236> Year in Review 

Jerry Garcia, co-founder of rock music's the Grateful Dead, died 
of a heart attack while in a drug rehabilitation center in suburban 
| San Francisco. The guitarist/ composer/and singer passed away 
on August 9, 1995, just eight days after his 53rd birthday. The 
groups followers, known as deadheads, quickly gathered to 
mourn the passing of their fallen leader. Crowds formed in 
public areas of San Francisco, Garcia' s home town and in other 
cities to show their loss. 

The Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves squared 
off in the first World Series in two years. The Braves 
won the Series in six games, after taking a two to 
nothing lead in their home park. 

On April 19, 1995, a car bomb 
exploded in Oklahoma City, 
destroying the Alfred P. Murrah 
Federal Building and killing 
scores of men, women, and 
young children. The force of the 
blast tore off the building's 
facade and sent it flying 50 feet 
across the street, where it 
slammed into another building 
and came to rest in a parking lot. 
Shortly after the explosion, 
Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf War 
veteran was arrested for carrying 
a concealed weapon. Two days 
later, he was recognized as one 
of the bombing suspects and was 

Year in Review <237 


IVJj^W * 



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Fine Arts Editor. Katy Weiss 

Student Life Editor. Courtney Snelham 

Faculty Editors: Laurie Lerner & Becca Ochs 

Ads Editors: Sara Coady & Poxanne Stahl 

Name Indexing Editors: Molly Kenney & Becky Phee 

Business Staff: Elizabeth Derby & Swaroop Samant 

Photography Staff: Jenn Kuhr, Julia Pousse, Pose Calucchia, Leah Tivoli, Marissa Ciccia, Jacob Tsizis 

Copy Staff: Christine Burke, Missy Corbert, Lindsay DeSantis, Jenn Kuhr, Sydney Leavens, Julia 
Pousse, Swaroop Samant, Jessie Steinman, and Karen Tang. 

Sports Staff: Thu Nguyen, Meredith Baxter, and Erinn Williams 

Special thanks to Don Lendry for his helping produce a wonderful yearbook, to Kate for everything this 
year and also her dedication to last year's supplement, to Becca and Debbie for being there for us when 
we needed it most, and Miss Osowski, our advisor, for all her help. 

Jan Kuhn & Debby Leveneon 

Did you girls put the mice away?. . . How many pixels?. . . That looks weird, even though it's not there yet.. . . She 
probably just had a zit.... You are writing uE"' ''isSSSS^^i colon... Okay girls, time to go home... 

Damelo (Kate, not Jan). . .Swaroop, you . - - - - ■J^ptP^ES can't be in any more pictures!. . .You said 

the whole yearbook was due last week!. . . w& * You said the whole yearbook was due last 

month!... Hi Janapoo... You girls have got \ j( . jui to get your priorities straight... 60 

Minute photo man knows my name and your name for me. . .How is her stock?. . . 

240> Yearbook Thanks